May 13, 2016

DIY Lace and Feather Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher | DIY

Growing up, I had one special dream catcher that traveled from home to home with me.  It was pretty small, made with green leather, and had beads dangling from it.  It was a classic looking dream catcher, one that looks nothing like those I’ve seen today. It has always held a special place in my heart, but with a big move coming soon, a fresh start was in order.  I think that lace is absolutely darling, and gold is one of my favorite colors. This dream catcher will fit perfectly into my new space in college.


  • Embroidery hoop
  • Lace or Doily
  • String/Yarn
  • Feathers
  • Glitter
  • Spray Glue (or regular, can brush on)
  • Flowers/Extra Decorations

Dream Catcher | DIY | Supplies

If you have some doilies sitting around your house, though work wonderfully. I wasn’t able to find any, so I bought a roll of lace at my local craft store, which was a much cheaper option than getting lace cut. Measure the size of lace to your embroidery hoop, and cut out a square.
Dream Catcher | CGH Lifestyle

Once you have your lace measured to the correct size and cut out, place it in between your hoop. Make sure it is tightly secured! Take some fabric scissors and cut around the edges, close enough that it won’t be visible once hanging up.
Dream Catcher Supplies

Next up I found 5 feathers, or as many as you desire, and laid them out to make sure the sizes would look good together. I bought a big bag of plain white feathers, but you could easily switch them out for peacock feathers, or something else you love. Gather your feathers, glitter, and spray adhesive.
Dream Catcher | CGH Lifestyle

I originally tried brushing blue onto the feathers, but it made them all stick together in one gloppy clump. I found that using the spray adhesive worked much better. Don’t spray a huge amount on at once. It is better to spray in short spurts so the feather will hold it’s shape.Dream Catcher | DIY

Once your glue is sprayed on to your liking, sprinkle the glitter on top. I pretty much dumped a lot of glitter onto the feather, then shook of the excess. This helped me ensure that every part of the feather with glue had glitter on it.
Dream Catcher | DIY

Dream Catcher | Glitter Feathers

Let your feathers dry completely, and once again shake off whatever glitter may still be lingering. I made the mistake of not shaking them again, and ended up with glitter everywhere! Measure out the strings to your desired length, and tie them onto the top of the feathers. Dream Catcher | Lace and Feathers

Lay out your feathers along with the hoop, and tie them where they fit best. If you have any extra decorations, add them to your dream catcher wherever your heart desires! I had some fake flowers laying around, and thought they’d fit in perfectly with the gold glittery feathers. Have fun creating your dream catcher!

DIY Lace and Feather Dream Catcher

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