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May 18, 2010

Top Knot into Banded Side Ponytail | Cute Hairstyles

Here is one of our hairstyles we documented a long time ago but we received a request over the weekend for a video tutorial. We do this one quite often and it gets quite a few compliments… just wait and see! It is actually very simple ‘do and looks very more.
Top Knot Banded Ponytail
April 29, 2010

French Front: Subtle Side Ponytail

I receive quite a few comments on this very popular front french braid hairstyle everyone is wearing, wondering what other ways there are to finish it.  Honestly there are several ways to do it, and here is one more.  This one uses a subtle side ponytail… The hairband accessory that I used is more.
French Front Ponytail
February 08, 2010

Front French Braids into Side Ponies

**Note from Mindy:  Get ready for an amazing hairstyle from a fantastic single dad!  Lance is the perfect “Little Girl’s” Daddy, and has a cute little girl at that!  Congratulations to Lance for being our February’s Hairdoer of the Month!  Here is Lance’s hairdo and a quick bio… * ~ * more.
November 14, 2009

The Twist and Shout

*Note from Mindy: Congratulations to Misty on being our November Hairdoer of the Month! My girls really loved this one… especially the “shout” part! I apologize for posting this late, since we had the cold and flu bugs running rampant at home while my husband was in Miami on business. more.
October 07, 2009

Halloween Hairstyles: Spider Web w/ Messy Pull Through

After our “Adopt a ‘D0 – Cute Girls Hairstyles Review Board” (my four beautiful DD’s… ages 9, 9, 6, and 4) viewed all of October’s “Hairdoer of the Month” entries, the girls chose this style due to the Halloween season! There were so many beautiful hairdo’s submitted, it was hard more.
September 04, 2009

Hairstyle Video: Twistbacks into Side Ponytail

I thought I had posted a picture of this cute hairstyle tutorial on the blog, but apparently I have not… so this is new to you!!! I really love hairstyles like this because they are simply beautiful, take very little time in the mornings to complete, yet look like you more.
Twistbacks into Side Ponytail
September 02, 2009

Video Tutorial: Wrap-Around French Braid

In January 2009, I posted a hairdo described as Wrap-Around French Braid. (It would more appropriately be named a Wrap-Around Halfsie-French “Pop-Out” into a Side Pony, but we would lose people at halfsie!) A photo of the completed hairdo is seen here… I have had a few readers ask for more.
February 19, 2009

Knots into Side Ponytail | Cute Hairstyles

This hairdo was one of my very first ones on the blog. Since then, my readers have grown A LOT so I thought I might re-post once in awhile, just in case people missed it the first time around. This one is super easy, very fast, and can be used more.
February 10, 2009

Top-Knot with Banded Ponytail

This hairstyle is fun and really EASY! My husband can even do this, so I will put it in as a Daddy-do also! Items Needed: Brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, and 4-6 rubber bands (depends on length of hair). Time Requirement: 8-10 minutes Step-By-Step Instructions: 1.  Begin with hair wet more.
January 12, 2009

Wrap-Around French Braid | Hairstyles for Long Hair

This is one of my most popular hairstyles that I have featured… ***This hairdo will require that you already know how to French braid. This one was also a little hard to get detailed pictures of, so sorry in advance! Items Needed: Comb, brush, spray bottle, one rubber band, any more.