Sharing a Room | Mom Minute

January 04, 2014

My twins, Brooklyn and Bailey, have shared a room since they were first born.

In fact, the girls had an option a few years ago to each get their own room, and they declined because they love being together and didn’t want to be apart {I thought that was super cute!}

Sharing a Room

But recently, we moved into a home that had fewer bedrooms, forcing us to have another set of daughters to share a bedroom. That transition was much harder, primarily because there is a significant age difference between the girls {ages 8 and 3}.

Lets be honest… it is much harder to take two children who were used to their own space, and force them to share a room. It is even harder to sleep with another person making noise in the room, and there is always blame to go around for why the room is messy and how to clean it up.

There are positives to this as well, in that siblings who share a room often have more memories to share, and can have stronger relationships with that sibling when they are older.

In today’s episode of Mom Minute, I give my tips for how to make this room-sharing transition easier, and how to look for the positive as well. Feel free to watch The Mom’s View Mom Minute episode below…

What tips do you have for other parents, or for kids who are having problems with a sharing a room with a sibling? Please feel free to leave your comments below!

Happy Parenting!

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New Year’s Resolutions | Mom Minute

December 29, 2013

New Year’s resolutions are something that are easy to write down, but very difficult to finish. Nobody is perfect in this, and neither am I.

New Year's Resolutions

{Nobody profits more by this than gyms or fitness classes with annual memberships!}

With a family of eight now, I have had to find ways to keep things moving forward and a lot of that is centered on our scheduling and our own individual and family goals.

In some ways, we likely defeat ourselves up front with some fairly lofty New Year’s resolutions, like lose 30 pounds, or pay off the car.

It is important to not only set the goal, but write down a plan for it. Break it down into smaller, measurable and easily-achievable goals. Place those goals in somewhere where you can see it every day.

In today’s episode of Mom Minute, I give additional ideas for what I do to help me accomplish my goals. Feel free to watch The Mom’s View Mom Minute episode below…

What ideas do you have that can help others know how to create and achieve New Year’s resolutions? Please feel free to leave your comments below!

Happy Parenting!

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Quality Time with Your Children | Mom Minute

December 21, 2013

From the time we were kids, it seems that most of us had always hoped to be our parents’ favorite child, or the teacher’s pet.

In some ways, life was a competition… it was easy to see what was happening with other siblings/kids, and compare.

Quality Time with the Kids

Now being a parent of six children, my husband and I try very hard to establish meaningful and individual relationships with our kids.

For example, Daddy-Daughter and Mommy-Dude dates are a regular activity, and my husband takes our children out individually on their half birthdays {exactly 6 months from their birthday}.

Since each child is different, we spend time with them in different ways. This is very key, and although we are not perfect at it… we feel that we have great relationships with our children. {Our hope is that this will help build a great base of trust as we experience them go through the teenage years.}

In today’s episode of Mom Minute, I give additional ideas from what we do in the CGH home to spend quality time with each of our children, helping make each feel special in their own way, which ultimately helps eliminate the “She’s your favorite” argument.

You can see today’s The Mom’s View Mom Minute episode below…

What ideas do you have that can help other parents know how to eliminate favoritism and spend quality time with each child? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

Happy Parenting!

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Blended Families | Mom Minute

December 14, 2013

We often are asked about our older childrens’ reaction when we adopted trans-racially, and I equate it similarly to the preparation and treatment when families are blended {through marriage, with or without kids}.

Anytime you introduce a new dynamic into a family, being a new person or persons, it definitely takes an adjustment of cultures on both parties.

I firmly believe that “family” is the single-most important social unit in the world, and that it begins with the couple and extends out to the children.

Blended Families | Mom Minute

In today’s episode of Mom Minute, I talk about how I prepared my girls for the adoption of my son and daughter, and how by doing so… they became truly colorblind and a pure love prevailed.

The same formula will work in blended families, when we understand that our individuality is what makes us beautiful, and that a step-sibling can be just as much a sister or brother as those related to us blood.

Blended Families | Mom Minute

What I can tell you, is that respect for the individual and a genuine love for them is what will make a blended family work. I have seen this in my husband’s family, and other families we are close to. You can see today’sThe Mom’s View Mom Minute episode on blended families below…

Happy Parenting!

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House Chaos and Depression | Mom Minute

December 08, 2013

When I showed up to film this episode of Mom Minute, I was not prepared for this topic of depression to be suggested by a viewer.

Depression and Home Chaos

Depression is real, and should never be taken lightly. I have seen it in both sides of my family, as well as in some really good friends.

In this episode, I talk about how I myself will take a “mental health day” from time to time when life seems mundane, a day in which I really try to be kind and patient with myself.  Being a mom is not an easy responsibility, one of the hardest tasks on earth.

Depression and Home Chaos

Sometimes we need to care and love ourselves a little before things  pin out of control. It basically comes down to, “How can we help our children, when we can’t help ourselves?

I make it a goal to get 1-2 things done on that day, and then build up from there.  I find that it gives me a sense of accomplishment that had been missing, which gives me a greater desire to do better the next day.

Later on in the episode, I also talk about the need to see a doctor or health care professional when one feels that she cannot get out of a rut. A doctor will have various treatments that may include therapy, medication, etc.

Seeing a doctor for depression is nothing to be ashamed of, as there are millions who are going through the same thing.

What I can tell you, is that you are very likely accomplishing way more than you give yourself credit for.  We are always our own worst critics. Let me say here that I do understand, that I am proud of you, and that I appreciate you!

You can see today’s episode of The Mom’s View’s Mom Minute below…

Happy Parenting!

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