June 14, 2009

Twist-back into Ponytail Twist-Flip Combo

This hairstyle may look complicated, but if you know how to do a simple twist then you can do this do!

Hairstyles for Girls

Items needed: Brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, 4 rubber bands, and accessories.

Time requirement: 10 minutes.

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

To begin, part the hair on either side…

Cute Girls Hairstyles

Then part down from the middle part to the ears on both sides of the head…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #1Twist-back Ponytail Twists #2Twist-back Ponytail Twists #3

Secure with clips or rubber bands to keep hair out of the way. Take the front section on the right and seperate into two pieces…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #4

Twist them tightly together…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #5

Have your DD (Darling Daughter) hold the twist. Now repeat on the other side and have DD hold the second twist. Now part remaining back of hair into two sections. Clip one side out of the way…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #6

Gather the right side of hair into a ponytail and add in the twist your DD held…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #7

Secure with a rubber band…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #8

Repeat on the left side…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #9

To create ponytail twists, start by seperating one ponytail into two even sections and then seperate each section again for a total of four sections…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #10

Twist strands #1 and #2 together. Repeat with strands #3 and #4. You should have TWO twists for each ponytail…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #11

Now, twist the two twists together (they will naturally want to do this on their own) and then secure at the end with a rubber band…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #12

For added flair, flip the ends up before adding the rubberband…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #13Twist-back Ponytail Twists #14

Repeat the two-twist process on the other ponytail and secure with a rubber-band. Add flowers or bows as desired…

Twist-back Ponytail Twists #15Twist-back Ponytail Twists #16
Twist-back Ponytail Twists #17

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • http://recipesnrandomness.wordpress.com Tehreem Khan

    Wow! Your daughter has to be the most patient child I’ve seen. Plus the fact that she is absolutely adorable <3
    This is amazing and I'll try them out on my niece, provided she stays still enough 😉

  • amaya

    i love this hairdo

  • Jenny

    I’m 11and I find these hairstyles fun and unlike . I love experimenting with them and I’m going to try to use these at school
    Plus can you please make a video for this one because I find it quite hard to follow the instructions

  • http://www.hairbows4u.com Hair Bows

    Somebody definitely knew what they were doing when they braided this little girl’s hair. It looks wonderful!

  • Julia

    im 12 and i wore this to church(a little messyer) and got lots of complements

  • Lilly

    Hi Mindy, I think your girls are adorable! Love the hairstyle!

  • Jennifer

    Love this hairdo I have done twice already!

  • mr.meow

    Can you please make a video for this Mindy?

  • Paige K

    Hi similar to Carresa I am also a 12 year old girl who does her own hair. I dont have many accesories but i do have a curling iron and straightner plus some hair tyes and a few bobby pins. Can you post some easy hairstyles i can do b4 school by myself? (The messy bun earned many compliments and i could do it myself). Thanks :)

  • carissa zwerg

    My mom doesn’t help me with my hair and i don’t have all that many hair tools. Can you show us a easy hairstyle for a 12 year old girl to do by herslf
    – Please and thank you