February 24, 2013

Romantic and Edgy 2-in-1 Side Swept Look | with Kandee Johnson

We are so happy to introduce you to a YouTube icon, and a good friend of mine, KandeeJohnson!  {You can also find more of her on Kandee’s blog.} She is one of the most influential makeup gurus on YouTube, and a fellow mommy, too {four children}!

Romantic or Edgy Side Swept Hairstyles with Kandee JohnsonWe want to give our sincere thanks to Kandee for helping us with this collaboration and for being such a wonderful friend!

For this hairstyle tutorial, we wanted to show you two different side-swept looks, romantic and edgy, that are equally beautiful using my twins as models.

The first look on CGH#2 is more like something you would see on Taylor Swift, and the second on CGH#1 like something Rihanna would wear.

Taylor Swift Side-Swept Hairstyle                        Rihanna Side-Swept Hairstyle

Over on Kandee’s channel, she shows us how to complete the looks by applying each girls’ makeup to match the hairstyle. You can watch her video here

Here’s how to get each hairstyle:

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Romantic Side-Swept Hairstyle

Items Needed: Curling wand, brush, 3-5 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}, and a headband, if you want to accessorize.

Time Requirement: 10 minutes (curl time included)

Skill Level: Easy

Taylor Swift Side-Swept Hairstyle

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by curling your hair to your liking {You can use a wand, curling iron, rollers, or a no-heat curling method.  I did tighter curls for this look, think Taylor Swift curls, to give it more of a romantic and girly feel}…
  2. Do a deep, side part and sweep your hair behind your head to the other side and let lay over your shoulder {we left her bangs down on her forehead and swooped them to the side as well.  We also left a few bangs out on the opposite side of her face.  Leaving the bangs on the face softens the look and adds to the romantic feel}…
  3. Using bobby pins, begin to pin the hair so that is stays sitting over your shoulder {it took about 4 bobby pins for me.  Make sure you cross your bobby pins for extra security, and don’t panic if you cannot hide the bobby pins perfectly.  On this style you will likely see the bobby pins, so make sure you use bobby pins that match your hair color}…
  4. Add hairspray the hair to give it a little more structure and hold…
  5. To finish the look, I added a flower headband on CGH#2 that is super cute and something that Taylor Swift would likely wear with this hairstyle. {You can find the headband on Etsy.}

Don’t you agree that this hairstyle would look adorable with a cute summer sun dress?  Side-swept hairstyles are “in” right now, so I expect to see a lot of these when the weather gets warmer!

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Edgy Side Swept Hairstyle

Items Needed: Curling wand, brush, teasing brush or comb, 3-4 bobby pins, and 1 hair elastic.

Time Requirement:  10 minutes (with curl time)

Skill Level: Easy

Rihanna Side-Swept Hairstyle

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by curling your hair to your liking {you can use a wand, curling iron, rollers, or a no-heat curling method.  I used a curling wand, but I made very loose, soft curls so that it looked a little more natural and less styled}…
  2. Do a deep side part and begin to tease your hair to add volume and fullness on the top and side.  Remember this is an edgy look so you want lots of volume.  We even teased her bangs up and over to give a more dramatic look…
  3. Once you have teased the hair, sweep it all behind the head and over the opposite shoulder…
  4. Then, pick up a section of hair behind the ear {the side without the hair} and begin a small simple braid…
  5. Braid it downward around the back of the head and let it fall near the nape of your neck…
  6. Secure the end of the braidwith an elastic for added security.
  7. Now, using bobby pins, begin to pin the hair so that is stays sitting over your shoulder.  It took about 4-6 bobby pins for me.  {This may be  a little harder to pin because you are also pinning the braid.  Make sure you cross your bobby pins for extra security and do not panic if you cannot hide the bobby pins perfecty.  On this style, you will also still likely see the bobby pins so make sure you use bobby pins that match your hair color.}
  8. Add hairspray the hair to give it a little more structure and hold.

Don’t you agree that this look would be great with some jeans or cut-off shorts, a cute skeleton or print t-shirt, and red nails?

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Please do not forget to check out Kandee’s tips for applying makeup to match these two hairstyles over on her YouTube channel!  Again, you can see her fun video here.

If you liked these hairstyles, please do feel free to share! Happy Hairdoing!

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    LOVE IT!!! how long does your hair have to be do do them?

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    Hi Mindy! So I’m way bad at curling my own hair, but when you curl your girls’ hair with a wand, it’s REALLY cute! Maybe could you do a tutorial showing how you curl their hair??
    Thanks for your time!
    -Clair Wallcrest

    • mrshairdo

      Hi Clair! We are actually filming a heat curl tutorial in the next few weeks! You will love it! Be sure to check back!

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    If Mindy had a problem with kandee saying there
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    Liked the hairstyles but I think they looked nicer without the makeup.

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    Most people know there names

  • rachel

    Such a shame to see you teaming up with Kandee Johnson, who was arrested for and convicted of child abandonment, among other things, and whose fraudulent financial schemes have been exposed several times. I’ve always liked your channel, so I’m disappointed to see this. On another note, don’t you think girls your daughters’ age are way too young for makeup? Kind of gross.

    • Gina

      we love kandee as much as we love mindy. So, if you would please post your mean messages somewhere else…

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        Gina’s right Rachel. Don’t insult people for what they have done before.

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      I’m ten and wear makeup and I’m sure you did at that age so…

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        Other people’s financial states have nothing to do with you anyway so you should really admire these people no matter what they’ve done because they have amazing imaginations and if that’s all you can say then you should say it somewhere else

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      And let me ask,WHERE did you fnd that untrue info? Meanie!

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        I am sorry but Kandee Johnson has done nothing of the sort that you said.
        Please check this site uphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPVoQQD5dys
        or “the truth about Kandee Johnson”
        She is a sinle mom trying to be a mom. So please stop the judging.

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