February 06, 2013

CuteGirlsHairstyles on Disney Junior

Several months ago we were contacted by a producer from Disney Online who asked if we would be interested in helping out with one of their online episodes…

Ironically, we were already in LA meeting with another division within Mickey-ville responsible for the DisneyStyle YouTube channel… and neither division knew about the other’s interest in us! Since we were already in town, we agreed to help.

Dads | CuteGirlsHairstyles on DisneyJr

We filmed this webisode with Mark and his beautiful 2-yr old daughter. Mark is a stay-at-home dad who is doing his absolute best to cover for mom while she works. {There is something so cute about a daddy “trying” that endears them to us, right???}

Here we introduce Mark to the Topsy Tail tool, and how to use it. In fact, Shaun, my hubby demonstrates it for him… and Mark learned it perfectly!

Interestingly enough, this Dads short was only supposed to be viewed on Disney Online, however all throughout these past two months, it has been airing on Disney Jr at night! {That came as a HUGE surprise to us!}

How did we know??? Several hundred of our fans throughout the US have been commenting on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or emailing us to state that they had just seen us on Disney Junior!

Well, we contacted Disney and the responsible team authorized us {thanks, Disney!} to show you our Dads episode here on Cute Girls Hairstyles…


If you loved this video, please go here and leave a comment for Mark {the dad} about how awesome he did!  We certainly need more involved daddies like Mark in this world!

And… as always, feel free to share! Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Assassin_Kitty28

    Cool! I’m gonna try this.

  • Lindsay Lou

    I just saw this on TV and had to Google it. Oh God please tell me that thing is not making a comeback. I used that when I was in Jr. High. I would never subject my daughter so such an old fashioned hairstyle!!! 😉

    But in all seriousness… it’s pretty insulting to a lot of stay at home Dads I know, including the one I’m married to, to say that it’s endearing when Dad’s “try.” They’re parents, not dopey brutes who deserve a medal for making mac n cheese without setting the house on fire. They’re just as capable as women.

  • great job dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monica

    I saw this clip on Disney Jr.! I’m so excited to learn that it your husband, doing the tutorial! I have followed your blog since my little girl was old enough to try new hair styles on! She is going to be 6 next week. Thanks to your help, and her fabulous, thick head of gorgeous blonde hair, we always received compliments-everywhere we went!! I even went on to invent my own “signature style”, using the topsy tail technique!

    Thank You! I love you mindy, and your adorable family! Special kudos to your hubby, for braving the “other side” of the camera! 🙂

  • Emily West

    I love that hair-do!

  • Abbie

    Well done Mark! It’s really cool you are taking an interest in your daughter’s hair! Where can I get one of those tools that was used???

  • Hey…. Shaun or Sean did a great job for a dad!!!!

  • Jasmine

    I laughed out loud calling my hubs to check out the Dad short and he was like “Yup…that’s me” and actually tried it! Guess what!? IT WORKED! He is literally all thumbs when it comes to our 2 1/2 year old… but it was great. She also loves now that Daddy gets to be her “hair dresser” from time to time. That’s about the only thing he can do but it’s better than nothing! Great Job Mark!

  • Ann

    SO pretty

  • Brianna

    I only came across your youtube videos and website a few days ago, I love them! I’m never done anything but ponytails and piggytails but wanted to try something else. I’ve done a few braids on my 20 month old but they always slip out pretty quickly because her hair is so silky! Any tips for that?? Also we both have curly hair, hers is still fairly straight on top, but it will curl up more as she grows, could you post some videos of hairdos that are good for curly hair? And maybe good things to do with your toddlers hair??? Thanks again for all your videos! =)

  • Can you tell me were you live? Not like your address or anything. I am 9 years old and I am in third grade. I wish I could meet your CGH number three!!! She is very pretty. Can you do more videos on CGH number three?
    Plus, does she have makeup on?!!? If she does its pretty

  • Isabella

    Cute. 🙂

  • I love you I do your hairstyles on my dolls everyday

  • 2008momof3

    Why does Mark look so familiar? Is he an actor that I should know who he is? It has been driving me crazy, lol.

  • Jen

    Cute hairstyle! What is the name of the gadget the man used at the end of the video with the loop? I need one of those!

    • Jen

      Never mind. See it in the article. 🙂

    • Mae

      it is called a topsy tool

  • Renee

    Wow his daughter did a good job letting you style her hair!

  • Cute! Cute! I always tell my husband, “You need to learn how to do your daughters hair, what if something ever happened to me!” I even like that little trick. I am going to have to try it myself:)

  • Oww so cute =)) thank you for video, it’s help me.

  • Jess

    Ok. I wish people would stop saying it’s “cute” for roles to go opposite. It is against God’s plan! God created mothers to stay home and care for the children, while dads go out and work for their families. It is not cute for roles to reverse! So sad that the world says that is good!

    • Mally

      Okay, first of all, God dind’t create women to stay at home and care for the children. Women are the cherry on top of creation… and in case you are not aware women are meant to do whatever, and play awesome roles in history! You will find a lot of this women in the Bible 🙂 Second of all dads doing their little princesses hair is not “playing the opposite role” Third of all: HOW CUTE IS THIS VIDEO♥ LOVE IT! (: And last but not least so sad that you have a one track mind!

  • I go through this video its awesome. How really nice it is. Her hairstyle is truly awesome. He truly done a great job for her daughter.

  • Olivia

    So cute!! It’s wonderful how he works so hard for his daughter!

  • Linette

    Great job Mark!! My husband has to get our daughter ready in the mornings for School (Isabella is 4 years old). My husband starts work later in the day where I have to be at work quite early in the mornings (I am a nurse). I have taught my husband to braid, ponytail, pigtail…and the list goes on…Like Mark he attempts to comb our daughters hair and that to any Mom is a Blessing!! I also want to congratulate Mindy and her family! Wow, Disney Jr! BTW Shaun did a great job as well with the Topsy tail tool!!

  • Kris B

    Love it!