September 07, 2013

Adjusting to a New School | Mom Minute

Have you ever moved and felt uneasy about starting at a new school when you were young? I know my children felt that way as we have just moved from Utah to Texas.

This week’s Mom Minute episode for The Mom’s View is about adjusting to a new school. Although this show is directed to children and teenagers, and their moms, the advice I give can also be for anyone at any age! I use them myself!

Now that we are two weeks into the school year, I can safely say that my children used several of these techniques to make new friends, which made their school-year transition to a new state much more smooth. {Of course, wearing a super cute hairstyle was a definite conversation starter for them! *wink, wink*}

Enjoy our second episode below, and feel free to comment here with your own advice on this topic, and suggestions for future #MomMinute episodes!

Happy Parenting!

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  • Bennie

    Just the other day I bumped into your website. I have a 5 yr old with long hair and was tired of the pony tail. I have to say that I’m addicted to your website and YouTube posts. Congrats!

  • Amber

    We just started a new school this year, too and my girls asked for you to come over and do their hair for the first day! Thank goodness for your blog so I could be the best “Mindy” I could be! Your family is looking great and I’m glad to see that you are happy and well. Miss you (but I don’t miss the QR craziness)!

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