April 09, 2010

CHI Coupon Code

Anyone that follows my blog for long knows that I love my flat iron. I use it almost daily for my hair to straighten or do flat-iron curls, and occasionally on my DD’s hair. Click here for directions on how to do flat iron curls.

So I thought you might be interested in this deal on CHI’s I found. I haven’t done tons of recent price comparing, but know that often CHI’s are around $100. So I thought this 1 inch CHI for $64.99 plus free shipping (after the code) was a pretty good deal.  Use coupon code TOOLS10 to get 10% off $50 +.   I don’t know how long the deal lasts, so if you’re interested move fast! OR leave a comment if you know of a better deal!

To find this deal click here.

Happy shopping.

I have some SUPER EXCITING news I’ll be announcing next week. Plus a new hair do….so stayed tuned!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • I’ve always seen a flat iron as a straightening tool. I love what you’ve done here. And that you’ve done it on short hair is really cool!

  • Petersen’s

    Costco carries these chi fat irons for $60. You might want to check out your local Costco.

  • Yoketing

    Could you please do a tutorial on how to french braid?Something like http://joyonthecarousel.tumblr.com/post/509564514#disqus_thread .I find it really cute and elegant!:)

  • The Zants

    unfortunately I think it has expired 🙁 sad

  • Sara

    This is a great deal. When I bought mine I got a deal for 80.00 and the were selling at the time for 140.00 reg. If you want an awesome flat iron this is the one the get and this is a killer deal!