April 23, 2015

Daxton & Paisley’s Room Tour

A few months back, I stumbled upon an ingenious bedding idea from a company called Beddy’s. Its product is an all-in-one bedding set that goes onto your bed as easy as a fitted sheet! As if that wasn’t ingenious enough, the sides of the bedding have zippers! So, I jumped online and bought Daxton and Paisley each a set.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedding is aways where I begin my bedroom decorating. Never with paint, because it is easier to match paint to bedding than the other way around. With my young kids, I always worry about them kicking off their covers at night and catching a cold. It also seems like for the first 6-7 years of their lives, I am the one who has to make their bed in the mornings. With six kids, I have made my fair share of beds! {Wish these were around when the kids were in bunks!}

Dax, who is age 6, and Paisley, who just turned 4, can now make their own beds in less than 10 seconds! All they have to do is climb out of bed and zip it up! Brooklyn and Bailey saw the kids zipping up their beds, and are now begging me to get them one!

Little Girls Bedding


This all-in-one bedding set includes two side zippers, fitted sheet, cuddle blanket, comforter, pillow case, and pillow sham all for only $249! {All of my old bedding has come from Pottery Barn, and I can honestly say that I’ve spent close to that for just the comforter and sheets alone.}



I checked with Beddy’s and found out that the company is currently offering a coupon code SPRING50, which is good for $50 off each bedding set you buy, until May 23, 2015. {Good thing I hadn’t bought one for the twins, Kamri, or Rylan yet!}

We took plain walls, and added board and batten to it, and painted the latter white. The top part of the wall we painted the color Sea Salt, a blue-green hue, from Sherwin Williams.

For Daxton’s bed frame, we found it at Wayfair, and Paisley’s is one we had built in out of wood. It has a trundle drawer beneath it where we can store an extra mattress or toys. My friend Jenny from ShowMeCute helped create the decorations and pillows.

I love that the bedroom has a sitting area, where the two littles can sit and enjoy reading books together, one of their favorite past times!

See the full bedroom tour, here…


Beddy’s is also offering a GIVEAWAY for one twin zippered bedding set each to three of our lucky viewers! There’s only one thing you must do to enter to win a prize, and it’s super easy! Then, by completing that entry, the Rafflecopter widget will unlock several other options to gain even more entries. Each of these latter entries are optional, but completing them can increase your chances to win.

Want to win a Beddy’s Zippered Bedding Set like these? You can easily do so in the widget HERE!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{For a full list of giveaway rules and requirements, please click the “Terms & Conditions” link in the widget above, before placing your entry.}


FTC Disclaimer: We are not being financially compensated for the production of this video or post, nor do we receive a commission on any bedding units sold. We are, however, a minority shareholder in Beddy’s Inc through our own investment.

  • Whitney Floyd

    oh well I guess i knew I wouldn’t win anyway

  • Jill Wolters

    I have my fave, but there are 1 or 3 boys around here that would live the Hidden Camo. 🙂 I’m afraid we keep our house too cool to only use 1 blanket & pretty sure the minky blanket would be too hot for summer (we try not to use A/C much). Would love to win it to see for ourselves, though! (:

  • Jessica delgado

    The nautical or the modern gray would be the best for my sister that is going off to college. I would like to do something for her before she leaves

  • Jessica Rincon

    I would love the Game On zippered bedding for my son he struggles to make his bed and im sure this will be something he will love to look forward to every morning 🙂

  • Alyssa

    I think Vintage Blush would go perfectly with my pink and gray room!

  • Morganne Wilson

    I’m 19 and I still have a twin bed. This giveaway is great because I can never find a twin bed set that is chic and sophisticated! Twin bed sets are normally for younger people and it is so frustrating! Vintage Blush is gorgeous!

  • Taylor Whitehurst

    I love the ideal stripe for my little brother, his favorite colors are blue and green. I love this bedding and I think he will like it to.

  • Heather Eddy DeArment

    my 8 yr old son would absolutely LOVE the hidden camo one!!

  • Jen Blackham

    white…. Love

  • Sandra Casados

    I would love to win one for my almost teen daughter. She loved them all and had a hard time picking just one. Retro Ruby is what she picked. Hope we win….if not congrats to those who did. What an amazing giveaway.

  • Becca Coke

    I would love on cloud nine for my 10 year old!

  • Leeann Rasberry

    I loooovvveee the chic white! Good luck to all! 🙂

  • Diva02

    I would love the perfectly miss matched for my 8 year old daughter she would love it and her birthday is coming up how great would that be for her.

  • Liz Ingram Johnson

    Vintage blush is perfect!

  • Dorinda Chambers

    Chic white! So pretty and clean.

  • I love the vintage set.

  • Jamie Pintar

    My favorite is the chic chevron cause it goes with my room theam.

  • El G

    I hope I can win Modern Gray Ruffles because I have a bunk bed (painted a great blue/aqua color) and it would look nice with my room. If I don’t win, I hope the winners are very satisfied with their bedding!

  • Hannah Price

    On cloud nine is my favourite by far because it goes soooo well with my room theme!

  • Dionne DeDe Watley

    Lacey lou is my fav. My little cousine would like it. It looks like her style. She is a prissy tomboy

  • Melissa Luna

    i love the fancy flowers for my daughters room btw my daughter is a big fan for cgh she has me trying out hairstyles by cgh everyday !!!!!!! hope i win

  • Lea

    This store is awesome! I really love the beddings! Hope to win! Good luck to everybody

  • Christyna Le

    I love this brand! It has so many cute and classy designs that can suit any personality. I like the zippers so much! But I wonder what size the mattress is… Anyways, good luck to everyone at the giveaway!

  • Paula Ottens Powell

    OOH LA LAvendar

  • Ashlyn Ingle

    I like the “Lacey Lou”

  • partyof5

    Love your style Mindy! Could you tell me the exact brand and color for the paint in the room? We have similar colors in our room and would love to try that paint color too.

  • Annette

    I’d like to win: OOH LA LAvender.

  • Joy

    Amazing I like the “On Cloud Nine” set!

  • holly

    The bedding is amazing! I don’t think we have anything like that here in New Zealand