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March 01, 2010

"In My Bathroom Cupboard" – Glitter Spray

My husband has been suggesting I start an “In My Bathroom Cupboard” series for quite some time. People email in all the time asking about the many different products I use .  This series is designed to answer some of those questions. I thought I would start with glitter spray. more.
"In My Bathroom Cupboard" - Glitter Spray
February 01, 2010

Tips and Tricks: A Flower/Bow Wall

Items Needed: A few feet of ribbon, plastic O-rings, 3M sticky hooks Total Cost:  About $5. When I do my girls hair, I often use flowers or bows to add a little pizzazz (as you may have noticed). However, one problem I am always running into is how to STORE more.
Tips and Tricks: A Flower/Bow Wall
August 21, 2009

Tips & Tricks #11: Sunburn in Parts…

I received a question on our Facebook Page asking what recommendations I have to prevent sunburn in the parts of a hairdo. Each of us knows how bad these sunburns can hurt, especially when we try to run a comb or brush through it the next day. Plus, when it more.
Tips & Tricks #11: Sunburn in Parts...
March 23, 2009

Mailbag Q & A: Rubber Band Tips

Often I get asked about the types of rubber bands I use. I have three types I use regularly. The first looks like this: These are the rubber bands I use on my DD’s hair for things like single ponytails. Hairdo’s where most or all of the hair is gathered more.
Mailbag Q & A: Rubber Band Tips