Easter Hairstyles | Egg-Tails

April 10, 2009

Do any of you remember the “Bun Hawk” my husband proposed? Well these “Egg-Tails” are another one of my husbands creations. He really does come up with some funky stuff!

I recognize that this probably isn’t the hairstyle you are going to take your DD to Church with on Easter Sunday, but I think it would be really fun for Friday at school or even Saturday morning’s Easter Egg hunts!

Crazy Hair
Items Needed: 10 small elastics, 6 rubber bands, 2 ribbons, 4 plastic Easter eggs (this number may vary depending on the length of your DD’s hair). To help hold the eggs, you may wish to use Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray (available at Walmart or Target).

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes.

Skill Level: Hard

To begin I did a zig-zag part on the top and then a straight part down the back. You don’t have to do the zig zag, but do part the hair into two equal parts down the back…

Eggtails #1Eggtails #2

Gather hair into ponytails and secure with rubber bands. Take the hair from one ponytail and divide it evenly into five parts. About 1-2 inches down the hair strand, add an elastic. This keeps the hair pulled together so you can see the eggs better and also adds a little grip on the egg. Continue adding elastics until all five pieces have one elastic each…

Eggtails #3

Now about another inch down the hair add a rubber band. Be aware that you may have to slide the rubber band down a little to fit the egg in, but it so much easier to add the egg after the rubber band (you may also find that using the tiny rubber bands that have that “eraser” texture will hold the eggs easier rather than the slick ones)…

Eggtails #4

Now add the egg, spacing hair pieces evenly around the egg. (Be aware that smaller eggs will not work… they fall out too often.)  Once you feel like the egg is secure, tighten down the hair by pulling the rubber band as tight against the egg as possible. Repeat these steps for additional eggs (if you can fit them) all the way down the ponytail.  You may wish to use Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray (available at Walmart or Target) one the eggs are in… this is a very effective hairspray that will help the little “baskets” to keep their shape.  Once you spray, use a hairdryer on low heat on the egg just until the baket becomes stiff)…

Eggtails #5

In my DD’s case we only got two eggs in…

Eggtails #6

Repeat these steps on the other ponytail.

Eggtails #7

Add some ribbons at the top, and you will now have this! I guarantee you will get lots of comments on this one!!

Eggtails #8Eggtails #9

If you have access to the smaller plastic Easter eggs (ones that fit maybe 5-6 jelly beans), you could fit maybe 3-4 eggs per ponytail, but I couldn’t find them anywhere this year!


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Twisty Buns | Short Hairstyles

February 25, 2009

We start today’s style with something so easy a daddy can do it! These twisty buns are a cute alternative to the typical “waterspout piggies” that toddlers wear…

Items Needed: brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, 4 rubber bands, and any accessories.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Start by parting hair on left…

Now section down from part to each ear…

Gather hair into ponytail and secure with a rubber band.

You will now have two pig-tails.

Now take the hair and twist it till the twist is tight. Now wrap it around the rubber band once. (you can wrap more times if hair is longer) Secure bun by wrapping another rubber band around the whole thing.

Repeat these steps on the other side.

Now style the back of hair as usual. You can also rat the ends that stick out at this point for added fluff.

Add some ribbons or flowers for added cuteness!

Happy Hairdoing!

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Heart Pigtails | Valentine's Day Hairstyles

February 11, 2009

Heart #4: The Short-Hair, Little-Heart Pigtails

This is an absolute adorable little girl’s heart hairstyle!  My girls call these LuvPiggies, and they work with pretty much any length of hair.

Items Needed: comb, brush, hair spray, pomade, 2 rubber bands, and 2 small clips.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

Begin by parting hair in zig-zag pattern down the middle of head…

Now part from there down to each ear. Gather up that hair and secure in a rubber band to form a ponytail…

Repeat on other side – you will now have this…

At this point, I styled the back of her hair (which required some round brushing with the blow dryer). Starting with the right ponytail separate it into two pieces. ***TIP*** USE POMADE AT THIS POINT!!! I put a bunch of pomade into the sections so they would stay firm and maintain shape. Otherwise, because her hair is layered, I would have gotten a very wispy, hair-falling-out-everywhere look. So use pomade (or any other really good waxy product)…

Now simply take the two pieces of hair and lay into place. It will just sort of naturally fall to the heart shape. Work with it until you get the desired heart look and feel…

You can have a loose heart look (by pulling hair farther away from rubber band)…

…or a very tight heart look (by pushing hair up tight against rubber band).

Use the clip to secure both ends together. Add clips or bows in the front of rubber bands and you are ready to go!

**TIP** When I was completely done, I also added just a spritz of “Got2B Glued”. Just for a little added strength. .

Happy Hairdoing!

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Short Hairstyles: 4 Messy-Pigtail Twists

November 17, 2008

Items Needed: Comb, brush, water bottle, hairspray, and 8 rubber bands.

Time Required: 5-10 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

For this cute hairstyle design, begin by parting hair on either side…

Starting at the middle part, part hair down to each ear…

Gather hair into two ponytails. Rubber band to secure in place…

Now part down the middle of remaining hair to nape of neck (I like my front part to be slightly off center but my back part to be center. If you want to just do center the whole time that works too). Gather hair into two ponytails and secure with rubber bands. You will now have 4 sections of hair and four ponytails…

Take one ponytail and begin twisting…

Twist until the hair begins to twist up upon itself. You can use your finger to guide the twist the the way you want it…

Twist will now look like this…

Using a rubber band, go over the whole twist to secure into place. Note: I always leave about 2 inches of hair popping out the top of the rubber band. I fluff it later, which makes it look very cute. Look at some of the other pictures if you are to see what I mean…

Repeat this process on the other three ponytails…

Using a comb, rat the 2 inches of hair that pops out of rubber bands. This adds a little fluff and pizzaz to the hairdo, which will look like this…

You can stop here and be done. HOWEVER, if your DD’s hair is really long, the twists in front will also be longer. If you don’t like this look try taking the twist, twisting it around the rubber band once, and bobby pinning in place. It will now look like this…

(look close and you can see my bobby pin sticking out at the top)You now have the finished product!!!

Happy Hairdoing!

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