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September 22, 2011

As you know, I have been loving Pinterest lately as it allows many of my fans to @Mindy “MrsHairdo” me in their hairstyle pins so that I can have a better way to keep track of fan suggestions.

This is one that I have actually been doing on myself a lot lately, because I saw the idea online from the girls at Real Simple.  I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received!  Fans have been repinning the style, so I decided to film a tutorial.

Triple Twist-and-Pin {Back}

What I love most about this bun hairstyle is its simplicity.  You will see that it really does not take much to create this elegant hairstyle.   If you accessorize a little bit , it can make a great updo for prom/homecoming, as well as a great hairstyle for communion or a flower girl in a wedding.

This style involves separating the hair into three even sections in the back, then taking each strand individually and twisting them until they twist upon each other {forming a bun}.  Two of the buns you twist and pin in the same direction… the last one you twist in the opposite direction.  You may even opt to twist the bangs back before creating the buns for an even more elegant look.

Securing the buns can be tricky, and you may choose to use Goody’s Spin Pins for more security, but on this day we could only find bobby pins.  {If you do this style on your daughter, please know that it may not hold well if she plans to be active in PE that day or during sports.}

Triple Twist-and-Pin {Side}

Triple Twist-and-Pin {Front}

As you can see, I also did this style on myself that day.  My hair is shoulder length, with bangs, and quite layered.  The style holds well for me.  Adult Triple Twist-and-Pin {Back}

Adult Triple Twist-and-Pin {Front}

Did you notice my little friend on my shoulder?  If not, then look closely again!  Crazy!  He just flew from the flowers onto my shoulder and my husband and daughters thought it was hilarious!

Items Needed:  Brush, 1 alligator clip, 10-12 bobby pins, hairspray and accessories {if desired}.

Time Requirement:  5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy


Happy Hairdoing!

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Pretzel Twist into Messy Bun

June 14, 2011

This hairstyle is another quick one that can be done in under three minutes. It incorporates the use of a ponytail separated into two twists that form the shape of a pretzel, and then tied off with a hairband and finished into a fun messy bun.

You will find that this twist hairstyle is perfect for pretty much any occasion, formal or not, and can be ideal for a prom or homecoming hairstyle along with some really cute accessories.

Pretzel Twist into Messy Bun

You will find that the pretzel shape will look more uniform if the twisted strands are about an inch or two shorter than the length of hair in the video.

This style works on curly hair as well, and on girls of all ages.  Enjoy!

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, water spray bottle, pomade/gel/hairspray {if desired), 2 hairbands, ribbon or accessory {if desired}

Time Requirement: 3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

*Note from Mindy: If you notice the extra large camera in the background, that is because ABC News in NY sent a camera crew to our home for an upcoming 20/20 primetime special on YouTube that will be airing either at the end of June or in July. In all, they were at our house nearly 8 hours so it sure made for a busy day! We are not sure of the air date, but once we do… we will let you know!

Happy Hairdoing,

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Knotted Braid | Updo Hairstyles

November 24, 2010

This cute braided hairstyle was submitted by a viewer from Moldova, asking me if I could figure it out.  It took me quite a few tries, but I did eventually get it.  (As always, if you see an amazing hairstyle and want to submit it… simply email me!)

This hairstyle is a little different than a standard daisy chain braid, as you will see from the video tutorial.  Once you get the knotting right, the style can be done very quickly, and you can even do it on yourself (trust me, if I can do it… so can you)!

The knots are very easy to take out, just like any other braid. This is an absolutely beautiful braid that will leave people asking you how you did it!

Knotted Braid (Back)

A few viewers on YouTube suggested that I list this as a Homecoming/Prom Updo hairstyle, because it is so unique and can be accessorized in any number of ways.  Here are a couple more views of this cute knotted-braid hairstyle…

Side View
Knotted Braid (Right)

Front ViewKnotted Braid (Front)

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, spray bottle, one hair band.

Time Requirement: 5+ minutes

Skill Level: Medium

If you like this hairstyle, be sure to let us know!

Happy Hairdoing!

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Cute Hairstyles: Tween Knots into Side Ponytail

October 28, 2010

This is one of the first hairstyles that I ever posted on this site, but many of you have asked for a video tutorial on exactly how to complete this hair style. It looks trickier than it actually is.  (To see photo instructions for the hairdo in that first post, please visit Tween Knots into Side Pony).

People have asked if it is hard to get the knots out after the hairstyle is done. The answer is “no”.  Individual hairs can knot very easily and not come out (like snarls), but for some reason large strands of hair do not have a problem with it.   This is actually only a half knot (like the first stage of tying your shoe), so to undo it all you do is grab the two strands close to the knot and push them into the knot to loosen the hair.  Very easy!

This knot style is another good one for helping keep the hair out of your daughter’s eyes and it holds up very well all day!

Tween Knots Ponytail

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray water bottle, hairspray/gel, 1 rubber band, accessory (if needed).

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Tween Knots Ponytail

Tween Knots Ponytail

You can finish this style off in any number of ways.  You can do a simply ponytail like I did (or a high pony), or a side braid (French or fishtail), micro braids, curls (soft or tight), or a bun, etc.  You can even pull the knotted strands back in to two ponytails and finish them off in any of those ways!  This style can literally be 5-8 styles!!!

So my hubby mentioned to me the other day that I seem to always give the same greeting in my video tutorials.  When I took a look back, it was true… so we decided to change it up a bit!  This idea came from my #3, who is my model for this style. She had been walking around all morning singing that before we did her hair, so she begged me to do it! Notice that she does it too!

If you like this knotted hairstyle, be sure to let us know! Happy Hairdoing!

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Rosette Buns | Updo Hairstyles

July 26, 2010

What I love about maintaining this website on cute hairstyles is hearing back from all of you. I feel like many of you have caught on to how much fun doing your daughter’s hair can be… that it provides a few minutes of quality one-on-one time with them in the mornings. I particularly love reading that so many of you feel that your daughter’s confidence is boosted by all of the compliments she is receiving. I know, it is also a little fun for you, too!

Perhaps one of the most frequent hairdo requests I receive in email from moms is further help in how to create our Rosette Buns hairstyle (click link for step-by-step photos and instructions) from last year.

Rosette Buns Back View
Rosette Buns Side View

As such, I was able to film this hairstyle tutorial on my daughter last week.  (One YouTube commenter just said that you could simply use only two rosettes on top and the rest of the hair down in the ponytail and it would look very cute as well.  I hadn’t thought of doing that, but it would look super cute!)

This can be considered a flower girl hairstyle for a wedding, a ballet hairstyle, or just a simple and elegant updo for prom/homecoming or a formal night out…

Items Needed: Comb, brush, spray bottle, hairspray, and 6 rubber bands.

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

I hope this helps! Do you like the video tutorials? Do you feel that they are efficient? Let me know!

Happy Hairdoing!

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