February 13, 2010

XO Valentine's Day Hairstyle

Here is my last Valentine’s Day hairstyle for 2010, and it requires a little bit of “creativity” to see it! It is a little out there… so I did this on my #3 daughter last week as a test to see if people at school could figure it out, and everyone did.  In fact, some of her teachers took pictures.  It took a bit of practice to get it, so I explain some of what I learned in the video tutorial below.  Here it is…

XO (Hug & Kiss) Hairstyle

Items Needed:  Brush, comb, spray bottle, 5 elastic bands, and 3 ribbons

Time Requirement:  20 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Also, don’t forget our other Valentine’s Day Hairdo’s!  Be sure to email photos of your V-Day do’s or simply post them to our Facebook page!

Enjoy, and Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Olivia

    Well if i tell you something i am a heirdresser

  • A really easy hair do

  • katherineeeee

    lovely <3

  • Thanks for teaching my kids how to do it I LOVE the way you can do anything with hair some day I might become a hairdresser speaking of hairdresser where u one your little girls our soooo cute their sooooo lucky they have you to do their hair

    TEDDY xxx

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! very creative, my little sister has the same shirt as her!!!

  • this one turned out great on my nannys hair love it<3 an dim just 11 and did it just like yours!!!!!!! also i like your kids clothes!!

  • Tia

    i luv the way u do hair u are very creative

  • Adrian

    Omg what did her teacher say. LOL it i cute though

  • Teddy

    can u do a vid on the last 1 with the riboning amazing

  • kristen

    hey u r really good u r awesome i love how u do your hair please comment back please!!!!