Video Hairstyles: Triple-Twist Ponytail

July 20, 2010

I wanted to provide a video tutorial for one of the first hairstyles I ever put on this website, because I received several requests from followers to do so.

The 2008 hairstyle was called Triple-Twist Ponytail (click to view photos/instructions)…

Triple-Twist Ponytail

Items Needed: Brush, comb, 2 rubber bands, and hairspray.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

What I love about this hairstyle is that it can be done so quickly, yet it looks fairly complex! Even dad’s can do this since it does not involve any braiding! (The thickness of the ponytail will vary based on how thick or thin your daughter’s hair may be. You may find that to change up this style a bit, you could use two ponytails instead of one.)

Funny enough, I decided to turn the camera on my husband during the filming of this hairstyle… so there is a brief cameo by my dear hubby a few seconds into the video.  He wasn’t too happy with me, but I thought you should all get to meet him!  (He’s getting a kick out of the YouTube comments this video gets.)  Here is the video tutorial…

Happy Hairdoing!

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Daddy Do’s: 5-in-1 Simple Braids

June 15, 2010

A year ago, I started a series of hairstyles here that were so simple even a daddy could do them. We received quite a bit of feedback from moms that they loved the idea of “Daddy Do’s”! I have also received quite a few emails from single fathers, or stay-at-home dads, who appreciate this website and its simple video instructions. Those men are my heroes, so when I posted some of their emails… many of you jumped in and gave them some positive comment love! As a result, I decided to post more videos in this series.

5-in-1 Simple Braids

Here is a very simple hairstyle that uses two simple braids. For dads, this hairdo can be accesorized any number of different ways, but I highlight five easy ones here.  This means that you can make 5 days of hairdo’s out of just one easy style!  So, girls, grab your hubbies and sit them down in front of this video for some daddy inspiration!  This will be something that your daughters will remember forever!

Items Needed: Spray bottle, rat-tail comb, two elastic bands, headband, ribbon, do rag, hat.

Time Requirement:  5 minutes (for mom), 5-10 minutes (for dad)

Skill Level:  Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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Hair-Wrapped Ponytail | Easy Hairstyle Ideas

April 23, 2010

This is a very quick and easy hairstyle for those mornings when you simply to not have enough time at all!  As simple as it is, the ‘do looks quite elegant and you will get compliments!
Tweens, teens, and moms can even sport this hairdo… and it is simple enough that a daddy can do it (we list this as a Daddy ‘Do because my husband did on our other daughter right after filming this)!  It also holds up super well without bobby pins… repeat… WITHOUT BOBBY PINS!  Check out the video to see how I did it!
Items Needed: 1 large hairband, rat-tail comb (to help part hair), Topsy Tail tool (available in my left sidebar), hairspray (to help with fliers).
Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes
Skill Level: Easy

If you like this hairdo, feel free to let us know!  Happy Hairdoing!

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Front French Braids into Side Ponies

February 08, 2010

**Note from Mindy:  Get ready for an amazing hairstyle from a fantastic single dad!  Lance is the perfect “Little Girl’s” Daddy, and has a cute little girl at that!  Congratulations to Lance for being our February’s Hairdoer of the Month!  Here is Lance’s hairdo and a quick bio…

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

My name is Lance, and I am a single working dad. My adventure began when I moved to Singapore six and a half years ago to teach at an American school there. Living in S.E. Asia provided me many opportunities to travel all over that part of the world–Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia. I was amazed at the beauty of these places, but at the same time, I was heartbroken at the great number of orphaned children I encountered. Precious little ones in need of loving homes.

After spending a great deal of time in prayer, I began the process of adoption. Not an easy task being a single dad, but nonetheless a burden that God had placed on my heart. I was quite surprised when the adoption officials in Vietnam sent me a referral of a six-month-old baby girl! But I took one look at that picture, and she completely stole my heart. I completed all the final paperwork, and traveled to Vietnam to bring my daughter home when she was nine months old.

Now my little one is a happy, chatty, and precocious three and a half year old—my, how time flies! After six years in Singapore, I felt it was time to move on. I do yearly mission work in Central America and have a heart for that part of the world, so we are currently living in Guatemala, where I teach at an international school and where my daughter and I are active in a local church. Although we are not the “traditional” family, we are just as happy as can be, and I know that my daughter and I have both been blessed through the miracle and gift of adoption.

Front French Braids into Side Ponies

Items Needed:  Brush, comb, 2 small rubber bands, 2 large ponytail holders.

Time Requirement:  About 15 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:  I like to start by wetting my daughter’s hair. Then part the hair equally down the middle…

Next section off a bit of hair just in front of the ear. Repeat this step on the opposite side…
Now have your daughter hold each of these front sections while you brush the remaining hair back into a ponytail (or clip) to keep it out of the way…
French braid each front section all the way down into regular braids…
Here’s what your daughter’s hair should look like from the front after this step– with french braids on both sides…
Now have your daughter hold the braids up out of the way and let down the hair in the back…
Part the back section equally down the middle and pull each of these sections, along with the braid on that side, into a side ponytail. Spray with a bit of hairspray for flyaway hairs and you’re good to go!
See back, side, and front views for finished hairdo…

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
*Note from Mindy: If any of you would like to enter our Hairdoer of the Month contest each month, please click the link for details! We are in need of more entries.

Happy Hairdoing!

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Three Quick Bun Ideas | Easy Hairstyles

May 13, 2009

Everyone has those days that require a quick and easy 2-minute hairstyle. You mothers all know what I’m talking about! These hair style ideas are the perfect for those crazy “zero-time” mornings!

Cute Hairstyles

Items Needed: 2 rubber bands, brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, and 1 ribbon, OR 1 headband, OR one flower.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

This style is so easy, I didn’t even think it required detailed pictures! To begin, wet down your DD’s hair. Comb hair back into a side ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Twist hair until tight and then wrap it around the rubber band to create a bun. Now here’s three fun, quick, finishing ideas…

1) Add a cute ribbon…Ribbon and Bun #1Ribbon and Bun #2
2) Add a cute flower…Flower and Bun3) Add a cute headband…Headband and Bun #2Headband and Bun

Now, that is pretty simple… isn’t it? You just have to love the do’s that look like you spent more time than you really did! Shhhhh… it’s our little secret!!!

Happy Hairdoing!

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