August 20, 2012

Side Flat Twists | Back-to-School Hairstyles

I know that many of our styles I use on my daughters, and that so many of our earlier styles were meant for little girls.

Well, today we wanted to do something for the older girls that is very fun… with a little edge and punk!

Side Flat Twists | Back-to-School Hairstyles

I first noticed a variation of this on Kendall Jenner from the Kardashians, only in the photo she wore cornrows {braids} instead of twists. There are a few other stars who rock this look as well.

I prefer to use twists in this hairstyle instead, because they are faster to do and look fairly similar. You can use either bobby pins, as I have done, or you can secure the twists with small clear elastic bands. {If you were to do cornrows, the hairstyle could be used for a week or so.}

Side Flat Twists | Punk Hairstyles

Side Flat Twists | Rocker Hairstyles

This is a fun look that takes very little time to do. We like that it looks punk enough, kind of like the side of the head is shaved… only you do not have to commit to a shave to get the look! Also, depending on where you part your hair, you could use as few as three twists or as many as five… it is all up to you!

Here I have my daughter’s hair straight, but you could do this with curly or wavy hair as well!  I threw in a shot of me wearing this hairstyle, as well!  For an even edgier look, you could do this to both sides of the head!

Enjoy!  Don’t forget to tweet me at @CuteGirlHair and let me know if you would like to see Homecoming hairstyles or more Back-to-School hairstyles!

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 alligator clip or large hair elastic, 4 small bobby pins {or 4 small clear elastics}, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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Note from Mindy: In the video, I refer to how I learned this twisting method by researching online how to do hairstyles on my black daughter’s hair {since her hair-care routine and hair texture is so different than my other daughters}. Some fans on YouTube have taken offense to my usage of the term “black”. Please know that I am not racist in any way… I love all my children equally! Many of you also know that we do not give out our children’s names for security purposes, so we have to refer to them in different ways.  It is also important to note that we use the term black often with respect to our children only because “African American” can be a misnomer. There are so many blacks whose heritage comes from Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, or other islands in the Caribbean. Labeling them all as “African American” for PC sake is incorrect. Our daughter’s heritage is Caribbean and Italian, with a little Native American, and even more… her birthmother asked us to refer to our daughter as black. We celebrate Black History Month, at times do watch Black Entertainment Television, and talk about Martin Luther King Jr. This heritage is important to our family!  🙂

  • Desya_beloved

    Cultural appropriation

  • tanvi

    ooooohh its so pretty, really your all hairstyles are very impressive…

  • Super cute hairstyle! I’m going to try it as soon as I get a chance. Could you do a tutorial on how to make part lines perfect? please.

  • Abi

    I love these twists! And I also love how you included that post about using the term “black”. When I first heard that I was a little offended but I was mostly worried that you would be defined as racist. I think it was a smart idea to include that post. It touched my heart you you talked about your youngest girl’s heritage and how the birth mother said to call her “black”. Anyway, I love the video and am for sure going to try it soon!

  • i like it where i my hair did

  • Sandy Wu

    I love love LOVE these twists!I think they are SOO spunky and I can’t wait to wear them when I go back to school on Monday!I might even try doing them on BOTH sides of my head!

  • Tosha

    After doing these twisties 6 or 7 times I gave up and corn rolled them lol. My daughters hair is sooo fine her hair just slipped right out of the bobby pins.

    • anonymous

      try using bobby pins with rubber on them

  • me

    wow 🙂

  • Rosalia

    You forgot to say it dosent work on slim hair

  • emmanuella

    this is a really good thing to go I tried it and it looks fab thank u for the styles u have shown me

  • Aisha

    i love this hairstyle it so cute I’m gonna wear it for my year 6 graduation next year.

  • hi mindy its syedarizvi from pakistan i am 11 years old girl and i want u to make a easy hairstylefor me like waterfall braid i love waterfall braid but….i cant make it so plz make a cute hairstyle for me and it should be easy for me thanks mindy for ur ideas!



  • Arianna

    Cute hairstyle!!!I love it! I’ll have to try this sometime.

  • is the perfect hairstyle for me

  • This hairstyle is very pretty
    : p

  • Carla

    Este peinado es muy bonito

  • Bente

    I tried it just for fun because i thought i couldnt do it anyways but it worked! and i had never tried it before. love it!

  • Abby

    I really don’t see why you had to put in the Note at the end about not being racist. Your obviously not having welcomed 2 beautiful children into your home. And really how do people expect you to refer to your children?
    Its a lovely hairstyle that I will use on my little sister for her birthday party tomorrow.
    P.S. Love the channel

  • Corey

    I forgot to say I have been following your site for a long time at least 3 years. I love that you have videos for every hairstyle. We also subscribed to the twins Chanel too! You guys are great!

    • mrshairdo

      Thanks so much, Corey! The twins smiled when I told them that you had subscribed to them! xoxo

  • Corey

    Yoiu should do a video with this style into a ponytail. The rows could be on both sides or one

  • Laura

    Hey, Mindy thank you for posting these i love them! (: I have really curly hair and its quite hard to care for so I’m glad that i have another hairstyle that i can do with it that looks good and is easy. When i found this site i was, like, so excited because, like I said, for i while i had no idea what to do with my hair and it was always a top bun for me. Now i have some variety so thanks again!

  • Kristal Johnson

    Dear Mindy,
    I am 12 years old, and I love how easy these hairstyles are. The videos are very helpful. I also like the detailed instructions that you include. However, do you have videos for very fine hair? If you did that would be nice.


  • Love it

  • Really cool. can you do a back to school video

  • luv cupcakes

    Nice job, very edgy look

  • Kaitlin Blake

    Could you please do a hairstyle for summer? Thnx!

  • Tahia

    Hey Mindy!
    I love this hairstyle. But why don’t you do a video with your black daughter?
    (not racism)

  • danielle

    love all your hairstyles i have the two girls that i babysit pick out what haistyle from your channel they want and it is always different


    I will try this hair do on my daughter soon. Please could you prepare a tutorial how to cut the bangs that way she has it? My daughter is begging me to have it exactly like her!!

  • Sarah

    Hello Mindy! I love your new website, and I wondered how to do this so I watched the video, and I love your daughter’s makeup! I’m a tween so I’ve wanted to have almost like the same as she does. I don’t want to wear TOO much makeup but I just want some on the eyes like she has it. Do you mind if you or your daughter could do a makeup tutorial? That would be AMAZING. Please? Thank you so much if you could. Keep up on your amazing hairstyles! 🙂

  • Chandra Rameau

    Nice hair. I like flat twist. I did that since I was 11. I am 22. I did not know white people do that hair style too but that is cool. It is a hair style that works on anyone. Great site for hair inspiration.

  • Madisen

    OMG!!!!!Tots cute!!
    I watch your YouTube channel every week. I’m only 10 years old but I really look up to you and your girls.

  • megan

    this hairstyle didnt really work on me. Now i am sad

  • Laetitia

    Hi , it’s beautiful but I can’t put the bobby pins !! But it’s very cute !!;)

  • Kristen

    Thanks!!! this hairstyle is sooo cute!! (*_*)

  • jilly

    i love it sooo much!!i amtotally doing it on my hair. thanks BY!!

  • Is your daughter wearing eyeliner? Or does she just have long eyelashes like DD #3? I don’t judge if she does. My daughter wears it and she’s 13! By the way, love the hairstyle!!

  • Did anyone else see that dandriff at 4:20?

  • OMG! By heaving this hairstyle, you and your daughter seem like twins! 😛
    Cool hairstyle, I love it soooo much… Why it seems easy when you do it, and so hard when I try to do it?

  • Isabelle

    I luv this type of hair style. It reminds me of my friend Isabelle in 5 grade. In Rita Drabek elementary.

  • mamamiya

    How are your 2 twin

  • Harrypotterluver

    Hey I hav naturally curly hair do u have any hairstyles u can do with mine? Their like spiral curls and it gets knotted up REAL easy. Please post a new video to help me!!!

  • I love this hairstyle! One day I just got sick of the boring ponytail, and started prowling the web for hairstyles, thankfully I found yours!=D I did this on Monday, and everyone loved it. Most of the hair tutorials are for LONG hair, and mine just sits on my shoulder, so if you could do more for mediam hair it would be awesome!!!!! Thanx for the blog!

  • Zoe

    I love This! this is so easy to do when I’m running late for school and it looks food on my hair and I just LOVE IT!

  • Katie

    Looks amazing I would love to see another back to school hairstyle!Cant wait for your newest video!!

  • hi i need help i can’t do it and it’s really hard but my hair is like your daughters so please make it easier! more back to school please and easy but exciting!

  • Kelsie

    Hi Mindy,
    I cut off my hair in the beginning of May, to the A line bob that one of your daughters has. I have been growing it out, and the front pieces are almost to my shoulders. I am going to homecoming in October, and I have no idea what sort of special hairstyles I am able to do. Please help!:)

  • Hey mindy my hair is very short so where do you get extentions from

  • Hey minds my hair is very short so where do you get extentions from

  • Olivia

    I’d like some back to school hairstyles you can
    Do on yourself!! Thanks for posting awesome

  • i wish i was one of your daughters

  • sydney

    omg you look just alike

  • Ela

    This website is great! I love it! Back o school hair, great idea! 🙂

    Greeting from Poland. 🙂

  • Hi it is stella again and i do every single one of these hair styles and i do them all on my friends im 12 by the way i love this hair style it so nice and if u look to put together i just add this to my hair bye 🙂

  • Tahlia

    Hey Mindy when i looked at the picture it looked a bit weird but now i actually tried it it looks really cool 🙂

  • Hi mindy I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair short sometime and it’s quite long at the moment I’m a bit scared because I won’t be able to do as many hairstyles and French braids on it and it took me a while to grow it this long what are your thoughts would you cut it or not !?

  • Skyler

    back to school!!!!!!

  • Ava

    They have the same eyes and nose!

  • angel

    Excellent. Where do your girls model?

  • angel

    Hey mindy you have beautiful daughters. I would like for you to show more back-to-school styles:) thx

  • angel

    Show more back to school hairstyles:)

  • angel

    Hey mindy i would like to know some hair care tips for black people like me thx

  • Kendra

    This hairstyle is very easy to do on yourself, and it is very quick so it will be something that I would do on a school morning. Thank You Mindy!

  • Mae

    i did another version of this to my daughter, instead of flat twists i made cornrows and tied the rest of the hair into a side pony tail. it turned out nice too! thanks for the idea!

  • Ava


  • Ava

    I love this look. One of the girls from Keeping up with the Kardashians had a look similar that it stunning! Its cornrows. Speeking of cornrows… On your black daughter, you should do it! I am NOT racist. Just clearing that up, no intentional offense! But that’d be awesome!

  • First of all, my daughter is half black as well. We know nothing about her birth father, except that he is black. We don’t know if he’s from Africa or not so we don’t use African American. Plus, I’ve heard that other black people don’t like the term becasue they are American’s just like everyone else. You wouldn’t call us Dutch Americans because our ancestors are from Holland. I’ve never even been there and neither have they. Anyway, I’d love to see some hairstyles done on your black daughter. First of all, how do you get her to hold still while you do all that? What’s the best way to detangle? What hair care products do you like best and why ( I like Hawaiian Silky, personally, but would always like to try new things). And I’d love to see some hairstyles done on your daughter also.

  • It’s cute, but maybe a little too punk for my babies.

  • Lizzy

    I love this look it is so cute!!! I think what you should do is do both sides as french twists and have the top ratted and all poofy now that would be even cuter. Just a suggestion. I love how your tutorials are so easy to follow and they are all so cute too!

  • Kiley

    I LOVE THIS HAIRSTYLE SO MUCH! Today I tried it and I didn’t quite perfect it, but my mom thought I cornrowed my hair! Hahahaha lol this is awesome, fast , and easy! Thanks CGH!!!!!!

  • Alex

    I saw the fight on YouTube and the LONG paragraphs your wrote mindy. People don’t understand! I was part of the fight telling everyone to shut their mouths! I didn’t take it offensive if people call me white. I have other important things to care about, great hairstyle! I have wore this and got SO much compliments! Thanks for all your hairstyles! I can do EVERY SINGLE ONE of your hairstyles on myself!

  • Magy

    Did this on my daughter for her first day back to school. Ever since then I have done different hairstyles from your channel and she tells me her classmates always compliment her on her hair

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    love it it is so cute. and my hair is just like your daughters except shorter so this will work really well.

    thanks so much