Daddy Do’s: 5-in-1 Simple Braids

June 15, 2010

A year ago, I started a series of hairstyles here that were so simple even a daddy could do them. We received quite a bit of feedback from moms that they loved the idea of “Daddy Do’s”! I have also received quite a few emails from single fathers, or stay-at-home dads, who appreciate this website and its simple video instructions. Those men are my heroes, so when I posted some of their emails… many of you jumped in and gave them some positive comment love! As a result, I decided to post more videos in this series.

5-in-1 Simple Braids

Here is a very simple hairstyle that uses two simple braids. For dads, this hairdo can be accesorized any number of different ways, but I highlight five easy ones here.  This means that you can make 5 days of hairdo’s out of just one easy style!  So, girls, grab your hubbies and sit them down in front of this video for some daddy inspiration!  This will be something that your daughters will remember forever!

Items Needed: Spray bottle, rat-tail comb, two elastic bands, headband, ribbon, do rag, hat.

Time Requirement:  5 minutes (for mom), 5-10 minutes (for dad)

Skill Level:  Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • http://cutegirlhairstyles morgan

    This so easy I cant wait to do it on my younger sister

  • Kristen Swaby

    Where’s Mickey??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Dana

    How much do the ‘Topsy turvey’s’ cost?

  • kathy

    mmmmm… well i always do the first, and second. those were my styles, but then after watching this video… i love all the ways!!! i specially like the one of the one of the ribbon and the one of the bandana

  • Jill

    Cute ‘dos for your daughter, but I thought yours looked cool, too. I’d love to see a few posts on your site about cute adult ‘dos, too!

  • Momof5

    I just came across your website while searching for ways to french braid and I have to say these are awesome styles….can’t wait to try them on my 3 girls (even myself)!!!!

  • Halima

    Wow! your hairstyles are AMAZING! im sooo glad i come across your videos in youtube, i have a 4 yr old princess and cant wait to try these hair styles on her, thanx ever so much!

  • Sarah

    Very cute, and so easy. I love easy ones, especially in the summer!

  • Emma

    Your daughter is absolutly beautiful.

  • s.m

    i have 1 thing to say about this hairstyle,”IT IS 2 CUTE!!!!” this is 1 of the simplest hairstyles i ever done!!! but i have a question to ask 2….”when i did this hairstyle my hair looked 2 messy… do you have any tips???

  • Juliet

    Cute ideas! Where did you get that adorable newsboy cap? I’ve been looking around for some.

  • Jess Naugle

    Yes. Please do a how to braid video. I have three little girls and I am trying to learn how to braid their hair. But I am sucking at it right now. Just can’t seem to make the braid even or tight enough. Never looks nice and neat.

  • SDiaz

    Hi where can you buy the 2 sizes topsy tuvey tool? Walmart?

    • luv cupcakes

      the topsy tails are on amazon and ebay. Also Mindy has a video of how to make your own.

      • http://Cutegirlshairstyles Evie

        Plus you can buy them on her website

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