Cute Teen Bun | Updo Hairstyles

September 21, 2010

I have received quite a few requests for me to show exactly how to do this elegant bun hairstyle, in the form of a video tutorial. Not a problem at all.  As you will see, this hairstyle does not appear as complicated as our Cute Tween Bun photo tutorial may make it seem…

Tween Bun Updo

You can see that this bun is very elegant, and is perfect for Homecoming hairstyles, Prom hairstyles, for ballet, or any other fancy occasion.  You may choose to accessorize it, or leave it as is.  Now, as you watch the tutorial… notice how the roll-ups take on a somewhat “floral” look after they are bobby pinned.  It is almost like the bun appears like a tropical flower whose petals are wrapping back.  It is beautiful, isn’t it?  As such, this hairdo would also be wonderful as a flower girl hairstyle.

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, one hairband, several bobby pins (large or small, depending on hair), hairspray, accessory (if desired.)

Time Requirement: Approximately 8-10 minutes.

Skill Level: Medium

If you like this style, be sure to let us know!  Happy Hairdoing!

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XO Valentine's Day Hairstyle

February 13, 2010

Here is my last Valentine’s Day hairstyle for 2010, and it requires a little bit of “creativity” to see it! It is a little out there… so I did this on my #3 daughter last week as a test to see if people at school could figure it out, and everyone did.  In fact, some of her teachers took pictures.  It took a bit of practice to get it, so I explain some of what I learned in the video tutorial below.  Here it is…

XO (Hug & Kiss) Hairstyle

Items Needed:  Brush, comb, spray bottle, 5 elastic bands, and 3 ribbons

Time Requirement:  20 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Also, don’t forget our other Valentine’s Day Hairdo’s!  Be sure to email photos of your V-Day do’s or simply post them to our Facebook page!

Enjoy, and Happy Hairdoing!

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Three Quick Bun Ideas | Easy Hairstyles

May 13, 2009

Everyone has those days that require a quick and easy 2-minute hairstyle. You mothers all know what I’m talking about! These hair style ideas are the perfect for those crazy “zero-time” mornings!

Cute Hairstyles

Items Needed: 2 rubber bands, brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, and 1 ribbon, OR 1 headband, OR one flower.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

This style is so easy, I didn’t even think it required detailed pictures! To begin, wet down your DD’s hair. Comb hair back into a side ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Twist hair until tight and then wrap it around the rubber band to create a bun. Now here’s three fun, quick, finishing ideas…

1) Add a cute ribbon…Ribbon and Bun #1Ribbon and Bun #2
2) Add a cute flower…Flower and Bun3) Add a cute headband…Headband and Bun #2Headband and Bun

Now, that is pretty simple… isn’t it? You just have to love the do’s that look like you spent more time than you really did! Shhhhh… it’s our little secret!!!

Happy Hairdoing!

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Cute Teen Hair Bun | Prom Hairstyles

February 01, 2009

This hairstyle is great for kids, tweens, teens, or any woman. I love this ‘do!. I used this on my twinnies the day they were baptized at age eight. Since their hair was already wet, it worked great but still looked fancy.

Items Needed: Brush, comb, spray bottle, lots of bobby pins (number depends on your child’s hair), 1 rubber band, any accessories.

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Begin by wetting down and brushing hair. Part hair on side.

Pull all hair into a ponytail off to the side of head. Ponytail SHOULD NOT BE CENTERED on the back of head. It should be off center, behind opposite ear from part. So if you part on the left, put the ponytail behind the right ear. And vice-verse. (I will do two pictures– one so you can see the ponytail and one so you can see it in relation to her ear)

Once the hair is in a ponytail begin sectioning hair. You will create 5 sections total so split the hair evenly. I do the top section first. Wet down the first section a lot. (if you are worried about fine hair add some gel or pomade at this point)

Begin rolling hair around your fingers. ROLL ALL HAIR AWAY FROM PONYTAIL HOLDER.

When you get the roll of hair right next to the head bobby pin the hair to head. Use two bobby pins, one on either side of roll to secure tightly. I have to use the huge bobby pins for my girls hair, but if your daughter has thin hair use smaller pins.

Continue to section off hair, wet down and gel, and roll up. Imagine a 5 point star. The roll you just did is the top point. You now need one roll on each side, and two on the bottom/diagonals. I hope that makes sense. Remember to roll AWAY (OUTWARD)from the ponytail holder.

Continue to pin in place. After you get it pinned the hair sort of relaxes into place so you don’t see each individual roll as easily. Once you have all major rolls secured, pin any little hairs that are popping out in place with smaller pins. Spray with hairspray.

To make it extra cute, add a fun flower right behind ear.

Happy Hairdoing!

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