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March 16, 2009

Four-Leaf Clover | St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles

This will probably be my last St. Patty’s day hairstyle. It is a four-leaf clover version of some of the past hairstyles. I didn’t take too many pictures since I knew you could refer back to this 2-leaf clover or the 3-leaf clover.   To see your own photo recreations more.
Four-Leaf Clover | St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles
March 09, 2009

Best Three-Leaf Clover | St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles

This hairdo is very similar to Lucky Do #2 below except that this is the 3-clover version, and different from Lucky Do #1 because this one is from three ponytails instead of one. This one happens to be my personal favorite.   To see your own photo recreations of this more.
Best Three-Leaf Clover | St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles
March 06, 2009

Three-Leaf Clover Twists | St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles

Ever since Valentine’s Day, I have been playing with some hairstyling ideas for St. Patty’s Day. I have to admit that though I have come up with several ideas, none have been amazing enough to be worth posting! I was getting quite frustrated by the whole thing, but yesterday two more.
Three-Leaf Clover Twists | St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles
March 02, 2009

Beachy Combo | Teen Hairstyles

This style is nice because it is one of many hairstyles that can be a fancy “dressy do” or a casual fun do. Use it for a fancy family party, church, or even just a regular school day. It can also be used on long hair or short hair (I more.
Beachy Combo | Teen Hairstyles
February 23, 2009

The Bun-Hawk | Crazy Hair Day

If this hairstyle doesn’t make you giggle, I don’t know what will! This probably isn’t the hairdo you use to send your darling daughters to church, but it sure is a fun, silly do! Use it for a game day do, a crazy hair day at school, or just for more.
The Bun-Hawk | Crazy Hair Day
February 11, 2009

French Designer Heart | Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

Heart #3 – The Designer Heart This is a very cute Valentine’s Day Hairstyle that uses a French Braiding technique.  The ribboning is absolutely optional, but can add a very unique holiday look… Items Needed: brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, one rubber band (optional: ribbons). Time Requirement: 8-10 minutes with more.
February 10, 2009

Top-Knot with Banded Ponytail

This hairstyle is fun and really EASY! My husband can even do this, so I will put it in as a Daddy-do also! Items Needed: Brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, and 4-6 rubber bands (depends on length of hair). Time Requirement: 8-10 minutes Step-By-Step Instructions: 1.  Begin with hair wet more.
Top-Knot with Banded Ponytail
February 05, 2009

A-Line Bob | Curly Hairstyles

It’s time for another short hairdo! First I need to introduce you to one of my favorite hair tools…the 3-barrel curling iron. It looks like this… On short hair it creates the look above. It can be purchased online, ebay, or hair supply stores like Sally’s. I’m pretty sure I more.
A-Line Bob | Curly Hairstyles
January 23, 2009

One Crazy Do! – Holiday Twisty Buns

It’s time for another hairstyle! This one is pretty crazy and may require more than the normal 15 minutes for first-time users or the inexperienced. But once you get the hang of it, this won’t take any time at all.  I have used it since my oldest girls were two, more.
One Crazy Do! - Holiday Twisty Buns
October 13, 2008

Cute Hairstyles: Triple Twists and Messy Buns

This is a hairstyle my girls practically grew up on… it was also the style that most prompted me to start this blog. Everyone always stopped me, no matter where we were, to ask how we did the style… Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, spray bottle, brush, and 4 rubber bands. Time more.
Cute Hairstyles: Triple Twists and Messy Buns