May 04, 2016

Summer Sunnies Under $50

Hello again and Happy Spring!  I love April for many reasons. One is it’s such pretty time of year with all the flowers and trees blooming,  another reason is it means less then a couple months till the summer!  I’m so ready for those beach/pool days!

 A summer must have is some cute summer sunnies!  I am sure you all agree with me!  I’m all about finding the cute ones for under $50 and trust me there are so many fab ones in that price range! Check out some of my favorites.

Summer Sunnies Under $50

(From left to right)         Cat Eye || Aviators || Pink || Amber Cat Eye || Round || Gold Sunnies || Mirrored Aviators

Her are some of the favorite sunglass trends for summer 2016. You can’t go wrong with aviators, and even the mirrored famed ones also. Any sunglasses that have a cat eye I’m all for it! Round sunnies are a huge trend right now and also bright colored frames (like the pink ones pictured above). Another favorite is gold framed sunnies! Pretty much any of these sunnies you can’t go wrong with!

Summer Sunnies

What styles do you like?! For more great fashion ideas check out The Girl In The Yellow Dress!

XO, LaTisha

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    Love the mirrored aviators!

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    I’m not really the type of person to wear sunglasses but these are so cute! I might have to get some to try out

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    These are great! I’ve been needing some for a while because I keep losing my favorite pair so I need to have two!

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    Thanks for the ideas! I never know what type of sunglasses to get

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    cute sunglasses!

  • Allison

    These are great but you have to check that your sun glass meet safety standards and UV protection standards. The other problem I have is I need wrap around to prevent the sun from sneaking round tue sides of the lenses and giving me a headache 😎

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    Super cute sunglasses!

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    Some glasses do not look right on me

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    I looooved these Mirrored Aviators, Cat Eye and Gold Sunnies

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    I love the aviators with the mint-ish coloured lenses – SO CUTE

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    Wow I’ve been wanting glasses for the longest but haven’t actually found any that are cheap. This whole time they were closer than I thought. Thanks for the help!!

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    Loveee reflective sunglasses and this post is super helpful!

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    I’ve seen 10000000000000 (yeah, am exaggerating) people wearing that same choker, including my school!

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