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October 13, 2008

Tips & Tricks #7: My Favorite Comb and Brush

I have a favorite comb and brush that I use. The comb I love is called a “Rat’s Tail” comb, and looks like the above picture (as you can see I need a new one! LOL). Most hairstylists use this type of comb. You can get them at Sally’s or more.
October 06, 2008

Tips & Tricks #4: Sharks (hair that pokes out)

Have you ever gotten completely done with a braid only to find one rogue piece of hair bumping out? These little flyers can ruin even the best of hairstyles! I call these flyers ‘sharks‘ since they often look like a shark fin on the head. Nobody wants to start over more.
October 04, 2008

Tips & Tricks #2: Use Good Hairstyle Products

The trick in doing great hairstyles is to have the hair looking healthy and conditioned. The best way to get such wonderful hairdo’s is to use dependable products. In fact, when doing girls hair it is really important to find the best products that work for you. I am on more.