Hairstyles | Double-Twists into Side Braid

November 12, 2010

Hi everyone! Many followers here and on YouTube have asked which hairstyle it was that I used on my #2 daughter in our Family Intro video. Honestly, it is very similar to another style we did only I completed this hairstyle with a braid instead of a topsy-tailed pony.

Double-Twist into Side Braid (Front)

This is a very simple hairstyle that is perfect for girls of all ages, including moms! In order for you to see the style in 360˚, I provided the following views…

Right SideDouble-Twist into Side Braid (Right)

BackDouble-Twist into Side Braid (Back)

Left SideDouble-Twist into Side Braid (Left)

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 2 hair bands, hairspray (if needed), accessory (as desired). Here is where I found the cute folded-fabric flower hair accessory.

Time Requirement: 5+ minutes

Skill Level: Easy

If you like this cute hairstyle, be sure to let us know!

Happy Hairdoing!

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Cute Twistback Flip Under | Girls Hairstyles

September 15, 2010

What is fun about having posted so many cute and easy hairstyles on this site, is that you can use any combinations of past styles to create a new one!

Here is a hairstyle that incorporates concepts used in previous tutorials I have done. The end result is very cute…

Twistback Flip Under (Side)

This style incorporates a front-to-side twist as well as a side-ponytail flipunder. To vary the hair style a bit, you can use a French Front or a Reverse French Front instead of the front twist.  Oh, yes… and now you can watch the new tutorials in HD, if you wish!

For anyone looking to purchase a Topsy Tail, you can purchase one from the Amazon link in my left sidebar… or you can make your own with wire or a pipe cleaner (I will be posting a tutorial on how to do the latter in the next week).

Twistback Flip Under (back)

Twistback Flip Under (Front)

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, water spray bottle, one ponytail holder, Topsy Tail.

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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Single Front Twist | Short Hairstyles

August 25, 2010

Here is a very simple and cute hairstyle idea for keeping your bangs out of your eyes. It can also be done on any length of hair (short or long), whether or not there are layers, and can be done in under a few minutes.

I have promised that I will be adding more short hairstyles, given that I and my youngest daugther have short hair. Again, since the hair is shorter, you really are limited on what you can do in terms of braids, etc. Moms, this one really is for you! I wear this all the time!!!

Single Front Twist Hairstyle

Items Needed: Brush or comb, two bobby pins, hairspray (if desired).

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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Easy Hairstyles: Triple Twistback Side Ponytail

July 13, 2010

So my girls have totally been into ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (SYTYCD) lately and I noticed that for the first few weeks the girls were sporting different variations of twistback hairstyles.  Twistbacks are easy to do, so I thought I would feature one that I saw the most on the show, as it is super cute and easy to do.  Here it is…

Triple Twistbacks into Ponytail

This hairstyle can be used on little girls, tweens, and teens. Even moms can use this hairdo! The style is particularly fun, because you can incorporate hair twistbacks any way (and quantity) you desire. {Be mindful, that thin hair will make the twists look very skinny, so you may only opt for one twistback per side. Using Pomade on the twisted strands will help you reduce fly-aways, too.}

As always, in hairstyles like this, if your daughter cannot hold the hair twists for you… feel free to use a gator clip or something to hold them.

Triple Twistbacks into Ponytail

Triple Twistbacks into Ponytail (Front)

Items Needed: Spray bottle, rat-tail comb, 1 regular hairband, 1 decorative hairband, Pomade (if needed for crisp twistbacks), hairspray if desired.

Time Requirement:  5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

If you like this style, be sure to let us know!

Happy Hairdoing!

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Here's my "Angle"…

December 07, 2009

*Note from Mindy: Congratulations to Shaunell on being our December Hairdoer of the Month! Shaunell recently started hairblogging and has a lot of talent, not to mention really cute daughters! Please visit Shaunell at Shaunell’s Hair. If you love the hairdo, let her know! Here is her introduction and hairdo:
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

I am a stay-at-home mom of two angel (I truly believe) girls. They are my life and my loves. I have always loved doing hair… and doing it in fun, cute ways is a highlight to my day. I love to share them, and of course, show them off on my babies!!

Here’s our angle on hair! A super cute sideswept ‘do. This one always gets a TON of compliments! It works great on short or long hair!

Time Requirement: 15-20 min (if uninterrupted by other children)

Items Needed: 5-6 elastics, spray bottle (or means to wet hair), and comb. A large doodad for the hair is also a bonus. Hairspray is a must!

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

First, part off top of wet hair into a square in center of head, making both sides on a slight angle (naturally!). You’ll be making 4 sections, and this is your first 2…

Next, split this section down the middle into two sections, and clip off one section to prep for first twist braid (as below)…

Take a small section at the front and divide in two…

Cross the pieces to begin twist…

After initial twist, pick up and add hair from one side, just like when French braiding. Then add hair in the same manner to other piece of twist, and twist two sections around each other again…

Continue in this manner: Add hair to both sides of twist, then twist around once…

Finish off by twisting tightly without adding more hair, and secure with elastic. Do the same thing in next parted off section.

Prepping for side section. Part down to ear and follow twist pattern as mentioned above…

Do teh same with the other side. Now, here is a photo fo teh four finished sections…

I used varying colors of elastics just to make it fun. See the cute angles? DARLING!

Next comb the rest of the hair, including the 4 ponys, to the side, going at the same ‘angle’…

If you have shorter hair to work with, then make it into a pony, or a pull-through pony. Here I’ve done what I call a Stuffed Bun. Do a pony, then on last time through, pull through halfway. Take long tail and loop around and ‘stuff’ it back into the elastic. (For tips on how to do this easier, see my blog post Stuffed Bun). Keep stuffing until it looks nice and messy. I don’t like the double loop look, so I just keep stuffing in until I like it. Spray well with some spritz!!

I also added some snap barrettes, since side ponys can have escapees out the back easily..

Stick in a super darling doodad (I got mine from Madibu Bows!) to draw attention to your girl’s “Angle”!

And show off that super cute smile!! Do you think she has an “angle” underneath that angelic expression?

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
*Note from Mindy: If any of you would like to enter our Hairdoer of the Month contest each month, please click the link for details!

Happy Hairdoing!

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