Bathroom Cupboard: Spray Bottle

June 01, 2010

Here is another tip from my “In My Bathroom Cupboard” series, which details the items I use each day in creating my girls hairstyles. From the video tutorials on my hairstyles, I get quite a few questions asking if my girls’ hair is wet. Honestly, most often it is… albeit only damp.

I find that working with damp hair when braiding or twisting helps keep the hair uniform and more manageable. It is easier to comb through, but it also helps prevent flyers and allows you to keep the hair style ‘tighter’ and more crisp. When you are done with the hairstyle, a gentle spritz of hairspray can help keep the hairstyle that way. The next question often asked when I respond to those asking is, “Which hairspray bottle do you use?”

Spritz Bottles

Like most of you, I often used the small spray water bottles (like those pictured above) one can find at stores like WalMart, Target, Walgreen’s, or any other box store. I quickly found that these spray bottles lose their pump ability after awhile, or that my kids chew on the pump straw or the nozzle gets clogged. Obviously, they were not designed for years and years of daily use. I would have to replace these bottles every six months or so.

Hairstyles Water Bottle

One day while my hubby and I were shopping at Home Depot, we spotted a package of three industrial spray bottles in the cleaner section. They are sold empty, so you know that the bottles are sterile and clean.

We purchased a 3 pack and have been using them ever since! I have found that the mist spray is wider than the traditional bottles, which means that 3-4 spritzes gets the hair damp rather than pumping 7+ times with the smaller bottles. (One downside is that the bottle walls suck in a little after several days of use. I find that I have to twist open the lid for a second to let air back in so that the bottle keeps its shape.)

I hope you all enjoyed this little tip!  Happy Hairdoing!

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"In My Bathroom Cupboard" – Glitter Spray

March 01, 2010

My husband has been suggesting I start an “In My Bathroom Cupboard” series for quite some time. People email in all the time asking about the many different products I use .  This series is designed to answer some of those questions.

I thought I would start with glitter spray. Glitter spray is an item all moms-of-girls should have in their cupboard. It’s very useful for dance competitions, cheer or other activities, school crazy hair days, or even just a little “pop” once in awhile.

My twins had a dance competition this weekend and part of the dance makeup for us is always glitter in the hair. When I took the girls to the competition some of the other moms were ohhhhing and ahhhhing over the glitter look. And BAM!!! I decided to throw glitter spray up as my first post.

Here’s my advice. You can go to Claire’s or another girl accessory store and spend about $5-7 for a small can of glitter spray. But who wants to??

I go to Walmart and buy glitter spray from the craft section (sometimes it’s found up by the party supplies too) for about $3 for a big can. They have silver, gold, or rainbow glitter.  It looks like this, and is non-toxic and washes out easily.  The color of the cap is the color of the spray.

Some glitters I have used (before I figured out craft glitter) wouldn’t stick to the hair and would fall out in 2 minutes. Or one question I get a lot is “does it remain sticky in the hair after washing”. The answer is NO! I personally think craft glitter is perfect. It sticks to the hair and stays in, but will wash out with ease too.

Here’s a pict of my daughter with the glitter in. The picts really don’t do it justice since it is much easier to see in person, but look close and you can see it.

Happy Hairdoing!

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Tips and Tricks: A Flower/Bow Wall

February 01, 2010

Items Needed: A few feet of ribbon, plastic O-rings, 3M sticky hooks
Total Cost:  About $5.

When I do my girls hair, I often use flowers or bows to add a little pizzazz (as you may have noticed). However, one problem I am always running into is how to STORE all of those flowers and bows. I don’t have tons of drawer space in the bathroom and do not like that the bows and flowers gett all bent out of shape or crushed.

So… I created a flower/bow wall in my girls’ room. This wall sits directly behind a bedroom door so isn’t easily viewed by everyone. It does, however, create a great “safe” place for my flowers/bows.  I even place it high enough that my 1-year old cannot reach them!

If you want to make the ribbon holders here’s how:

  • Get a couple of feet of ribbon, in any color of choice. I think the 1″ grosgrain works the best. (The grosgrain texture seems to hold the hair clips better.)
  • Buy a couple of “O” rings (the plastic circles at the top of the ribbon)
  • Wrap the ribbon through the O ring and secure by either sewing or hot glue. (Heck, even staples would work!)
  • Buy a few of the 3M wall stickies (can’t remember what they are called) at Walmart or Target. They are double sided stickies… one side sticks to the wall, the other side sticks to the little hook (see picture if confused).
  • Now hang the O ring off the hook and voila! you have a great place to hang bows and flowers.

**As a side note:  I use the 3M stickies all the time and have never had a problem with them coming off the wall without peeling paint. There is a little tab you pull and they just peel off.

Happy crafting and organizing!

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Tips & Tricks #11: Sunburn in Parts…

August 21, 2009

I received a question on our Facebook Page asking what recommendations I have to prevent sunburn in the parts of a hairdo.

Each of us knows how bad these sunburns can hurt, especially when we try to run a comb or brush through it the next day. Plus, when it peels — who wants to look like we or our DD’s have dandruff??? All of this is compounded on hairdo’s that use multiple parts! Ouch!!! I have tried many solutions, including:

* Using spray sunscreen in the part (can look greasy over the head).
* Dabbing sunscreen on with your finger or a Q-Tip along the part.

Each of these do work, but here is my easiest and personal favorite form of sunscreen application …

Sunscreen StickA Sunscreen Stick!

Yes, it looks like you are applying an Elmer’s Gluestick to your DD’s head… and you may get some stares, but it really works nicely! Plus, it is easier to carry around one of these tiny sticks instead of a huge can of spray sunscreen or a bottle of sunscreen lotion.

There are various Sun Protection Factors (SPFs) out there, but I believe the strongest I have seen in a stick is 50 SPF. Banana Boat (seen above) and Coppertone both have a stick with this strength. You really do want the highest SPF in the part because it receives so much direct sunlight beating down on it throughout the day.


1. Hold the stick at an angle so the corner of the actual sunscreen can be run along the part.

2. Now you will have some sunscreen residue sticking to the hair, but you simply run your finger along the part to press it down into the scalp. By this action, you are also wiping off the residue on top of the hair all at the same time!

Try it out and let me know how it works!

Happy Hairdoing!

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Mailbag Q & A: Rubber Band Tips

March 23, 2009

Often I get asked about the types of rubber bands I use. I have three types I use regularly. The first looks like this:

Ouchless Hair Bands

These are the rubber bands I use on my DD’s hair for things like single ponytails. Hairdo’s where most or all of the hair is gathered into one rubber band. My girls have enough hair I need a pretty big band to hold it all.

For two braids, two ponytails, small braids or twists, or hairdo’s with smaller amounts of hair I use these rubber bands…

Ouchless Hair Bands

This is a picture of the bands together so you can see the difference between actual sizes…

Ouchless Hair Bands #1
For tiny things like the slide up braid or some of clover and heart hair do’s I use these tiny clear bands. These are “ouchless”. I find they still pull a little, but WAY less than some bands…

Ouchless Tiny Elastic Bands

This is a picture of the rubber bands I would avoid at all costs. I find these pull a TON and most often need to be cut out of your DD’s hair!

Goody Tiny Elastic Bands

I buy all my rubber bands and elastics at Walmart or Target. I think they cost around $2-$5 each packet.

**NOTE**If your DD freaks when you pull out small elastics, just cut them out. The little clear ones are cheap enough you can just re-buy. It might be worth not having the drama.

Happy Hairdoing!

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