Adoption Follow Up

July 28, 2009

UPDATE 09/11/2009: I just heard that a family was found for this baby! Thanks to all of you who showed interest, and were praying for this little girl!

I’d like to add as a follow up on the Emergency Baby Situation:

I don’t have any more info than I posted on here in the last post. My blog is just a way for the agency to get the word out quickly since I have such great followers. I’m not privy to any more info than you have currently. I get nothing out of this except the peace of mind in knowing I might have helped a family find a baby and vice versa. We just loved Heart to Heart and so I post their info once in awhile. If you are an interested family please contact them. I sorry, but I just can’t answer the questions I’ve been getting emailed to me. I would love to help, but can’t. So please contact Megan at Heart to Heart!

Happy Hairdoing!

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