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May 11, 2010

So many viewers have been asking for a hairstyle tutorial on how to do a Fishtail Braid (also called a mermaid braid). Here it is!!! It is a fun hair style, with a very unique look… and you can pretty much use it anywhere you would typically use a simple braid.

For this tutorial, I explain how you can have the braid look two different ways.  The first is one with a ponytail into the braid ending with another band (typical braid style), with the second being a more Bohemian loose style with only one band at the end. Younger girls prefer the tight fishtail while teens particularly like the latter, which is what I demonstrate here.

If you do not know how to fishtail braid, please pay particular attention to how to handle the stranding

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, 1 long aligator clip, 1 large hairband, hairspray, accessories if desired.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Happy Hairdoing!

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22 thoughts on “Bohemian Fishtail Braid | Popular Hairstyles

  1. i loved it a lot but can you do hairstyles that you do on yorself normally when you are in a rush or something simple for me to do on school mornings. i normally have my hair down for school because my mum goes to work early , my dad does not even know how to tie a hair band and my sister is six .by the way that is how big my family is i know its tiny compared to yours.(i am 9)

    i am begging you can i be in your family please????????????????????

  2. Hey, I love your hairstyles, but i notice you show them on strait hair. My hair is more Bushy and at the shoulders. Do you think you could make a video using my kind of hair?

  3. I just wanted to share with you something i hav come to realize when it comes to fishtailing, the top of the braid is hardest to do while the shorter it gets, the easier it becomes to braid. I know this bcos I luv doing my friends hair and they all LOVE the fishtail. I have also found out something when I tried the side flipped pony. If u pull it halfway through and secure the bottom with bobby pins and tease the hair left on top a little, it would be an great do’!!! I just thought you could show others how to do it because I’m sure many ppl will just love (my friend’s fav do’ so far!!!!!!).

  4. i absolutely adore this website! i just found it yesterday when i looked up how to do a waterfall braid and now i am completely addicted! i have really long, slightly wavy hair so all of these styles are beautiful and perfet for me cuz i am always looking for new hairstyles. thanks so much!

  5. Hi, I really like your website! My friends and I obsess over your hairstyles and do them on each other all the time! I see them all over my dance studio. I’m a dancer, so I am always looking for hairstyles that keep my hair off of my face and neck. I really appreciate your website! Thank you!

  6. I have always wanted to know how to do this style! Can’t wait to use it on my girls. Thank you for having a video of ‘how to’ so it will be easy to replicate. God Bless!

  7. Mindy, I have no experience with cute hair styles because I was blessed with natural curly hair and did not figure out until my 20’s how to tame it and no longer look like a distant relative of buckwheat! And now I have been blessed with 2 beautiful girls who have amazingly beautifuly straight hair and I would love to do some fun things with it. I am unable to open the videos because my blackberry is my only internet access and to my amazement, they offer the sevice for a ridiculous price of $30/month and they don’t bother to tell you that there is no flash player and so most links are not viewable. So I was wondering how I could obtain any step by step instructions of your craft? Thanks so much. Becky

  8. Mindy,

    I am very curious about your hair. I notice in your profile it is very curly but in videos I see you have it short and straight. How do you keep it so straight without your ends breaking off? My hair is wavy/curly and I straighten it at times, but yours looks amazing!

  9. I always thought that that hairstyle would be so hard to do! Thanks for showing me how easy it is! I am so doing this hairdo on my daughter for school tomorrow!!!

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