July 13, 2011

High Cheer Bun | Updo Hairstyles

A month ago I was in California with my best friend and her daughters, where I filmed a few updo hairstyles.  This one is perfect for cheerleading or ballet, since it is a bun hairstyle, but it is also perfect for occasions such as prom or other formal occasions!

I forgot to snap a few still shots of this style when I was in California, so I recreated the hairstyle on  my daughter last week.

 Side ViewHigh Cheer Bun (Side)

Top ViewHigh Cheer Bun (Top)

Back ViewHigh Cheer Bun (Back)

What I love about this particular bun style is that you can finish it off in any number of ways. We show three options here… wrapping the bun with a braid, splitting the hair and then cross wrapping, and then twisting the hair strands and wrapping.  One that I forgot to mention is that you could fishtail braid the strands and then wrap the bun.  That makes four options you can use!

This tutorial is filmed on the daughter of my best friend, who can sometimes be a goof!  Check out her cheesy smiles anytime the camera focuses in on her directly!  She is a great girl!  Enjoy!

Items Needed:  Brush, comb, water bottle, 2 hairbands, 2-3 bobby pins, and gel/pomade/hairspray (if desired).

Time Requirement:  2-3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy



Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Amelia

    Wow! Luv ur website!

  • Amelia

    I love your website!

  • Edona

    My mom watches your videos and she does your hairstyles on me. I get comments a lot.

  • faith

    omg lov your site but wish you wold post more self hair dos

  • kenziey

    who is that girl?? a cousin? friend? sister? what!!!????

    • reagan

      im not sure boo boo kitten!!!!!

  • hey there im 11 years old and live in england and i can do almost evey hairstyles you have done

    my mum said i am so talented so why throw talent to waste

    so next week round bout 22nd february i will post diffrent hairstyles every 5 days but not on saturday and sunday (week off)

    and i will 100% say about cute girls hairstyles
    please email me at my sisters email insha96@hotmail.com to see if i am good enough

    thanks hairstyling queen

  • hi i love your hair styles thank you for your time

  • Jaden

    hiyaa im 12 and i love this website but i can’t do french braiding! i used to have REALLY curly hair but then decided to keep straightening it and now its like i have been dragged through a bush every morning. is there any hair styles that are easy and simple and good for school in the morning – (updos please)” x x x 😀

  • Alissa

    Do you highlight your daughters’ hair?

  • Aniyah

    I love your hairstyles!

  • Amme

    this looks like it will be fun. I’m 12 and i will be going into jr.high this next year and i like to be able to do my own hair. (espeicially cuz my mom doesn’t like to get up early.) 🙂 i love this website!

  • Janet

    I love your hairstyles! I’m always trying them on my daughters hair, and every time I try one and succeed I take a picture so now I am starting my own hair folder which makes me feel accomplished and proud of myself too 🙂 Thanks so much for the ideas!

  • Toast

    I am a teenager and enjoy looking at all your cool hairstyles. When I grow my hair out longer, I will definitely be doing this hairstyle because of how quick and easy it is. I love doing hair! 🙂

  • Daniella

    I enjoy this website a lot i always do hair styles on my 3 year old niece she loves them and sometimes i even do the cheer bun style myself it looks great i actually did the braid at the front like in your video and my whole family was like wow it looks amazing and i said thanks and then i said it’s very easy and i go to: http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com and i love doing all your hairstyles thank you so much. Sincerely, Daniella

  • Very nice. I really enjoy your bog. I also sent you an email about my blog enterthemall.wordpress.com. I would very much appreciate if you would reply.

  • Jennie Munson

    This is awesome!!!! You are so good at hair!

  • Christine He

    Hey there, welcome to California! I really wish that I could meet you in person. Your website inspired me! I love all of your hairdos, and I practice them on my 4 year old DD. We got tons of compliment from her teachers, friends and classmates. Thank you so so so much!
    Enjoy your stay!

  • Bea

    I dont have kids but I love your site! When I get to babysit any of my nieces I always do there hair!! thanks for your videos!!

  • Kelli

    Hi there,

    My 6 year old daughter is a dancer and we were told by her teacher that the way you measure where to place a dancers bun is by putting a ruler (or something flat) on the top of their head and place the top of the bun directly underneath…so if the ruler touches the bun, it’s too high. Maybe something to mention in your tips! 🙂

    I want to also say that I love your website and have used so many of the hairdo’s that you’ve put on here – my daughter likes to come on here now and pick out her own style for me to do in the morning. We get complimented on her hair all the time! So thanks so much for everything! 🙂

    • Catherine

      That makes no sense

      • Emma

        lol i know right?

    • emma

      it’s a cheer bun not a dance bun stupid!