April 02, 2016

DIY Leather Hair Bows

DIY Leather Hair Bows | CGH LifestyleIt’s Jen and Jodie here once again! Not sure about you but it seems like every Spring, we get an itch to make cute hair bows. Last year it was felt that had us swooning. This year, it’s all about the (faux) leather.  So, let’s make some leather hair bows. Shall we?

DIY Leather Hair Bows | CGH LifestyleSupplies:

  • Faux Leather – Found ours at Hobby Lobby in the Home Decorating Fabrics
  • Leather (optional) – Found this pretty aqua leather at Michaels Craft Store
  • Hair Clips
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

DIY Hair Bows | BeautyHere’s what you need to do:

Step #1–  Cut out your 3 leather pieces.  Your first piece will be 7″ x 1  1/4″, your second piece will be 4″ x 1  1/4″ and your third piece will be 1/2″ x 2  1/2″.  (You can play with these sizes depending on how big or small you would like your bow.

Step #2–  Glue the ends of the largest leather piece together.

Step #3–  Glue the two centers together.

DIY Leather Hair Bows | BeautyStep #4–  Pinch the center together and glue.

Step #5–  Take your 2nd piece of leather and notch the ends.  Then, center your bow on top and glue to the “pinched” part of the bow.  (Continue to squeeze the bow together in the middle while completing the next and final step.)

Step #6–  Take the smallest leather piece and wrap around the center of the bow and glue on the back.

DIY Leather Hair Bows | DIY and Craft IdeasStep #7–  Decide what you want to attach the bow to.  I love to use an alligator clip (pictured above) because even if you decide you want to wear a headband, you can clip the bow onto the headband.  If you decide to go that route, you can cover your clip with some ribbon and hot glue.  Then, hot glue the bow to the clip.

DIY Hair Bow | Leather | FashionAnd there you have it!  Once you get the hang of it, you can go bow-making-crazy!

DIY Leather Hair Bows | CraftI can’t decide which one I love the most!

DIY Leather Hair Bows | Fashion | Beauty(This aqua one sure looks cute on our little Posie Pie.)

DIY Leather Hair Bows | AccessorySo, what do you say?!  Want to make some cute hair bows?

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