Your St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles

March 28, 2011

As promised, here are all of your St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles that you submitted either by email or by posting on our Facebook page. It is always so fun to see all of your style and creativity in adapting the hairstyles! Thanks for sending them in!

Although the hairstyle photos are in no particular order, the names of the submitters are as follows: Alicia H, Amanda N, Amber S, Andie J, Ashley V, Becky A, Cammy G, Candace J, Cassie, Catherine B, Cathy M, Christine N, Daizy C, Donna, Donna A, Emily G, Emily W, Erica E, Faith P, Heather P, Jackie C, Jamie, Jamie H, Jamie M, Janelle E, Jane P, Jen B, Jennifer M, Jennifer W, Julie M, Kellie Ann A, Lisa H, Marisa B, Megan J, Meganne C, Michelle N, Mikki S, Misty H, Myndi T, Shelley B, Tami L, Tiffany, Tiffiny L, Tracy H, Wendi B, and Wendy K.

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There were other photos that for some reason the photo upload software could not pick up. I tried several different techniques, but none of them worked. If you notice your photo not included above, please post it to Facebook again and I will include it.

If your photo is included here, please feel free to email the link to your family and friends… just so they can all admire how beautiful your daughter is (and your creativity as well)!

Happy Hairdoing!

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8 thoughts on “Your St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles

  1. WOW I love how everyone kind of did the same type of hairstyle but each one of them was different! I did the accent braid into a bun on that day too! (but I didn’t submit a picture because I’m only 14) Everybody thought it was cool. That is awesome!

  2. Thanks for posting our picture of Kaecee, she’s very excited to be on “Mindy’s blog” she’s dancing around singing about it! :)

  3. Hello, I wonder if I can ”borrow” some videos of you. I’ve posted them on my blog. I hope it’s okay! :)

    PS. i LOVE you videos, you are incredibly good! I envy your daughter very much, and she is so cute!:)

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