Spring Fashion Trends | Mom Minute

March 30, 2014

Spring is in the air! And with the warm weather comes new fashion trends.

For today’s #MomMinute, we invited Lindsay Albanese {Celebrity Stylist} on set to talk to us about this Spring’s fashion trends.

Spring Fashion Trends

Not looking to purchase a whole new wardrobe? I think would all like to save our money! This episode idea came from a question submitted by viewer Amanda, who states… “How can I wear this season’s trends without changing my whole wardrobe?

Season trends

In this video, Lindsay gives us ideas of what colors to pair together, along with the comeback of overall shorts and denim jackets! She also tells us where to purchase such items inexpensively, and what you can add to the outfit from your own closet!

To see the entire episode, feel free to click below…

For any of our readers, what do you see as upcoming fashion trends for Spring and Summer? Would you like to see more videos like this?

Please free to leave your comments below…

Happy Parenting!

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Parents and Facebook | Mom Minute

March 23, 2014

As parents, we need to be very careful with social media and internet safety in our homes, especially as it relates to our children. We need to be very vigilant, and aware of what our kids are doing online. It is one of our duties as a parent.

There is a fine line though, between following our kids on their social media accounts, and stalking/harassing/embarrassing/etc them.

Over the past five years or so, we as parents discovered this cool place called Facebook, and are using it more and more even as our kids move on to other social platforms like Instagram, etc.

Parents on Facebook

Today’s #MomMinute episode is based upon a question submitted by a viewer, Tara, who asks, “My mom just friended me on Facebook and won’t stop posting on my wall. How do I get her to stop?”

Parents on Facebook

Maybe I am an overcautious mother, but we always talk about social media safety in our home. {Particularly because +Brooklyn and Bailey have YT, FB, IG, and Twitter.}

I do comment on my twins’ accounts from time to time, but my role as a mother in following them is only in love, support and safety. I do not stalk them, but I do check in occasionally. Not because we do not trust our daughters, but that we do not always trust everyone else. It is just part of the online rules we have set for our children.

For our younger followers, your parents love you deeply, and in almost every case, them following your social accounts is a tell-tale sign of that. That is great!

Now for any parents out there. Just as our kids grow older and are often embarrassed for their friends to see us dropping them of to school, with us begging them for a kiss on the cheek, they can also become embarrassed by us posting cheesy comments on their social accounts with lots of emoticons. An occasional encouragement for a big test or other event, is perfectly fine. As parents, we need to be mindful of the thin line between our Circle of Trust and our kids’ privacy.

To see the entire episode, feel free to click below…

For any of our readers, what suggestions do you have on the subject? How much involvement is too much involvement?

Please free to leave your comments below…

Happy Parenting!

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Babysitting 101 | Mom Minute

March 16, 2014

I currently only have Brooklyn and Bailey, age 14, who are of babysitting age. In our home, it isn’t so much about age, but how responsible the child is, that allows me to feel comfortable to let them babysit.

Babysitting 101

For the twins, that age happened to be when they were 12. We had them babysit together for the first six months. I started babysitting at age 12, as well, and learned a lot of tips and tricks that I passed along to my own girls.

Babysitting 101

In today’s #MomMinute episode on The Moms’s View, a viewer named Grace asks the following questions… “What makes a good babysitter? Where do you find a babysitter? How old must you be to start babysitting?”

I find my babysitters from families in our church congregation and neighborhood.  Each time, I ask around to people I trust who will make recommendations.

How else can you be a good babysitter? Well, let me have you hear it from my twins personally on what their recommendations are for good babysitting. They have been the most popular babysitters in our neighborhood for years.

What suggestions do you have on the subject? How old were you when you started babysitting?

Please free to leave your comments below…

Happy Parenting!

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Kid Safety & Technology | Mom Minute

March 08, 2014

I know this will probably date me, but I distinctly remember my mom limiting me and my siblings’ game time on the Coleco Vision game system when I was young.

It always seemed unfair at the time, but she said that she was doing it for our own good, and that I would understand when I had kids of my own.

As I grew older, and the Nintendo and Xbox came out, I started to see how much time can be wasted in gaming. Although the effects of gaming can be argued from various positions, positive and negative, we can all agree that there should be moderation in its use.

Kids and Technology

For today’s #MomMinute episode, we asked the beautiful Maria Quiban, from the YouTube channel MommyLovesTech to join us to talk about about children and safe uses of technology.

Taryn, a viewer, asks the following question… “What age is appropriate for your kids to start using technology (for example, cell phones, iPad’s and the Internet)? How do you teach them about Internet safety?”

Child Safety on the Internet

Today, it seems that more and more teachers are assigning internet homework to younger kids.  My son has homework on the internet and he is in kindergarten.

How do we keep them safe from the dangers of what they can find out there?

We have two kid computers, both with access to the internet but can only be used in the kitchen/dining area. This does cause a bottleneck should all of them have homework online, but doing this is to keep things out in the open.

In our home, Brooklyn and Bailey had one cell phone to share between them when they turned 12, mostly because one of them always seemed to have babysitting jobs where the couple they sat for did not have land lines.

As part of the deal, the twins signed a contract that included strict rules for cell phone use, including any texting, camera, and social media use. Part of that agreement included an open disclosure that we, as parents, have the full right of access to the phone at any time that the child is on our family cell plan.  Brooklyn and Bailey each have a cell phone now, given their side business online.

{We will likely do a post in the future that goes into further details on how to put your own contract together for your children.}

We also have what we call an eBasket {literally a basket we found at Target} that sits in my home office.  At bedtime, each of the children are required to place into it their iPods, cell phones, iPads, and ear phones. This removes any temptation to stay up late listening to music, watching movies, or texting friends. It also allows us to go through the items to see what activity in which our kids have been engaging.

To see more about kid safety and the internet, with ideas for how to balance tech use in your home, please feel free to view the #MomMinute episode with Maria below…

What suggestions do you have on the subject?

Please free to leave your comments below…

Happy Parenting!

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Spoiling Your Children | Mom Minute

March 01, 2014

Today’s Mom Minute topic is about spoiled children. We’ve all known some, have spoiled our own, or perhaps even been one.

Spoiled Children | Mom Minute

There is a definitely a huge difference between providing for a child’s needs versus their wants. Trying to satisfy the former is what we are supposed to do. Providing food, shelter, education, physical care, and love, etc, are why we have this very important role as parents. Providing for a child’s every wants can be very detrimental to them. I often think of little Veruca Salt from the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory movie as she whined, “Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa now!

Kate, a viewer, asks this question, “How can you buy clothes and toys for your kids without spoiling them?

Spoiled Children

Although we are not perfect in our home, we have tried to teach our children the value of responsible hard work from a very young age {examples were provided in last week’s post}.

If you were to ask our children what the response is to asking for toys/electronics/clothes, etc, they can recite the refrain, “Is this a want or a need?” From there, our kids categorize the item into one of the two buckets on their own. If the item is not life sustaining, it goes into the want bucket.

If our children want the desired item bad enough, they will have to earn it. We find that they appreciate the item much more, taking very good care of it, if they contribute with their own money or with sweat equity.

The CGH kids have contributed to the purchases of clothes, extra curricular activities, birthday gifts for friends, field trips, etc, since they began kindergarten. They do not know  differently, and understand that nothing in life comes free.

In just the few hours since the video went live on The Mom’s View YouTube channel this morning, we’ve had a few viewers claim that they feel that we very much spoil our children.

I personally do not feel that we do, feeling more that we go to great lengths to prevent it, but I guess that really depends on where you are standing.

We need to be careful as a society not to judge someone having a few nice things as being spoiled. It isn’t so much about what they have… but how they speak to, interact with, and treat others. Being a contribution to society very much involves accepting responsibility, respecting and helping others, and valuing hard work.

To see more about how to avoid spoiling children, and how to value hard work, please feel free to view the #MomMinute episode below…

What suggestions do you have on the subject?

Please free to leave your comments below…

Happy Parenting!

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