December 20, 2012

Hair Bun with Micro-Braid Accents | Updo Hairstyles

As the second video of my collaboration with EveliniCutza on YouTube, we wanted to share with you the style we did on her channel!

Hair Bun with Micro-Braid Accents | Updo Hairstyles

It is a bun hairstyle, and one that you are likely very familiar with from Pinterest and Tumblr!

Hair Bun with Micro Braid Accents | Updo Hairstyles

{My girls call this the “Pumpkin Bun” since it looks so much like a pumpkin and with a very “Fall-ish” feel!} We aren’t sure who created the original hairstyle, but Evelina wanted to show us all her take on how to recreate it. ย This technique incorporates the braids into the bun, instead of on top of it…

You will need a bun maker, which you can pick up at Claire’s or Sally Beauty, but you can also use pipe cleaners as Evelina shows us.


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hair band, 6-10 small elastics, a bun maker, 2-4 bobby pins.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • eiphyoe

    it’s nice!! thank u very much coz I really want to know how to make braided bun hair style. Now I know how to make and I’m really crazy about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aubrey

    OMG!!! THAT IS GORGEOUS HONEY!! i’am totaly use it for my balet recital on next sunday! i love you guys ! <3

  • bridget

    I love it.. ill be doing it to my daughters.

  • i love easy hairstyles! some times my mom is really busy so i have to do my hair, but i`m only eleven so i can`t do hard hairstyles! Keep up the simple does!

  • Hi Mindy!!!!! I’m so excited to finally comment on your amazing videos! I am 11 years old and have been watching your videos for aprox. a year and a half. It would mean the world to me if you maybe sorta mention me in one of your videos!! My name on YouTube is HannahRox8888. I love all of your daughters! They are so beautiful!!!And the hair-dos are AMAZING!!!! It would be fun to make a video with you!!!! My mom also adores your site. The email address I put down is my moms (I’m not really sure if you get the email address) and if you do get the email address please do mention that I commented on your site!!! Or just comment on my blog!!!
    – Your BIGGEST fan, Hannah!!!!!!

  • hope

    So cute …i love it

  • Jennifer

    Hey!! I simply LOVE LOVE LOVEE!!!! ure hairstyles. I already had an interest in hair care and styling but after finding you, my interest has grown a LOT LOT LOT more!! Tons of ThanQues to u for doing awsum hairstyles!! I have also joined the twinnies channel and luv em’ as well.. They’re pretty and they r blessed with beautiful hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amy

    hi I love you guys! I use your website all the time! I think you guys are great and I hope you will keep up the good work.

    luv you mandy

  • mackenzi

    sooooooo pretty

  • Christina

    Hi!!! I t wanted to know more simple hair stills… Like easy enough for me to do on my self! Like aroung 5min? Thank I would like to know;)

  • I couldn’t figure out how to do this before I watched the tutorial but Evelina made it so easy too understand! I would definitely give this tutorial a thumbs up!!!

  • I love that hair style. Im toataly going to use it

  • rachel123 94

    I totally love the hair style its the best thing I in the world thank you for doing this

  • hair style of your site i pick out of my sister. so nice.