500,000 YouTube Subscribers – HUGE Giveaway {Ended}

November 18, 2012

On Saturday, Nov 10th at 5:42am our CuteGirlsHairstyles YouTube channel reached 500,000 subscribers! Nobody in our family would have ever guessed that this hairdoing hobby of ours would become so big! We wanted to celebrate this occasion in a few ways…

500,000 YouTube Subscribers

First, we made up 500 super-cute, vintage “CGH” t-shirts, which are now available in our CGH Store! This is a limited quantity and they will go fast, so be sure to get yours before they are gone!


Secondly, as a big “Thank You” to our fans, we decided to provide a Gigantic Giveaway on YouTube!!! Based upon some of my favorite styling tools, I contacted a few of the companies to see if they would be willing to join with us in this giveaway, and I think you will agree that they were quite generous! The prize packs are as follows:

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

Flat Iron Experts is a website that carries so many great brands of hairstyling tools. I have purchased quite a few irons there, which is why I reached out to them!

Flat Iron Experts Prize Pack #1

Prize #1:

Flat Iron Experts is also offering the following wonderful discount to our fans:
10%-off Discount Code: THANKS {must be all caps}

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

NuMe Products  is offering one of my girls’ favorite products, the Curl Jam Styling Set! I LOVE NuME products!

NuMe Curl Jam Interchangeable Wand Set & Iron

Prize #2: 1 Curl Jam Styling Set
Prize #3: 1 Curl Jam Styling Set
Prize #4: 1 Curl Jam Styling Set
Prize #5: 1 Curl Jam Styling Set

NUME is also offering the following AMAZING discount {on styling tools only}:
$120-off Discount Code: CUTEHAIR {must be all caps}

Enter code on the screen after clicking the “View Cart” button.

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

I have provided a review of the TopStyler before on our channel, when we demonstrated the Authentic Katniss Braid! As a HUGE bonus, these 4 prizes also come with a personal Skype tutorial with Linda Flowers, the inventor of the TopStyler and the Lead Stylist for the The Hunger Games movies! Yes, it is really her!

TopStylerLinda Flowers {Hollywood Lead Stylist}

Prize #6: 1 Ltd-Edition Topstyler & a Personal Skype Tutorial w/Linda Flowers
Prize #7: 1 Ltd-Edition Topstyler & a Personal Skype Tutorial w/Linda Flowers
Prize #8: 1 Ltd-Edition Topstyler & a Personal Skype Tutorial w/Linda Flowers
Prize #9: 1 Ltd-Edition Topstyler & a Personal Skype Tutorial w/Linda Flowers
Prize #10: 1 Ltd-Edition Topstyler & a Personal Skype Tutorial w/Linda Flowers
Prize #11: 1 Ltd-Edition Topstyler & a Personal Skype Tutorial w/Linda Flowers

TopStyler is offering a USD$49.99 special price {and free shipping to the US and Puerto Rico} on the TopStyler to our fans, through Christmas this is a over a 50% discount!  They are also offering a discount on the InStyler as well, so be sure to click this link TopStyler discount link!

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

And, last but not least… we will be giving away one of our Vintage CGH T-Shirts {mentioned at the top} to 5 lucky winners!

CuteGirlsHairstyles Vintage T-Shirt

Prize #12: 1 Vintage “CGH” T-Shirt
Prize #13: 1 Vintage “CGH” T-Shirt
Prize #14: 1 Vintage “CGH” T-Shirt
Prize #15: 1 Vintage “CGH” T-Shirt
Prize #16: 1 Vintage “CGH” T-Shirt

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


#1: Must be a Subscriber of CuteGirlsHairstyles YouTube channel

#2: You must be age 18+ to enter the giveaway…
{If under 18, you must have parental approval to enter.}

#3: Leave a comment in the comment section of our YouTube video answering…
Which of these products do you want on your Christmas list?

You can leave 1 comment per day, per YouTube channel, for the remaining days of the contest! The contest ends at midnight {MST} on 11/24/12, with winners chosen at random and announced in our 11/25/12 video. This contest is also open to our international fans!

As always, GOOD LUCK to you all and we cannot wait to draw 16 winners out of all of you amazing fans! We love you and appreciate all you have done to wear and share our hairstyles!

Happy Hairdoing!

* Note from Mindy: Don’t forget to follow us on BlogLovin, a new easy-to-use blog reader!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Some products and services were donated by the companies mentioned above, and some I purchased on my own for this giveaway.  I am not being compensated in any way by the companies mentioned in the video.

76 thoughts on “500,000 YouTube Subscribers – HUGE Giveaway {Ended}

  1. Mindy, could you try to remove the ads at the bottom of the screen please? They are in the way of reading the bottom of the page. Thanks so much for this giveaway and your hard work! I used to have boring hair every day. Now people compliment my hair!

  2. My birthday is coming up (12-31-12) and my mom said the curling set is to expensive so if your picking from the website
    CHOOSE ME !!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my dad can’t buy me it either

  3. I would love the opportunity to win any of the prizes, I really look forward to your video each week. I have an 18 year old and 4 year old. They are always getting compliments on their hairstyles. Thanks for all the work you do to keep this running.

  4. Do you have to have a YouTube account to participate ?????????? Because I don’t have one!!!and I really think that the Curling set looks awesome!

  5. Hi i really love ur hairstyles, i really try my best to do the waterfall braid, but i just dnt get it but i’m a keep practicing. I would really like the top styler cause i love wavy, curly hair. The top styler is one of the gifts i would like :) and love

  6. i would like the top styler for Christmas because when I curl my hair I can never get the perfect size curl also I think it would be a great opportunity to video chat with Linda Flowers because I want to be hair stylist for movie actors/actresses when I’m older,and she has had a lot of experience so she could give me good advice. :)

  7. awwwwww, just realised that i cant enter cos im not allowed a youtube account :’-(
    but still, if you ARE picking someone off the comment list… TOP STYLER!!!!!!!!
    (plus my birthday is coming up….. puppy eyes)

  8. hi,I love all your hairstyles and I do them on my sister’s hair and she always gets tons of compliments!Thank You!I also think that The Curl Jam Styling Set look cool.

  9. I love the look of Top Stylers!!!!!!!!!
    I would really like some too!
    I cant have no one to practise my hairstyles on though because everyone in my family either has REALLY short hair… or is bald!
    Congrats for getting 500'000 viewers by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anything in that list would be nice really, but i REALLY want some top stylers….. and another pair of hands and eyes so i can see what im doing to my hair!
    Luv your hairstyles!

  10. heyy mindyy! & all the girls!♥ i really enjoy all your hairstyles. i use one every week. i would use one everyday but then id run out of hairstyles. well im a huge fan of your site & i would love the curler jam set PLEASE. i never get to buy a curler or anything because my family’s in poor condition & i’d really appriciate it if i got one. thank you♥ & i love you guys! keep up the great work! Congradulations too!.

  11. My mom banned me from having a YouTube account ! Is there any other way to enter cuz I really want a curling set ? I’m only 12 and I hate my hair

  12. I would love the KQC X-Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (1″ inch). My girls would have a blast doing different styles with it and maybe just maybe I could actually learn to straighten my goofy curls if I had one!

    • Hi Sara… the link is on there now! I was up with TopStyler all night, waiting on them to provide the link… and I let them know about it! Sorry for the wait!

  13. Thank you for all the fun hairstyles you and your girls come up with,! My daughter and I look forward to all new videos!
    We would love to win prize #1!
    Congratulations on your 500,000 subcribers, you and your family are awesome!
    Thank you,


  15. sorry for commenting twice but after I wrote my first comment,I thought it hadn’t been entered properly and did it again. It was then that i realised it was already there.

  16. Hi CGH!! I really like the giveaways you are offering! The NuMe curling jam styling set is my fav. They are all so cute. Love you guys, thank!

  17. I am not a subscriber and I wish I could but I dont have a youtube acount. But if I did I would so suscribe. But its weird I already put the Topstyler on my list but I would also love a CGH T-shirt they are so cute. And thankyou so much for all the videos, I love them so much.

    P.S. And I am not 18 so I could not even be in it, but it’s ok.

    Love you all
    Hello to all of you:)

    P.P.S. Hope you have great holiday’s.

    P.P.P.S. Going to see the new Twilight this weekend. So EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still team Jacob, even though Edward already got Bella.

  18. I started doing hair when I was five and I learned to braid on those little my little pony dolls. I have loved doing hair ever seance then my friends let me do their hair at school and hair doing is now a real passion of mine almost if not everything I know how to do came from your website and your awesome YouTube videos. I Love doing hair. And for chrismas I would really Love a top styler. It is way to much money for me to get myself and it would mean a lot to me if I got it.

  19. i would love the curl jam styler please. i absolutly love your hairstyles btw. i use one of them each week so i dont run out of hairstyles & i get really nice comments. thank you & congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!1♥♥♥

  20. I love doing hair, and I love getting new ideas on your website! I would love a Curl Jam Styling Set. We recently moved and my dad is finding work, so this would be a great Christmas present this year. Thank you!

  21. HOLY cow !!! I would loooove to get one of those TOPSTYLER for christmas !! Omg I really want one! And I got my parents approval! Yey!!! Btw I love your site I use your hair styles every day in school!


  22. I watched your tutorial using the TopStyler and thought it was so amazing! As a mom, I would never buy something like that for myself but I would love to own one. My 4 year old has thick hair down to her waistline, so I can only imagine the fun hair-do possibilities with using the TopStyler. :)

  23. I luv all these products.But the most awesome would be either the Flat iron Experts or thr NuMe Curl Jam Styling Set..becuz i can’t afford those.

  24. i would love the curl jam styler please. ps i love every single one of your hair style . i use one every week & i get really good comments. thanks & congradulations on EVERYTHING.

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