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January 06, 2009

4-Year Old Needs Home ASAP

Just a quick update on the non-preemie twins first… they have been matched! Thanks to all that called about them! I heard the agency received quite a few phone calls. Several phone calls came in after the twins had been matched – so keep checking back to find another situation more.
December 30, 2008

2nd Set of Twins (Non Premie)

(A recent shot of our little Dude!) Yesterday our agency (Heart to Heart) contacted us with another situation they wanted help with. They get such a huge response each time we post, that they asked us for interested people before even putting these babies on their website. I think this more.
November 24, 2008

Adoption: It's a Match!

This has nothing to do with hair, but I got such a big response when I posted pictures of our adopted son that I thought I would add this as well. My husband and I opted to use a private adoption agency. We had tried to use a church agency, more.
September 12, 2008

Our Adoption Story: Part 7

Sept 12, 2008 I was thinking today that I should update on the adoption now that we have had a few weeks to adjust and recoup. I only hope that I can do the experience justice. Every baby is a miracle. But when it takes a series of miracles for more.
July 25, 2008

Our Adoption Story: Part 6

July 25, 2008 I am so tired and really want to go to bed, but I could not think about sleeping without posting about the events of today! It was by far the most emotional day of all!!! Starting last night, I suddenly became so nervous about this morning. I couldn’t sleep, more.
July 23, 2008

Our Adoption Story: Part 5

July 23, 2008 He is here!!! Does the shouting come out in my writing??? What a wild and crazy day! We were supposed be at the hospital at 7:30 am on July 23. So we got up super early and took the kids to Nana and Papa’s house. Then off more.
July 16, 2008

Our Adoption Story: Part 4

July 16, 2008 After such a stress-filled day yesterday, today was so calm. I have felt nothing but excitement all day! Everywhere I go, I imagine my baby. I find myself looking at car seats and thinking about diaper bags again. My mind wanders to what he will look like. more.
July 14, 2008

Our Adoption Story: Part 3

July 14, 2008 We arrived home late Saturday night. Yesterday, Sunday, July 13, all I could think about was the baby. I kept thinking that in two more Sundays, I would be holding my new baby boy at church! I kept imagining everyone’s faces when I walked in with a more.
June 19, 2008

Our Adoption Story: Part 2

June 19, 2008 Dear hubby and I have officially been legally approved for adoption! After 20 long weeks of paperwork, time, sweat, energy, money, and waiting FOREVER for our criminal background checks to pass three states, we are finally done!!!! Our web profile is online now. YEAH!! On a totally more.