October 13, 2008

Hairstyles for Girls: A-Line Bob Haircut

Items Needed: 2-inch round brush, comb, and a blowdryer.
Time Required: 5 minutes

This is a quick way to blow dry any short hairstyle, but especially good for hair that is A-lined in the back. Start by parting hair on one side…

Using a 2-inch round brush, start by putting hair at the top of the crown onto brush. Pull hair downward while blow-drying with warm/hot heat. Round hair under with brush. I do the back first, then the left side (smaller amount of hair), and then the right side (larger amount of hair). If you have a particularly bad spot, try adding a little spritz of water and then re-blow…

Use your fingers to fluff hair and spray in place with hairspray…

Leave down or add a flower/clip for a little added bling…

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Sophie

    I love these! However could you please do more hairstyles for Tweens/teens with short hair?? That would be so amazing

  • Catelynn

    Please can you do lots more short hairstyles?

  • ally

    Could you do more tween/teen shorter hairstyles so we can find hairstyles to stop this hair looking ‘boring’?

  • Casey

    We are trying to grow our six year old’s hair out. It was this hair cut but with bangs. I would love to see more hairstyles. Anything that incorporates the banks and doesn’t look odd would be wonderful. Thanks a bunch.

  • Lisa

    I agree with both. Please Please more short hairstyles. My 9 yr. old has this same haircut, and wants to do “fun stuff” with her hair.
    I absolutely love your site and youtube channel!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  • ashlie

    These short ‘dos will work great for my Toddler. More short ones, please!

  • Emily

    I saw the 3 barrel curling iron at wal-mart.

  • Mary

    My 11 yo got all her hair cut off on Friday. She loves it but I know I can’t do all the favorite hairstyles anymore. So we would love to see more short hairstyles for tweens!