July 12, 2016

Does the Split-Ender Really Work? | Fab or Fail

What is a girl’s worst nightmare? Split ends! We all dread getting them but its hard to keep up with regular haircut appointments to avoid them. How can we keep our hair healthy in between haircuts?Split Ender | Fab or Fail | Cute Girls HairstylesIn this video we show you an online tool that could be the solution to our hair problems! Brooklyn gets split ends on occasion so she volunteered to be our tester! She was pretty nervous about the process but I tested a strand of my hair first to put her at ease.

To see your own photo results of this tool featured in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHSplitEnder

If you are interested in the Split Ender tool you can find the latest version here. Unfortunately, the model I purchased is no longer available.  It has been replaced by the updated “Pro” version which has a significant price increase from the original.

This week on Brooklyn & Bailey “The Mouthguard Challenge” We invited our friend Trevor to play a fun game!

This week on Kamri Noel “K-Swag’s Morning Routine”  Watch to learn K-Swag’s real name!

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    Your so brave to try that out and now I know that it does work!(I have been wondering for a while now if I should try it but I was always to scared to) SO THANK YOU

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