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May 04, 2010

Hairstyle Video: Triple Twists into Twisty Buns

This fun hairstyle is one of the very first that I ever posted on this website, back in October of 2008. Since then, I have received quite a few requests to provide a video on how to do it. (It has just taken me awhile to get to it… sorry!) more.
Hairstyle Video: Triple Twists into Twisty Buns
February 08, 2010

Front French Braids into Side Ponies

**Note from Mindy:  Get ready for an amazing hairstyle from a fantastic single dad!  Lance is the perfect “Little Girl’s” Daddy, and has a cute little girl at that!  Congratulations to Lance for being our February’s Hairdoer of the Month!  Here is Lance’s hairdo and a quick bio… * ~ * more.
June 14, 2009

Twist-back into Ponytail Twist-Flip Combo

This hairstyle may look complicated, but if you know how to do a simple twist then you can do this do! Items needed: Brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, 4 rubber bands, and accessories. Time requirement: 10 minutes. Skill Level: Medium Step-by-Step Instructions: To begin, part the hair on either side… more.
Twist-back into Ponytail Twist-Flip Combo
April 29, 2009

Rosette Buns | Flower Girl Hairstyle

Here is a super cute bun hairstyle that I think you will love! Items Needed: Comb, brush, spray bottle, hairspray, and 6 rubber bands. Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes Skill Level: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions: Begin by brushing hair and wetting it down. Part hair wherever the natural part is and form more.
April 10, 2009

Easter Hairstyles | Egg-Tails

Do any of you remember the “Bun Hawk” my husband proposed? Well these “Egg-Tails” are another one of my husbands creations. He really does come up with some funky stuff! I recognize that this probably isn’t the hairstyle you are going to take your DD to Church with on Easter more.