7 Easy Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

February 13, 2012

With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to send your daughter off to school with a super cute heart hairstyle!

Most of these styles can be done in only a few minutes!  If you like any {or all} of them, please feel free to “Share” them on Facebook or your blogs, “Tweet” them on Twitter, “Pin” them on Pinterest, etc!

As moms on a mission… let’s see how many heart hairstyles we can get out tomorrow!  Are you with me???

Double Heart Twists | Valentine's Day HairstylesHanging Heart | Valentine's Day HairstylesLace Braid Heart | Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Flip Braided Heart | Valentine's Day HairstylesXO {Hug & Kiss} | Valentine's Day HairstylesHeart Pigtails {Luv Piggies} | Valentine's Day HairstylesHoliday Hairstyles | Bobby Pin Ribbons







You can view each heart hairstyle by visiting our Valentine’s Day Hairstyles category, or view our YouTube playlist of tutorials below!

Each style takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

Happy Hairdoing!

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Lace Braid Heart | Valentine's Day Hairstyles

February 05, 2012

One of my favorite hairstyles for Valentine’s Day has to be the Lace-Braid Heart…

Lace Braid Heart | Valentine's Day Hairstyles

I’ve had this requested via emails and comments from fans, and we are seeing versions of the style on Pinterest, and even in a book called Cozy’s Guide to Girls’ Hair. You can style this on your daughter, your neice, or even yourself (YES, you can do it)!  I have done it on myself and it still looks great!  As long as you have at least shoulder-length hair, you are good-to-go!

{We posted a Lace Braid hairstyle tutorial previously, that you may want to view first since this tutorial really doesn’t demonstrate how to do the braid, but rather the hairstyle using the braids.}

Lace Braid Heart | Valentine's Day Hairstyles

This one is sure to impress anyone and everyone that sees it, especially during Valentine’s Day season. I’ve had teachers, neighbors, and even strangers stop my girls to take photos of this hairdo! For a more mature version, try making the braid look messier by using the Pancake Braid technique we showed you last week.

Lace Braid Heart {Front}

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. I started with dry, straightened hair. To begin the hairstyle, create a DEEP part down the center of the head… about six inches long. The part should go from the middle forehead all the way down to the base back of the head.
  2. Secure one side of hair out of the way with a rubber band.
  3. On the other section, about 4 inches back from hairline, begin the lace braid using three-sections of hair. {This means you will only pick up hair from ONE side of the braid}. Begin the braid by braiding toward the face. After you have created about three braid weaves, “turn” the braid by now braiding toward the ear to create the heart arc.
  4. Continue to create the shape of a heart as you lace braid down to the ear. At this point, stop gathering hair into the braid and continue with a regular braid until you reach the middle of the head. Secure with a rubber band.
  5. Remove the ponytail holder off the hair on the other side of the part ,and repeat the lace braid process.
  6. Remove the rubber band on the first half of the braid and join the two ends of the braids together in the back with a ponytail holder to form the bottom point of the heart.
  7. Add a red or pink ribbon for a little added flair.


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, 1 hair band, 1 clear hair elastic, hairspray and ribbon {if desired}

Time Requirement: 10 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Happy Hairdoing!

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Same-Side Lace Braid | Beautiful Hairstyles

September 13, 2011

I for one, think that this makes a perfect Picture Day hairstyle!  This fun braid uses much of the technique used in the Waterfall Braid, only instead of letting the hair strand drop through, you add it into the braid only from the top.

It essentially causes the braid ‘hang’ from the strands like it is suspended, giving it a lace-like look.

Same-Side Lace Braid {Side}

Lace braids are becoming a very fashionable look in 2011, made more mainstream by Michelle Money from (The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad). In fact, I noticed that she was wearing a variation of this lace braid once again during the filmed segment of last night’s Bachelor Pad finale.

This braid is cute on girls of all ages, and I have even done these on myself and they look gorgeous!  Furthermore, they can be used in various unique hairstyle combinations {updo’s, messy buns, twists, ponytails, etc.} giving you so many different looks.  I also find that this is another great style that helps keep your long bangs out of your face, without always using the French Front style you see everywhere today.

Same-Side Lace Braid {Front}

Same-Side Lace Braid {Back}

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 clear elastic band, hairspray or accessory if desired. {For some, you may need to straighten your daughter’s hair beforehand to get the look you want. If you do so, please do use a good heat protectant first!}

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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Note~ The inspiration for this style of Lace Braid came from the girls at http://thebeautydepartment.com.

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Lace Braid into Soft Ponytails | Teen Hairstyles

March 25, 2011

If any of you watched the Bachelor this past season, you may have noticed this super cute lace braid style from Michelle Money… arguably the most “controversial” but also one of the most beautiful girls that season.

Lace Braid into Soft Ponytails

This braid style is similar to a Reverse French Front, only that you pull hair into the braid from the top side only… so that the braid hangs down on the forehead like the fringe of a curtain. In my video example, I only wish I had braided the bottom side of the braid closer to her ear so that the braid swoops into the ponytail earlier… so please keep that in mind! It is super cute, nonetheless!

Although I used this style on my #3 daughter as an experiment, this style is perfect for teen/tween girls, and even moms, so it is sure to be a hit. You can technically use this braid style in any number of fun combinations (tucked behind the ear with the rest of the hair down and curly, into a messy bun, in an updo, into braids, etc).

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, hairspray, two hairbands, two small flower clips (or other accessories).

Time Requirement: 5-7 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Happy Hairdoing!

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