June 21, 2010

Hippy Braided Headband | 70s Hairstyles

I am getting more and more hairstyle requests for tween and teen looks that can be done in under five minutes. This style is very simple, and gets tons of compliments. It uses a simple braided headband, which can be placed across the forehead like a leather strap or beaded band that many celebrities are now using. (If your daughter has bangs, you can bring the same braid up over the bangs across the front and back under for another great-looking headband accent.)

To get our texture, I braided the hair the day before. In our case, this is one of many “2nd-Day” hairstyles that you can create from the Double French Braids with Messy Flips. I also have a French Braid tutorial for this same prestyle in my YouTube library above.

Items Needed: Two small bobby pins.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

If you like it, let me know! Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Sues@

    I really like your channel and you are great .
    When is cgh 3 getting her own channel?? Bye! Oh ps cgh 4 is cute

  • Rebecca

    luv the styles

  • Jordyn Crandall

    i love the hair style it is so cute i would try it on myself but i have a diffrent hair style in right now but it isstill amazing

  • Kyra

    Gorgeouse girl!

  • Nicki

    awesome mom mia

  • Nicki

    So cute i used it on me and wow i love it!!!

  • Retha

    Love this hairstyle! Can’t wait to ask mymum to do it on me, as I love hippy things. Wish I could have hair as long as that!

  • Taylor

    I love this hair style I tryed to do it but sadly my hair was to short:(

  • Will this still look cute if your a blonde?

  • kmberly

    she so cute how old is she now

  • kmberly

    hi my name is kimberly did you adoupt 2 of your kids

  • Olivia

    I have been tring this hairstyle tons of times but I still can get it right.

  • nilli

    simple but cool! luv the way u think up cool hairstyles:)

  • emily

    so cute love how it looks like qa head band

  • Eleesa

    i love the hairstyles thaat yu do yu are KOOL

  • Sydney

    Can you do more kids can to themseleves because my parents aren’t there when I wake up and I love your hairstyles!

  • Megan. J

    I looooove this one!!! Can’t wai ]t to try it out!!! 🙂

  • Andrea

    LOVE your hairstyles!!!!!!!!! They are so cute! I love trying them out and watching them! Keep doing more! I would love if you did a video doing a french braid across the back of the head!

  • natalie

    hey i juste wanted to see hairstyles for like when you go to school cuz im like into how my hair lookes and last year i had complemnts about my hair cuz it didn’t have enithing that made you look at it plz help me i’ve been looking everi were and i love the hairstyles you do to your daughter and i just wanted to do it to my self plz!!!!!

  • BreAnn

    its so cute!

  • Sarah

    That’s really nice!

  • maggie

    Love it, but love your hair too! Maybe one day you could do a “Mommy braid” tutorial? I have a bob haircut kind of like yours and love ideas to keep it out of my face!

  • So cute. I love the one out of the braid- very fun.