February 22, 2015

Beddy’s Twin Bedding Set Giveaway

We just found out that Beddy’s is giving away 1 twin-sized zippered bedding set each to 3 of our lucky viewers! There’s only one thing you must do to enter to win a prize, and its super easy! Then, by completing that entry, the Rafflecopter widget will unlock several other options to gain even more entries. Each of these latter entries are optional, but completing them can increase your chances to win.

Want to win an Beddy’s Zippered Bed? Just enter in the widget below!

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This all-in-one bedding set includes two side zippers, fitted sheet, cuddle blanket, comforter, pillow case, and pillow sham all for only $249! {All of my old bedding has come from Pottery Barn, and I can honestly say that I’ve spent close to that for just the comforter and sheets alone.}

I checked with Beddy’s and found out that they are currently offering a coupon code “spring50” which is good for $50 off each bedding set you buy, until May 23, 2015.

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For this giveaway, all rules and entries are managed by Rafflecopter. The widget will be selecting three winners at random, and each winner will be contacted via the email address you provide in the widget. {We have a strict privacy policy listed in the widget. Absolutely no personal information will be kept, other than only to notify the winner.} A winner has 48 hours to claim the Beddy’s bedding set, or we will redraw a new winner. For a full list of giveaway rules and requirements, please click the “Terms & Conditions” link in the widget above, before placing your entry.

This giveaway is open internationally, and entrants must be 18 years of age {or older} to participate, or have a parent enter for you. This contest ends on Tuesday, May 12th at 11:59pm CST, and the winners will also be displayed within the widget after that time, so be sure to check back! Good luck!

  • Lisa Basurto Martinez

    I love the Lavender bedding my daughter loves purple. She just started sleeping in her own bed and would like a new set of bedding.

  • Bella

    i love nautical navy ruffles because it just brings out my personality! and im doing this with my parents permission. if I won it (which would be awesome because im such a potato head to even make my bed) id so happy! I love to idea so please let me get the chance to get it! LOVE-bella

  • Laya Ali

    i want the fancy flowers it maches my room

  • Sonia Morales

    Everything is gorgeous!.. I fell in love with the wonderful room decorations. Especially the bed covers! They would totally match my room and which blue is my favorite color! Hopefully, i’m one of those 3 lucky winners. Thanks so much for this opportunity!.

  • Bijoux Arguijo

    I really love the “Vintage Blush” set because it fits in perfectly with my room decor, my mom and i have been recently working on my room and the main colour scheme is mainly soft,versatile light shades of soft pinks. I love how there is a zipper on the side so i can easily make my bed as i leave my house to go to cheerleading around 5:30 every morning before school, It is very convenient for me and it would make my morning a just that little bit easier!
    Thankyou for this opportunity!

    Kind Regards,
    Bijoux Arguijo

  • Katie G

    Game on and ideal stripe but if I won I would choose ideal stripe

  • tisha stevens

    I like perfectly miss matched and on cloud nine. I don’t care which on I get if I win because they both have the neon turquoise in them and I love that color! Hope I win. Ilysm!

  • faye

    i would love any of the floral bed covers please pic me i love you so much

  • faye

    i love making my bed in the morning but since i have a bunkbed its so hard if i won this would be a life saver

  • Hannah Cooke

    I love the chic white bedding because it’s really stylish and so beautiful. This will really help me in the morning to make my bed even faster. I have a twin size bed and I have been looking for this solution to help me. Thanks for bringing it up

  • abby

    i love love lllooovvee the chic white it is so so cute hope i win but if i dont i am very happy for yall!!! 🙂

  • Angie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Perfectly Miss Matched! It fit’s my girls style perfectly! One of my 5 girlies!

  • Alexandria Bosanco

    I loved the Lucy Lou. 🙂 I would be really excited if I got to surprise my sister with it.

  • Alexandria Bosanco

    I loved the Lacy Lou. 🙂 I would be really excited if I got to surprise my sister with it.

  • Lori Chattle

    Hard to choose. But my 8 yr old (9 in June) grand daughter Gia, loves Perfectly Mismatched. She is a big girl and says her room should look like a big girls room! Maybe even inspire the adults to paint it! I love the concept of these sets, really brilliant. Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone♥

  • Isa

    I love retro Ruby! Good luck to everyone!!!!

  • Isa

    I love retro Ruby! Good luck to everyone!!

  • Isa

    I love retro Ruby! Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Isa

    I love retro Ruby! Good luck to everyone!

  • Isa

    I love retro Ruby! Good luck to everyone.

  • nora hagans

    My favorite is Clean Slate.

  • Jasmine Parker

    The pretty in polka dots will match my room because i have lots of bule and pattern. I also love it because polka dots are my favorite pattern in the world.

    If i win i will be so happy because i never win things like this.
    i love that it is twin size.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • Marda Zewdu

    I love Retro Ruby it matches my room and I really like how it looks in Paisley’s room.I personally like the idea of not having to do my bed but instead zip it up.I’ve seen this bedding before and I really wanted it but its really expensive.I hope I can win this giveaway and if I do I would like the Retro Ruby just like Paisley’s.

  • Amelia stelfox

    The vintage blush is the one for my daughter she would be sooo surprised if She comes home to that !

  • Kaila Guzman

    It would be amazing if I had a ‘chic white’ in twin size because it just would put my room so well and living with 7 other family members it’s hard to buy what we all want when we don’t have so much money. Hopefully I’m a lucky winner and if I don’t win I wanna congrats who ever does win

  • Isa

    I would absolutely love the Retro Ruby Beddys! Thx for the opportunity! 😉

  • Brianna Marie Miranda

    I really love the “pretty in polka dots,” if I won it, it would mean so, so much to me. In my house, spacing is tight. Me and my mom have to share the same room with only one bed. There’s 8 people living in my house with only 3 bedrooms. So, it would mean so much to me if I won the bed because my mom would be able to move out of the room we share and into her own room, and I could finally be a normal 12 year old so please, please, please pick me thank you for your time☺️

    • Grace Kuh

      Hi! Not to be mean, but they are giving out twin beds but good luck, hope you also win!! Have fun being a normal 12 year old 🙂

    • NiaCM

      They’re not giving away a BED they’re giving away a bed COVER. Just to clarify. Not to be mean or anything!

  • Emily Judd

    The one you used for Sweet Peas room is absolutely adorable. These beddings have been getting a lot of buzz lately and I would love to see it in person. So chic!

  • Isa

    I would love the Retro Ruby Beddys! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!! 😉

  • Isa

    I would love the Retro Ruby Beddys! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone. 🙂

  • Isa

    I would love the Retro Ruby Beddys! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone. 😉

  • Isa

    I would love the Retro Ruby Beddys! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  • Isa

    I would love the Retro Ruby Beddys! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone! 😉

  • Juliana Pardo

    Oops cloud☺️

  • Juliana Pardo

    I would like on clod nine or perfectly miss matched

  • Maia

    I’m absolutely obsessed with the Chic White and especially the Lacey Lou bedding! They’re simple yet classic, and so convenient. As a somewhat lazy but super busy teenager, I feel like it’d be such an improvement on my bed making game if I could just zip it all up!

  • Isa

    I would love to win the the Retro Ruby Beddys! Good luck to everyone! 😉

  • Isa

    I would love to win the Retro Ruby Beddys! Good luck to everyone. 😉

  • Isa

    I would love to win the Retro Ruby Beddys! Good luck to everyone.

  • Isa

    I would love to win the Retro Ruby Beddys! It would be so much easier! 🙂

  • Isa

    I would love to win the Retro Ruby Beddys! It would be so much easier because I have a built in bed. Good luck to everyone. 😉

  • Susan Bramlett Delaune

    Love the Perfectly Mismatched Bedding!

  • Renahe

    This is such an awesome idea! I love the chic white set. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway & good luck to everyone!

  • shellie jape

    I really like the one called Ruffled Rosette because i really want new bed sheets and I am in the process of redoing my room

  • Meriem Hamis

    It would also be easier to clean my room and do my bed in the morning. I would really appreciate if i won. Thanxs!

  • Meriem Hamis

    The vintage blush would be perfect for me. It would mean the world to me if i actually get it. I can’t spend that much money

  • Amelia stelfox

    The vintage blush one is perfect for my daughter she is 16 and she wants something more mature and that’s it

  • Charlotte

    I would love the Perfectly Miss Matched. It matches my room which is pink and blue so the combination would be Perfect.

  • Kyra

    The “Chic White is perfect, it’s nice and clean and practicly goes with every room specifically girls because of the touch of ruffles this would be great for my daughter.

  • xx officialChel

    I would love to get the
    Lacey Lou bedding i know i have 50% 50% percent but i know i tried . Thank you for getting the time to read this . good luck to everyone.

  • NiaCM

    I wanted to enter for On Cloud Nine but it was all sold out so I entered for Fancy Flowers but all of them are so cute!!!!

  • Anastasia

    I would like either the clean slate or modern gray it would be awesome if I won 2 days after my bday thanks for the opportunity

  • Anastasia

    My birthday is on may tenth I would appreciate it if I could get one that went with a dark gray room

  • Anastasia

    I really don’t care as long as it goes with a dark gray room thanks for the opportunity if u would tell b and b they should do the dress up challenge

  • bethani

    i wud love to have the chic chevron!!!

  • The Vintage Blush bedding is AMAZING!! 🙂

  • savannah lillygren

    I would love to have the oh la laverder

  • kim

    This would be a blessing, im not going to go on and on about how broke we are but it would be awesome to win this.

  • Kassidi

    I would love to have this bed! It looks so easy to make in the morning ( I’m horrible at making my bed). My room would look so much better with that type of bedding:) I hope some one lucky gets to enjoy this amazing opportunity! Thank you

  • megi batelli

    If I won i would like the fancy flower one thank you

  • melicllz

    on cloud 9 is perfect for my daughter Mya!! I live by your YouTube channel I have 3 girls and we are addicted to it!!!♡♡♡♡♡

  • Katie Roa Orea

    My daughter would love to have the vintage blush bedding and our family doesn’t have a lot of money and also it would help her keep her room cleaner and she would make her bed a lot more often so this would be very useful if we won and it would mean a lot to my daughter if we won (she would like it in a twin size bed) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arianna

    I really like the vintage blush, but like i’m tired of making my bed in the morning, and i have to tuck the comforter in and everything else it is annoying

  • Dakota fisher

    I really like these beddys because I think that it would make my life and time more easy.. I really like the on cloud nine.. I really hope I get picked

  • Fatimah Shah

    I recently discovered beddys when I watched a video on showmecute and I thought they were adorable but way too expensive for me even with the $40 coupon code (my parents wouldn’t $300 on only one bed set). It would mean sooooooooooo much to me if I win!! Love you mindy!! Thanks for this amazing opportunity!! Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  • NiaCM

    I wanted to enter for On Cloud Nine but it was out of stock so I entered for Fancy Flowers they are all so cute!!

  • smexybunny

    Omg the vintage blush is the most beautifull bed that i have EVER seen

  • Tina F

    I really like the Modern Gray as it goes with everything and would be of any age or gender so it would go for either of my kids

  • Lizbeth

    I would love the lacy Lou in queen please!!! I would love to have one cuz it’s so hard to do my bed since it’s so big!! Winning one would make my life more easier!!!

  • Nora

    My favorite right now is Clean Slate

  • Megha Shashanka

    Would love to surprise my daughter with this lovely bed gift which she would be thrilled to have.. Looks so comfortable and soft, perfect for the kids!

  • Evalinda Gallardo

    Redoing our three daughter bunk beds this would look fabulous! Feeling lucky in San Antonio!

  • Yel

    Its been a year that i am loving your creation specially loving the twins. Here in asia we really love and like you guys. Please pick me to have a ooh la lavender i really like it and it make me more comfortable every night. It is more lovely to lay in my bed while watching on yochannel. That awesome stuff would make my night complete, please pick me because i cant afford buying. Thanks for this kind of opportunity.

  • tanyac230

    The Ideal Stripe looks very cute 🙂

  • Naomi pereira

    i want the cloud nine because it will go great with my room

  • Christina Maire Howard

    My Daughter would love the vintage blush !

  • Nora

    I really want a beddys my family doesn’t have enough to buy it. In really want it badly.

  • Alexis Murphy

    I love this product! My mom would never buy this for me, and she always yells at me to make my bed! This would be so helpful!!!! Thanks CGH for your wonderfull hair creations.

  • Brianna Inglis

    I really love the lacey lou bedding

  • Grace

    i need it the nautical navy skirt wow its awesome6

  • Grace

    i need it the nautical navy skirt wow its awesome5

  • Grace

    i need it the nautical navy skirt wow its awesome4

  • Grace

    i need it the nautical navy skirt wow its awesome3

  • Grace

    i need it the nautical navy skirt wow its awesome2

  • Grace

    i need it the nautical navy skirt wow its awesome

  • Isabella Riemer

    I would love to have one because it’s so hard to make my bed and this would make life easier!!!! So I would love to win!❤️

  • Cassidy Steelman

    lacey lou is my fav bedding right now

  • tisha stevens

    I like the perfectly miss matched and on cloud nine. Either one would be great! I love them both because they both have so Mitch color. If I had to choose one of the I would choose the perfectly miss matched one. I’m a teenager and my bed set is my sisters old princess one so this would me the world to me! Hope I win. Ily so much!!

  • Dariana Aquino

    I would like the beddings because my mom does not allot of Money if I win it I will feel like I am really special because you choose me over a thousand people

  • Allison C

    can i have game on(in twin size) or on cloud nine (in queen size)

  • Richelle Campbell

    My favorite is the Fancy Flower and the Chic Chevron.

  • Milagros Ponce

    My favorite color is red and Paisley’s retro ruby is sooooo perfect. I’d love to win ❤️ Thanks for all of your videos

  • Lydia

    I would love Lacey Lou! It is adorable❤️

  • Brittany Gonzales

    Ruffled Rosetta would be awesome for my daughter

  • Yasmeen

    I would love to win this giveaway good luck to the winner <3

  • riley

    I would love to win this for my daughter but it would also be really great for another great person to have the joy of getting an amazing bed set

  • Shelby Shinkle

    I LOVE the chic chevron, chic white, and vintage blush. All so pretty!

  • Pamela Smith

    My daughter would love to win becaus our family doesnt have a lot of money and she also loves the lacy lou bed set she really really want to win! Please pick us

  • izzy alburo

    my favorite one daxton bed coz its really matches our room because the color of our room is blue so i think the blue and the white bed set will matches our room.Sorry if i speak english wrong cause i lived in the philippines.Hope we win

  • Katrina Hartford Karner

    Perfectly Mismatched is sooo cute…my twins would LOVE that set!!

  • Totes Adorbs

    Oh my goodness so want to win! I love pretty in Polka Dot! My random act of kindness was braiding my moms hair and not saying somethunig me to my brother!

  • maria

    oh how cool is tat beding here in greece we dont have this bedings hope i win

  • Evie Lions

    the nautical navy one is just perfect!!!! what an intense color!

  • naomi sneddon

    I love flower frenzy it is so eye catching and subtle

  • Grace

    i love the nautical navy skirt its awesome i love the beddys (bed-ease) ideas and all superb

  • Michelle Cloke

    The Ideal Stripe would be fantastic for my nephew who is about to transition out of his cot!

  • Andrea Kinder McDonald

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PERFECTLY MISS MATCHED for my daughter! She has 2 older brothers & we are just getting ideas on redecorating her room………she just LOVES THIS & WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!

  • Lisa

    This is soooo nice!!! I really would like one! OOH LA LAvender <3

  • A Samsury

    I would love to have one of these but the only way I would get one is here. Thanks So much for doing this. And I like the ideal stripes

  • Katie de Leur

    I love the Perfectly Miss Matched. I am longing to do a revamp on my daughters’ shared bedroom and I think that the Beddys bed covers will be a perfect palette to use to colour and match the rest of the room with. Besides I have never seen such a bed system. We certainly don’t have anything remotely similar in South Africa, where we live!! It would be amazing!

  • Amanda

    I would love the Beddy twin for my son. It’s very difficult to teach an autistic child to do his bed and his favorite thing to do is zip and unzip thinGs! Makes it so much fun for him and easier!

  • crystal

    It would be really cool to win one of beddys.com bedding because it would also get a chance to meet CGH and B&B

  • Ivonne Aguirre

    Yo quiero una es muy buena la idea de esa cama no tienes k estirarte asta el otro lado de la cama para meter la sabana

  • Megan Pocasangre

    i really would like to win this because i enter other give away’s but i had never won i had watched your videos since you started your videos are the best also B and B videos

  • Alison Cawley

    The On Cloud Nine is looking really nice to me. My room is the same Aqua and Pink so it would look really nice

  • Belle Tree

    I love the perfectly miss matched it would go wonderfully with my daughters room and would work wonderfully as my daughter has a loft bed (bunk bed)

  • Megan Pocasangre

    i would like to get one because it is hard for me to do my bed and i also have a twin bed so i would be really happy if i get one you and your whole family is the best i love you guys bye

  • Jaysa Walburg

    I absolutely love the perfectly miss matched bedding but they all are so cute!

  • Jasmine Martinez

    Lacey lou

  • Alayna Reilly

    I can not see the widget 🙁

  • Jessica

    They are sooo nice! I really really really hope that I win one!! OOH LA LAvender I loooveee that one!

  • Jessica Velasquez

    We have 5 kids & all of them need this bedding. Our poor 3 year old crawls into bed with us because his blankets fall off the bed. He’s first in line for the Modern Gray!

  • roshni abraham

    Guys you are so amazing! i wish you luck for everything forward!

  • Heidi

    I absolutely love you guys (and the concept of the Beddys). I wake up for early morning seminary, and usually don’t have time to make my bed, because I am up against a wall, it is a lot harder. I took a look at the website, and saw that the modern gray one goes well with the room colors (wink winkXD). But any way, I love you guys.

  • Michelle Lunde

    I would love to win the Nautical navy ruffles bedspread for my daughter. She would love it!! Thanks so much for doing this drawing. I love your channel. All your videos are amazing!!

  • Sarah Carroll

    I love you channel I’m new to you tube but if watched a lot of your videos and think you are fantastic and your children are all lovely . thank you xx

  • Madelon Warmoltz

    My favorite one is Vintage Blush!

  • Kaylee Salmeron

    I lovvvvveeeeeeee OH LA LAvender

  • Joy Humbert

    I love your channel and Brooklyn and Baileys! So many wonderful ideas. My favorite bedding is Retro Ruby in Queen Size, I also like the Hidden Camo in Twin Size if the Retro Ruby(Queen size) doesn’t work

  • yuval benjamin

    omg the minute i saw daxton un zipps the bed i went to google to look for it and after i saw how much it costs i went back to the video and saw it to see if theres any cupon bcause i know that when CGH show something this cool,they wont leave us to search where is it from and how can i get it and the minute i saw the giveaway i was like”OMG I NEED TO WIN THIS THING.” i redid my room about a month ago and this bedding is like the best thing that can happen to my room right now. i LOVED the white chic! it is so pretty!

  • Jenna Tracy

    Mine would not let me as Sheila just had to use a different email

  • Kara DePrano

    I think this giveaway is the greatest thing ever

  • Kara DePrano

    Cutegirlshairstyles is the VERY BEST YOUTUBE CHANNEL EVER!!!! Thanks for inspiring me! My daughter LOVES THIS CHANNEL AND BROOKLYN AND BAILEY’S TOO!!!!!! Thanks again!

  • Annie

    I really like the modern grey! If I win i will redo my room, grey white and coral!

  • Silvia

    Love the Nautical Navy Full size

  • Chloe Gunkel

    I am soooo excited for this giveaway!!! I love the chic white!!! Thank you sooo much for doing this!!!

  • michelle wright

    Completely obsessed with this bedding!!! I love the chic white for my for my girls and the Navy Stripe for my boys!!!!! This bedding is absolutely genius and so clean and stylish! The best part is my kids can totally do it!!! I would be over the moon if I could win this! !

  • Gina Leung

    Chic white looksike a dream

  • Alison Cawley

    The on cloud nine looks awesome it will match my room

  • Chelsea

    The Lacey Lou look beautiful!!!

  • Abby S

    my favorite beddy is the Chic White one for sure! it looks georgeous, and simple and feminine enough to look good with some pillows!

  • Heather Fleury

    Nautical navy ruffles for my little girl and on cloud nine for my little boy would be a blessing! One day I’m gonna be able to get them something that isn’t a hand me down 🙂 we are blessed in so many ways! Love things like this!

  • Destiny D Reidel

    I wish I had one when I was a kid! I hated making the bed. I shared this on my facebook but didn’t get the points for it? Did anyone else have this problem?

  • Nicole

    I love the modern grey! !

  • Ana

    I love the Fancy flowers.

  • Chany Marie

    This ends right on my birthday, and as a mom this would be the best birthday gift ever!! I always make my girls bed. I have 3 girls ages range from 7-3 and I can’t get them to make their beds lol… this would help. Godlike to everyone who entered. 🙂

  • saravtt

    Oh my gosh what an awesome idea for bedding!! On cloud nine is adorable I love it.

  • Marianne

    LOVING Retro Ruby!

  • Andrea

    I love the on cloud nine <3

  • Karla Garcia

    I love the on cloud nine 🙂

  • Maricela Luna

    I love the chic chevron for my daughter who is 10 or game on for my son who is 8. I recently had to buy them bunk beds. We don’t have much space so it’s hard for them or my self to make their bed sometimes. When I saw how practical and easy it was with these awesome Bedding’s, I must say it would be wonderful to have one for them… 🙂

  • Makaiah Ahie

    i like lacey lou and chick chevron

  • Erika Marroquin

    I love the Lacey Lou ❤️

  • wtrmlngrn

    The Lacy Lou is perfect! I’ve always loved the classic black damask pattern. ♥

  • Pamela Hembree

    I like the mismatched

  • Leidy Chang

    Fancy flowers and chic white

  • leen taleb

    I love the lacy lou

  • Jessica

    i love the Clean Slate ♥

  • Angelica Cardenas

    Lacy Lou

  • Cassandra Foley

    Ideal stripe!

  • Alexa Adams

    I love the lacy Lou

  • Anneka B

    I like the Lacy Lou as the black and white pattern can go with any room design and wouldn’t clash if there’s multiple colors

  • lily

    hi I hope I get one

  • Lauren Hutcherson (LorrzieHutc

    I love the lacy lue one and Daxton and paisley Re darling.

  • Guest

    I love the lacy lue the best and paisley and Dalton are darling

  • Shannon Faith

    I love the Fancy Flowers one!

  • Baby Tiger

    I like paisleys bedding!❤️

    • Richelle Campbell

      Meeeeeee Tooooooooo!!!!!! LOL