Stacked Pull-Through Braid

April 26, 2015

I’ve loved Stacked Braids for a long time. Pretty genius, really, accenting a braid down the spine of another braid! Now we’re seeing quite a few intriguing combos using this fun braid technique.

Stacked Pull-Through Braid


A few months back, my friend Shelley from Pretty Little Braids, direct messaged me with an idea asking if we could share it on our channel. Her idea? How to stack a braid on top of a Dutch pull-through braid. We loved it, and so today we’ll show you our version using a simple pull-through.

To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHStackedPullThru

Stacked Pull-Through Braid



Stacked Pull-Through Braid Stacked Pull-Through Braid

Kamri’s Outfit:
Blouse | Pants | Shoes | Bow 

After each pull-through created, we sectioned off {feathered} a small strand from each stitch to be used later for our stacked braid. The stacked braid consists of a simple 3-strand braid using the feathered-off strands.

You’ll find that by braiding this hairstyle tightly, it will hold up super well during sports or any other active activities. Braid this hairstyle loosely, really pancaking the edges, and you’ll get that soft and full look that is very popular today.

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 ponytail holder, 8-12 small hair elastics, accessory and hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5-7 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Video Tutorial:

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin with hair secured into a high ponytail…
  2. Divide the ponytail into two even sections {a top and a bottom}…
  3. Now, separate off a small section of hair from the top of the top section, laying it over the head and securing with a clip or have daughter hold…
  4. Add your first elastic to the remaining top section of the hair, down a few inches from the ponytail holder…
  5. Then, create a centered hole in the hair section between the two elastics…
  6. Now, reach through with your thumb and index finger, grabbing the second section of the ponytail and pulling it upward through the hole so that it is now on top…
  7. As you did in Step #3, separate off a small section of hair from the top of the new top section, and lay it out of the way…
  8. Continue Steps #4-7 until you run out of hair, leaving you with a Pull-Through Feather Braid.
  9. Go back and pancake each of the Pull-Through sections to add volume to the base braid…
  10. Then go back to the top and starting with the first small section you feathered out…begin a regular 3-strand braid…
  11. Braid down a couple of stitches and then add in the hair from the next feathered strand you left out.
  12. Continue Step #11 until you’ve reached the end of the ponytail {the top braid will be nicely secured against the bottom, because you anchored in pieces along the way}…
  13. Secure with an elastic and add hairspray and accessory {if desired}.

Mindy’s In-Video Outfit:
ShirtPants | Kimono | Shoes | Necklace | Earrings

If you loved this hairstyle, please let us know below in the comments. I am on am mission now to find various other stacked braid combinations!

Happy Hairdoing!

My twins’ latest YouTube video!

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Braided Half Up | Prom Hairstyles

April 19, 2015

BONUS VIDEO! Be sure to check back here this coming Wednesday night, to see a bonus family video! It’ll be a Room Tour of Daxton & Paisley’s room! Paisley is so excited for you to see her new bed!

With Prom season right upon us, the girls and I wanted to give you an easy half-up hairstyle perfect for the dance. This is an updated variation of our Pancake Braids w/Sock Curls tutorial that we put up years ago.

Braided Half Up | Prom Hairstyles

We began by curling Brooklyn’s hair with a 25mm curling wand, and helped set the curls with hairspray. For the accents, you can use any type of braids you want, but I feel the best options are Dutch Fishtails and regular 3-strand Dutch Braids. {This is because they pancake the best.} For this tutorial, and for the sake of time, we used Dutch Braids here.

The twins aren’t going to Prom this year, since they have chosen to not date until they are 16, but they are helping several of their upper classmate girls to do their hair for the night! I believe I’ve been roped into helping, too!

Braided Half Up | Prom Hairstyles Braided Half Up | Prom Hairstyles Coachella Hairstyles

Brooklyn’s Prom Look:
Dress {Similar}  | Necklace {Similar} | Flash Tattoo | Earrings | Shoes

To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our CGH app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHBraidedHalfUp

This look would also make a wonderful Festival Hairstyle, something you could wear to Coachella, medieval festival, or a renaissance fair. Really, this hairstyle pretty much looks great for any occasion… a definite head turner!

Coachella Braids

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, teasing brush, spray bottle, 3 small hair elastics, 6-8 small bobby pins, finishing spray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Video Tutorial:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by prepping the hair for an updo {I used a 25mm curling wand and added some hairspray to help define longer lasting curls}…
  2. Take a front section of hair, from the forehead to the crown, and carefully back comb it all with a teasing comb {remember when teasing, only go in a downward motion, not an up-and-down motion.  This will help add volume, yet keep the hair from tangling and being difficult to take out later}…
  3. Once teasing is done, flip the hair back over and using an edge of the comb or smoothing brush, gently smooth the top surface of the hair only {being careful not to comb out your tease}…
  4. Leaving about 2 inches of hair above each ear down, gather the rest of the teased hair and create a poof on top/front and shape it to your liking…
  5. When you love the way the top looks, set it by crossing bobby pins in the back {I used four pins to get Brooklyn’s thick hair to stay in place all day}…
  6. Next, take the two inches of hair on one side of the head and Dutch braid them.  I started with Dutch Braid stitching {adding hair in the sides} for three or four stitches, before switching to a regular 3-strand braid…
  7. Only go a few stitches past the back center of the head before securing the braid with an elastic…
  8. Now go back and pancake the braid {making the hair look more full and also cover any unwanted part lines…
  9. Repeat Steps #6-8 on the other side of the head…
  10. Then take one braid over the poof bobby pins and secure in place…
  11. Next, cross the other braid over and bobby pin you just placed, making sure to tuck the elastics under other braid to hide them…
  12. Use a strong finishing spray to set the style, and add accessories {if desired}.

Brooklyn’s In-Video Outfit
Shirt {Similar} | Shorts  | Shoes

Mindy’s In-Video Outfit:
Jeans | Shirt | Tank | Shoes

If you loved this Prom-inspired Braided Half Up hairstyle, please let us know! Please also feel free to tell us if you would like to see us post a Prom Prep & Texture tutorial, as well!

Happy Hairdoing!


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Peek-a-Boo Tuxedo Braid | Creative Hairstyles

April 12, 2015

My “to-do” list of hairstyle tutorials is several pages long, and it doesn’t seem to get any shorter! The twins are adding more to the list, as are many of you readers… and we love it!

This Tuxedo Braid hairstyle has been on my list for about eight months now, it’s one that we’ve done from time to time on the girls after first seeing it online a few years ago.

Tuxedo Braid

Back then, Kamri started calling it the Tuxedo Braid, because the inside Dutch Braid looks like the ruffles of a vintage tuxedo, with the outer loose French Braid acting like the jacket of the tux. {The kids’ recognize blue tuxes like that from my in-law’s wedding photo.}

Tuxedo Braid

This braid has also been called a Peek-A-Boo Braid. I am not sure from where the style originated, but a couple of viewers have tagged us on FB or sent in emails, one of them, Gabi, with a photo for a much more relaxed version of this braid from Cosmopolitan’s website. We decided to bump it up the list and finally film a tutorial on it. Diane Kruger also wore it to the 2014 Fashion Awards show. While I like Cosmo’s interpretation, the version we’ve always done uses a higher hide of the Dutch Braid, just like a tux’s jacket.

To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our CGH app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHTuxedoBraid

I would definitely recommend doing this hairstyle on someone else first, just to get the hang of it. Making sure to center both braids can be difficult without a good set of bathroom mirrors, or eyes on the back of your head!

Tuxedo Braid Tuxedo Braid

This style can be created wet or dry, loose or tight… it all depends on the look that you are going for. If you have thinner hair, be sure to use a good hairspray or spray wax to help hold in flyaway from the loose French Braid sections.

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 2 ponytail holders, 1 small hair elastichairspray or spray wax {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 8-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin with the hair down and brushed, I prefer the hair to be straight for this hairstyle…
  2. Next, part the hair beginning at the highest point of left eyebrow {about 1 inch off center}, parting it down from the forehead to base of the neck…
  3. Then make a second part, same as the first, above the highest point of the right eyebrow all the way down to the base of the neck, giving you about a 2 inch center parted stripe down the middle of the head…
  4. Secure the two outside sections of hair out of the way, into low ponytails while yo work on the center section.
  5. With the newly parted center section of hair, begin a simple 3-strand Dutch Braid, and continue it all the way down to the nape of the neck and secure it there with a hair elastic {leave the remainder of that hair unbraided}…
  6. Go back and pancake {tug on the elbows} the Dutch Braid so that it lays flatter and gives a fuller and flatter look {this braid will give the hairstyle the ruffled shirt look of a vintage tuxedo}…
  7. Now, release the two low ponytails on either side of the head and pick up a small section of hair, on both sides of the part line, near the crown of the head…
  8. Then divide those two strands into three sections and begin a loose French Braid {the loose version is also called a Mermaid Braid}…
  9. You want this braid to be a loose braid so be sure to hold the strands softly in your hands, instead of tighly {It is easier to do if you braid the hair away from the head a bit, instead of right against the head}…
  10. Pick up strands from either side of the head, to add into the French Braid as you work your way down, but, again, don’t pull them tightly {you want this to cover about the bottom half of the Dutch Braid, just like a tuxedo jacket would, but not the upper half}…
  11. When you reach the nape of the neck, and have run out of hair to add in from the sides, you can leave the hair as is in a “half-up, half down” hairstyle, or continue on with a simple 3-strand braid…
  12. Secure with an elastic, and add hairspray or spray wax {optional} to help hold the hair and control flyaways.

Please watch our step-by-step video tutorial for this braid by clicking below!

Hope you loved this post, and please leave a comment below telling us if you’ve watched our family’s Spring Break in Dubai vlog!

Happy Hairstyling!

BONUS VIDEO! The twins’ uploaded a cute Q&A video with their younger sister, Rylan, this week, and it is super funny! Rylan is a pure joy to have around, and her larger-than-life personality and humor make her a favorite for many viewers. Click below to see for yourself!

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How to Create a Dragon Braid

April 05, 2015

Happy Easter! This week’s hairstyle isn’t anything new, as you’ve likely seen it around everywhere from the catwalk to fashion magazines, but we’re just now getting around to filming a tutorial on it. This has been one of Brooklyn’s favorite braids for a few months now, which is why she volunteered to be our model today.

Dragon Braid | Hairstyles for Girls

This hairstyle is generally called the Dragon Braid, as it mimics the bumpy scales down the spine of the dragon. You know, a lot like you’d see down the backs and tails of alligators and crocodiles today?

To see the video, click below!

I would recommend this hairstyle for an edgier outfit, or for sports, as it holds nicely. It can be done either wet or dry, depending on the final look you want, and how many flyaway you have. {For the latter, I would recommend a good hairspray or spray wax to hold the flyaway down.}

Dragon Braid | Hairstyles for Girls Dragon Braid | Hairstyles for Girls

Brooklyn’s Outfit Details:
Shirt: Forever 21 | Shorts: Cherokee @Target | Necklace: Forever 21 | Earrings: Nordstrom

Dragon Braid | Hairstyles for Girls

We are categorizing this hairstyle as Hard, due to the overdirecting of the braid along the part lines. It seems easy to do, but my first try it took me two to three attempts before i got it down! After that, this braid was easy to create!

To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our CGH app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHDragonBraid

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, 2 ponytail holders, 2 hair elastics, spray bottle, 4-6 bobby pins, hairspray or spray wax {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 10 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting the hair straight down the middle of the head, and securing one section out of the way temporarily with a ponytail holder….
  2. Next, just above the eyebrow on one section, begin a 3-strand Dutch Lace Braid, by only adding hair to the outside edge {it’s very important to keep the edge of the lace braid right next to the middle part line, as you don’t want any space between the braid and the part line itself}…
  3. To do this, I will overdirect the hair by braiding with my hands actually on the opposite side of the part line {I find that when I do this, my braid lays right on the part line nicely, which is essential to this braid}…
  4. Continue to braid dow the head by adding hair only the outside strands of your Dutch Lace Braid, being sure to overdirect the braid so it lies next to the part line…
  5. When you run out of hair at the base of the head, go back and pancake only the inside edge of the lace braid, the side closes to the part line, {I like to make my pancaked elbows really big on this braid, so that they stand up high and really shows off the dragon scale effect we are going for}…
  6. When you finish pancaking the one side, go ahead and continue the remainder of the hair in a simple 3-strand braid, pancake those inside edges only, and secure with a hair elastic…
  7. Now repeat Steps #2-6 on the other side of the head, and then securing both braids together at the end with only one hair elastic…
  8. VITAL STEP: At the top of the braid, gently squeeze together the two braids so that the pancaked edge pop up off the head, then, using a bobby pin, grab a little of each braid’s side and then secure the pin firmly so that the braid sits tightly together…
  9. Continue down the braid line, gently squeezing the braids together, as you did in Step #8, pinning as you go so that the braid begins to look like a row of dragon scales all the way down to the elastic…
  10. Go back and adjust your pancaked edges so that the braid is to your liking, then add hairspray or spray wax to help keep down flyaways.

If you loved this tutorial and video, please do let us know below! Also, comment below with what is your favorite part of Spring!

Happy Hairstyling!

Mindy’s Outfit Details:
Shirt: Merona @Target | Pants: American Eagle | Necklace {similar}: Forever 21 | Earrings: Target

If you missed the super-cute recap of our Spring Break to Dubai trip, Brooklyn and Bailey uploaded it to their YouTube channel this week! To watch it, simply click below!

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Rope Twisted Bun | Hairstyles for Prom

March 29, 2015

Today’s hairstyle tutorial is part of our Prom series, where we show you cute hairstyles you can wear to your Prom, Homecoming, or other formal event.

Rope Twisted Bun | Prom Hairstyles

The twins were in LA this week to attend the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards, so Kamri offered to sit in. Simply click below to watch the video tutorial…

Rope twists are the easiest braids to create. This undo uses two rope twists that are then wrapped around each other and secured into a high bun. By fluffing the rope twists and leaving out a few curly strands/tendrils in the front by the face, this becomes the perfect Prom hairstyle!

Rope Twisted Bun | Prom Hairstyles Rope Twisted Bun | Prom Hairstyles Rope Twisted Bun | Prom Hairstyles Rope Twisted Bun | Prom Hairstyles

To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHRopeTwistBun

Rope Twisted Bun | Prom Hairstyles Rope Twisted Bun | Prom Hairstyles

For athletic events, all you have to to twist your rope twists tightly, adding pomade or hairspray to them, and then wrapping them tightly into a bun and securing them. {For sports, or ballet, do not fluff the rope braids as I did in the video… keep them tight.}

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 2 ponytail holders, 2 small hair elastics, 8-10 bobby pins, hairspray and accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting hair in the middle of head, and dividing into two even sections {for an older look, add curls and tease the hair before creating the ponytails.  You can also leave a few curly tendrils to frame the face}…
  2. Take each section and secure it into a ponytail on the back of the head with a ponytail holder {make sure to keep the ponytails as close to the middle part line as possible}…
  3. Now create a rope twist in each ponytail {you do this by dividing each ponytail into two even strands and then twisting the right most strand clockwise tightly one full turn, and then crossing it under the left most strand, repeating over and over again}…
  4. Then secure each rope twist with a hair elastic…
  5. Optional Step: If you are using this hairstyle for athletics or dance you can leave the rope twists tight.  If you are using this hairstyle for prom or an updo you may want to loosen the hair a tiny bit at this stage by pulling gently on each side of the twist to separate the them and make them more full looking…
  6. Now take the right-most twist and loop it under the left twist, up and over the elastic, and over the top of the two ponytail bases…
  7. Secure the end with a bobby pin to hold it in place while you what the 2nd twist…
  8. Now take the left rope twist and take it clockwise under the right ponytail, and up and over the two elastics, securing it with a bobby pin…
  9. Go back and secure the remaining hair with bobby pins until the whole bun feels secure and with the desired look…
  10. Add any accessories and hairspray {if desired}.

Thank you so much for following our posts, and if you loved this easy Rope Twisted Bun updo tutorial, please let us know in the comment section below! We’d be happy to make more Prom tutorials!

Happy Hairstyling!

The twins found a lost video deep on their hard drive, one that they had filmed early last summer that made its way onto their BrooklynAndBailey YouTube channel last Wednesday. It was a Baby Food Challenge, where they had to taste baby food and guess what it was! Be sure to watch the entire video by clicking below!

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