September 07, 2014

Frends Taylor Headphones Giveaway

It has been awhile since we hosted a giveaway on our CuteGirlsHairstyles Youtube Channel, so we decided to hold one today!

I recently bought a pair of Frends Taylor Headphones in Rose Gold & White, and I loved them! So, the girls and I decided to give a pair away to one of you!

There is only one thing you must do to enter, and it is super easy! Then, by completing that entry, the Rafflecopter widget will unlock several other options to gain even more entries {some you can do daily}! Each of these latter entries are optional, but completing them can increase your chances to win.

Enter in the widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All rules and entries are managed by Rafflecopter. The widget will be selecting one winner at random, and that winner will be contacted via the email address you provide in the widget. {We have a strict privacy policy listed in the widget. No personal information will be kept, other than only to notify the winner.} A winner has 24 hours to claim the headphones, or we will redraw a new winner. For a full list of giveaway rules and requirements, please click the “Terms & Conditions” link in the widget above.

This contest ends on Saturday, September 13th at 11:59pm CST, is open internationally, and entrant must be 18 years of age {or older} to participate. If you are younger than 18, you must have a parent enter. Good luck!

  • Ethel

    is the entry really over I didnt even get a chance to sign up thats not at all fair

  • Praptee Thacker

    Hey, I love all ur hair syles dey r just amazing
    My hairs are really rough…n ny hair style dat I try dsnt puk gd on my black hair…could u plz recommend smthing 4 my hair style dat might suit my hair conditions

  • rawan

    if only y’all would sign the headphones that would be cool tho

  • Aseel

    I have relly bad luck always I get into a giveaway and am not the winner only one giveaway I wanna win in it

  • meghan or meg

    i love to watch you and i want to win thoes head phones and i want u to know that i help a old ladey with houes work and granding.

  • Leya

    I will convince you in 7 words well ya I wish
    I love them from all my heart❤️

  • Taylor

    i love these i stay up t date on all of your videos and Brooklyn and baiely

  • Dee

    Love you guys headphones look awesome!!

  • Angelique Tolle

    Hello Mindy,

    Ik doe het in het Nederlands om dat mijn engels helaas niet goed genoeg is om te schrijven. Ik zou heel graag de koptelefoon willen winnen vind hem super gaaf. Ik hoop dat je het kan vertalen. Trouwens ik vind je filmpjes altijd erg leuk om te zien en heb er heel wat uitgeprobeert bij mijn tweeling dochters.

    Groetjes Angelique Tolle uit Holland

  • Teegan

    when is the winner being announced?

  • I hope I win because I want to give them to my sister because I didn’t gave her a gift and she loves headphones and I never miss a video with u yoir girls are very pretty and your son is to please pick me please im your number one fan I lobe your my 2nd family I love u

  • Lindsey

    Oh my gosh your family is so beautiful i can’t believe how much your channel has grown I’ve been watching your amazing videos way back when your kids were sitting on the sink! Anyways I love these headphones and the reminded me of these headphones I have now but are broken!! I really hope I win!

  • nykia torres

    I love all ur videos and ur girls are doing such a great job with thiers as well. I hope I win the headphones cause my daughter would love them 🙂 thanks

  • Rebecca

    Love the headphones, hope I win

  • Carolina

    Hello I have been watching this channel for over two years and to have won a give away by cgh means the world to me thanks

  • andrea

    i will probably not win this so can somebody tell me were to find them

  • Matt Weaver

    I LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Weaver

    I really hope I win these!!!!! I loooooove them sooooo much!!! And mine always break.

  • Angie

    Cute! My daughter would love these!

  • Emma

    I really hope I win it would be such a great pleasure
    Tomorrow is mt birthday and it would be really cool to get this for my birthday

  • cindy

    Hi mindy!!i love~ ur videos and brooklynandbaileys’ videos are fun to watch too!!i always try ur hairstyles and my friends tell me that they like it!i really hope i get the headphones!!they’re so gorgeus!! Good luck everyone!bye

  • citlaly

    I love tour hairstlyes

  • Emma

    I looooooooooooove those headphones. I really want them for my birthday this month.

  • Catina Conner

    My girl would LOVE them…Thanks

  • Laura

    OMG I hope I win I love you guys soooo much

  • rebeca

    Please pick me my friend really like does headphones and It almost here birthday and I want to give them to her

    • Hi mindy I love you so much I were your hairstyles every day they look so CUTE♥♥♥♥ oh and tell BROOKLYN and BAILEY I love them to ♥♥♥♥♥tell Special K she looks cute

      • hope I get the headphones good luck to everybody

        • hi congratulations to the person who won the headphones

  • Kerragan Fleming

    I would really love to have these headphones! Every single pair that I have bought brake very easily. I have been looking to buy these headphones for a while trying to save up money but their expensive. I would be ecstatic to win this give away! Thank you !

  • Aletza

    Please Mindy I want this headphone for my cousin because she has cancer and she love music

    • Aletza

      Hi mindy I want to cancel my enter because my mom buy me that headphone and I go in to givet to my cousin tomorrow

      love you all

      • where did u get them?

  • Katerina

    I realy love these headphones! (Can you please tell to Brooklyn and Bailey that I LOVE their videos!!) <3 <3

  • victoria

    i want to say that i love your channel. Most time if something is difficuld for me my mother does it 🙂 ps MUCH LOVE FROM THE NETHERLANDS XOXOXOXO


  • Ruth

    I really need headphones. I have been asking for a few years to get them. I love love love all of your channels and i hope i win. I entered for the backpack one but didnt get picked. 🙁

  • haileyparra

    Plex I want the

  • Maria

    I love Cute girls Hairstyles been watching the videos for.more than a year i do many of the hairstyles on my daughter she has long hair so.i can preatty much do.most of the hairstyles here..She loves the flower.dutch braid and the …dutch braid to the side her favorites!i have 3 children and get little time to.myself since they are 4 ,2 and 10 month old baby i love music and whem i have the time for myself i hear music you can say its my gateway i only have a little portable.speaker sometimes cant use because my children are sleeping so would love to win the earphones! 🙂

    • Emma


  • Naomi Perez

    I Hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Congratulations to the winner!!!!!!May the odds be ever in your favor!!!!!!

  • Sarah from Dallas

    HEYY! it would be incredible if I won!!!! (:

  • anahi sanchez

    Hi Mindy I really love your channel and I also love Brooklyn and Baily’s channel. I love watching all the cool and pretty hairstyles you make and I love trying them out. So I would really like to win those headphones because I lost my earphones at school and I need new lone and also those rose gold headphones are really cute and it would mean a lot to win those.

    Love, Anahi

  • Kiramikenika

    Good luck to everybody 🙂

    • Sara

      Every one best of luck

  • Zayna

    I really love all of ur channels and I follow you’ll on Instagram. I am a huge fan of you’ll and I would really like to meet you’ll but I live in India so I cannot come to any of the shows:( I have entered for your previous giveaways too… I would really like to win this giveaway since I really like those headphones and they are kind of unaffordable for me since the shipping cost from ther to India are also really high! I would really hope to win this giveaway and meet you’ll too please could you’ll come to India.

  • Savannah Diaz

    I am a big fan on your youtube channel. I love watching Brooklyn and Baileys channel also I wish everyone the best if luck even if I dont win I will be happy for the person that does.

    From your fan, Savannah

  • taylar

    i hope i win 😀 C:

  • taylar

    hi, i am am a fan of brooklyn and bailey. i watch cghs to. i love i . i am always to late to enter anything like brooklyn and bailey. but today i entered and last night. i live in UT and when brooklyn and bailey came here and posted it on istagram i missed that too. i wish i could meat you guys. you guys should come here more afften. i always get commets on my hair. my room is full of cghs posters and brooklyn and bailey. HOPE I CAN SEE YOU GUYS 😀

  • Maryanna Munoz

    it’ll mean a lot to me if i win because i am a college student sometimes i wish i could spoil myself but i can’t all my money goes to books, school supplies, and other school necessities. I hope i get picked.

  • Haley

    I really want the headphones beacuse they are super cute and awesome. I would take care of them really well! And I love the color they are super pretty!! I love your hairstyles and I love wearing them.i also love your videos and watching them also I love watching Brooklyn and Bailey videos. I’ve never won a giveaway before so it would be awesome to win this one . The headphones are pretty expensive so it would be cool to own them!!!

  • Wee Hsin

    Hi mindy!! Im a great fan and i iffrent hairstyles on my sister and she really loves them and gets a lot of compliments about her hair everytime i help her tie it. Hope to win it!:)

  • Amie T.

    I love all that you are doing for your subscribers! You and your family inspire me everyday ❤️

  • sarah

    Hey there CGH!
    I have been a subscriber for a super long time. My parents don’t always have a lot of money because there are 5 of us kids. I’m in 12th grade now, and I would absolutely love it if I won. I’ve never won anything in my entire life.

    I’m going to become a hairstylist after I get out of college (and a mission). And you guys have really made me want to do that by posting all your wonderful hairstyle tutorials.

    You guys are the best.
    Sarah, from Alberta, Canada.

  • I do need headphones i am subscribe to your channel and your moms channel if i win i wil be so happy i will never get rid of them andi will take good care of the headphones that is why i want to win the headphones

  • I really want to win . I do not have any headphones and i am your fan and your moms fan that is why i really want to win if i win i will take good care of the headphones and i will never break them i will keep them safe and not ruind

  • Takhai

    I love all the cute girl hairstyles i even tried some for school and they turn out so great, these hairstyles were good for the party’s i went to.

  • Gina

    Love your Youtube channel its fantastic!

  • vanezza

    I really hope that I will be pick by the CGH Family for this giveaway! Thank you xD

  • vanezza

    This giveaway is amazing I am so excited about the giveaway! This will mean anything to me! Good lock to everyone! I am a big fans of CGH B&B- Mindy,Brooklyn,Bailey,Kamri,Rylan,Paisley,Dextor,Braidy,Shaun.I am hoping and praying that you guys can pick me

  • Alisha

    I think it’s great that you want to reward your subscribers. You guys are amazing so keep it up. And good luck to everybody that entered 🙂

  • Cris

    I really love you guys your youtube channel (B&B and CGH) is so popular among teens like me! When I saw this giveaway I really exclaimed. This is the coolest giveaway!!!

  • clarisa

    I would like to win this giveaway because I want to surprise my mom because she has done a lot of things for me and my brothers

  • Ashley

    I really love CuteGirlsHairstyles and BrooklynandBaily they inspire me to many things.I watched all of your guys videos.I am a subscriber of both.I hope I win the give away.Good luck to me!

  • Shaikha

    I wish I could win this giveaway I really love CGH sooooo much every time they upload a new video they inspire me and I’m subscriber to CGH and B&B luv u all ❤️


  • MawazAlK


    • MawazAlK


  • Vibha

    Hey Mindy! Your hairstyles are the easiest and most beautiful on youtube! Your instructions are very easy to follow and I am so glad I found your channel. Any wedding, any ceremony, any party- your channel has so many hairstyles for any occasion! I have tried almost every hairstyle of yours and got nothing but compliments. I think all your children are so adorable and it makes me want younger siblings! My sundays are usually boring as I don’t have anything to do but once your video gets uploaded(I live in India so the video gets uploaded in the evening), so I finally have something to do! It feels really nice doing them and now you have become a part of my life! I have been a subscriber since the beginning and I hope that I really win this time! Love you so much! Vibha =)

  • I love those headphones!I love your videos!!!!!!

  • meg

    I love your half mermaid braid! And it’s perfect for summer, I live in south Africa and at the moment it’s spring but it’s soooo hot today!!!

  • Aneesa loves the Brooklyn and Bailey family

    I would love to win u have a really nice family and I love sweet pea who paisy is she is sooo cute and I think you guys are my inspiration xxx

  • haniya hussain

    i just love all of your braids and everything youguys on cgh and brooklyn and bailey do

  • Libby

    I tried to enter Brooklyn and baileys giveaways and now this one too and all three said whoops we couldn’t get your entry click here and even when I clicked it said error something g went wrong try again and no matter what I do do how much I try I can’t enter. I love Brooklyn and baileys channel and love Cgh hairstyles too!!! I wish I could have entered. I’m homeschooled and didn’t get to go school shopping so the supply’s would have been amazing and I LOVE music so these would be great but I can’t enter…:(

  • Natalie12

    i think its great that your willing to spend money and buy one of those headphones for us and that your giving one to who ever wins. i think it just shows how much you care and want us to enjoy something really nice so we don’t have to spend money or ask parents I’m so thankful that i found your channel. you guys are so generous and kind and caring and I just want to THANK You so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for everything you guys do and thank you for the great videos you have made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love u all like a family ur both channels is just at I watch keep in doing amazing videos no better than at ur doing amazing work ☺

  • Cia

    I really love your channel! it has so many Cute Girls HairStyles lol, I use them on my Daughters AND THE lOVE Them. XOXO

  • Julie

    I have been a very long subscriber but I don’t have instagram, Facebook or Twitter so I can’t chat with basically any of you. The girls are so cute and the hairstyles are spectacular

  • I’ve been a long time subscriber and would love to win

    • rosy

      same here!

  • morgan

    Hi I would reallylike to win because it is my dream to do a hair like you and I watch you daughters Channel all the ttime and I love every thing about would be a pleasure if I could win and keep doing what your doing you are amazing♡♡ xoxo

  • Claudia

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • emmi

      do you have to pay the shipping payment ?

  • Claudia

    Hi CGH! I love your braids! I do them on my sister all the time. I now check every week your channel for hairstyles for my sister and me.

  • lucie

    i really want to win because its my bffs b-day in a cuople weeks and i thank it would be the best present to give her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonia

    Hi ! I’m a french fan I always do your hairstyles and get original. I love to change and be different from the others 😉 Anyway thanks for the giveaway I hope I win because I’m still a little sad to lost the mermaid tail giveaway since I really wanted it lol If I win I hope to be in time because we have 6 hours of difference so I will try to don’t miss the 24 hours xDDDD KISSES FROM MARSEILLE, France

  • Danna Aguilar

    I love all your video every time my daughters have an event or graduation I always go to your channel to do it for that occasion and on the weekends I love doing other type of hairstyles I tried sending them to you on instagram hopefully you can see it and may God Bless Your Family always

  • honey lou

    Hi CGH

  • Lily smith

    I want to win

    • Emily sun

      everyone wants to win, but there could only be one winner hehe ^_^

  • I love your videos Mindy they inspired me to learn more about the braids…… one love I am gonna watch ur videos very sunday:)

  • I really love this chanel (cgh) love you soooooooooooooooooooo much I watch everyday every video haha And I love Broklyn and bailey `s chanel too I hope I will win but If I am lucky sure….

    • love love love love those hairstyles haha<33333333333333333

  • Dima

    I love your videos and watch them every week. I`ve done a few of your hairstyles and the results were really great, so thank you. Love from Bulgaria.

  • Yadira

    I love you guys! I really enjoy watching your videos ^^ I really hope I win this giveaway~ But I do wish everyone good luck as well 😉

  • Isabella Carey

    i love watching your videos and always try the braids on my dolls. It would be really good if i won because i really need i new pair of headphones because me dog ate my other 6!

  • Patty Anderson

    I have two daughters with long hair. I love the compliments they get at school. I have shared your website with other moms or I should say Mums here New Zealand. Yes we watch you from down under. My oldest daughters cat broke her headphones this morning, time for a new set.

  • Lily smith

    My name is lily and I grew up is Santa Rosa ca and I love your hair styles they are so cute!!! Any ways I love those head phones and I really wish that I would win them because I have never won a contest before and I really like them

  • Narmathaa

    i love your videos, thanks for posting such creative and unique ways to do hair, thankfully my hair is not boring anymore due to the help of your amazing videos. Good luck to everyone entering!

  • april camacho

    OMG I love those cute headphones hope I win I never ever won anything at nothing I just have bad luck I really hope I win I will be so happy and I really love your videos and Brooklyn And Bailey’s videos as well!!

  • Diana

    Omg CuteGirlsHairstyles you guys are very generous and I rally want to win your giveaway you guys are amazing

  • kendall mcnight

    omg I cant wait to see who wins I hope I do because I have never one anything from u guys and I entered the Brooklyn and Bailey giveaway but I did not win

  • Hey,CuteGirlsHairstyles I don’t have a laptop I have a iPad and it doesn’t show how I can paste the tweet URL so am I still,in the contest???….

  • Hi I watch your videos every single week and watch b&b to that are da best ilysm I wish Icould meet y’all one day and your daughters are so pretty I want to visit y’all really really bad

  • Jordyn

    I watch your videos every single week. your the best person in the work! Ahhhh!!! I’m just so happy that you created such a awesome channel for everybody to watch! Your family is so gorgeous! and if you see this comment can you tell Brooklyn and Bailey that their the best people in this world too! and i hope i run into them if they are ever in frisco! love hugs kisses!! XOXO

  • Evelyn

    I wanted to know how the winner gets the headphones.
    Thank you!

  • Maria Jose

    i love your videos soooo much i watch them every single week!!!!! hugs and kisses from COLOMBIA

    • Taylor

      these headphones are amazing pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease pick me

    • Taylor

      i love these can i please have them

    • Sophie age 12

      Hi cgh I am biggest fan and you changed my life when I was six my mum and dad broke up and I started to tech myself how to freanch braid and Dutch braid on myself it gave me something to focess on through tough times and now I can do any braid and Dutch braid with 2-15 strands of hair on myself it is amazing so it would mean ALOT to me if I won these beautiful headphone but it would mean more if you read this I just wanted to say thank you for helping me through tough times because I know most people think it is just a hair tutorial but to me it is a peice of my heart regrowing PS. I live in Australia and just turned twelve and this would be like a birthday gift to me PPS. I love your family Kamri, Brooklyn ,Bailey , Paisly, and Paisly brudder Daxton ,Rylan ,you and Shaun the camera man thanks for reading and I love you all

  • Annmarie

    Hi my name is Annmarie I love ur video and the girl are cute that little is cuter so that is it.

  • Amber

    I told a parent that I love them!

  • I Also singed up for Brooklyn and Bailey I never won before so please can I win

  • Liv

    These headphones are beautiful

    • Rilinda Llolla

      I know right. I hope I can win them. Good luck to everyone.

  • I watched your very first videos

  • Liv

    If I win, I will donate these headphones to the needy

  • I love your videos

  • I need headphones PLEASE

  • I would love to win

  • Hi mindy please I want to win

  • Hi mindy i love your videos
    Im only 12 but I try every hairstyle that I watch
    I would really like the headphones the are so beautiful
    Please I would really like to win them

  • Omg I have been doing the braid and lots of people have been coming up to me to say complements hope I win the ear phones

    • Natalie

      Hi I’m natalie and I have been watching u forever and I have entered all of your giveaways but I have never won so this time I am going to

      • Natalie

        Hi I want to win

        • Natalie

          Hi I want to win

  • Hey I am only 11 years old ilove watching cgh its the best I have almost watch all of your videos and all the hairstyles that at I learn from your videos i do it to my little sister can u follow me on instagram @cute_girls_hair_stylez I got some hairstyles that I learn from u there and I also watch Brooklyn and Bailey they are funny and pretty girls and so is kamri and daxton and Paisley are so cute I wish I could meet y’all one day one day I live her in ashville nc I hope u follow me on instagram and like this comment I wrote y’all and can u tell your daughters that I said hi from Gaby Ortiz Binuelo I am a big fan of cgh and b&b ilysm and I hope you respond back bye

    • And I hope I win this

    • I am the biggest fan of cgh ilysm I just want to meet y’all in real life ugggh I really want to win I hope I do will ily hope u follow me on instagram at @cute_girl_hair_styles plz follow me plz plz

  • Arsida

    Hi mindy I love your hairstyles I am only 12 but I always try to do them on my hair.My favorite is the dutch flower braid I love that one and I wore it to my cousins wedding. I also love BrooklynAndBailey and enterend ther giverway but didnt win. I love you all and wish you the best in the future.

  • Layan

    hi Mindy ,i don’t know wt to begin with but i know that i love u and love the cute hairstyles that u make and i always try them on my little sister and my friend ,and i wanted to thank u a lot because u made hard hairstyle so much easier

  • tanya olvera

    I would love to win those headphones, my daughter would love them !!

  • Agustin & Amy

    My niece loves it when uncle agugu (me) does all sorts of things with her hair! Thank you for all the ideas! We are both excited to see who wins!

  • Lilly Bunn

    I hart hair!!!! And your videos!

  • kyesha manan

    Hi cgh I love your videos im from indonesia (jakarta exactly) I love those headphone cause I think they look so cool and gorgeous I use my moms email address

  • Valencia Amabelle

    Hai CGH I am Valencia I from Indonesia I love you guys so much and I wanna win that giveaway I’ve ever join the Brooklyn and Bailey backpacks giveaway I love headphones so much and I love you guys too so thx bye !

  • Valencia Amabelle

    Hai CGH I am Valencia I from Indonesia I love you guys so much and I wanna win that giveaway I’ve ever join the Brooklyn and Bailey backpacks giveaway but I don’t win please i wanna win so bad I love headphones so much so please i want that so much so if I don’t win that’s okay thanks, bye . LOVE YA !!

  • Laetitia

    Hi! So first: I love love love your videos!
    So I really want to win those AWESOME headphones because I actually really need some and we can’t get these here, in Belgium. I’ve been wanting these for a really long time! So this is the perfect moment to finally win one of those! Thank you and I really appreciate the fact that you are doing a giveaway! Love you and your videos! xxx

  • I hope I win this giveaway for my birthday it is on 15th of September hope I win beacuse I gonna be the first gift I have from your family

    • Sadie

      The mermaid tail giveaway ended on my b-day! Good luck, BTW!

  • Natalie

    I think the headphones are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute and I love the at lye if them and the color.!!!!!!! I would love to win something very valuable like that !!!!!! If I won I would do anything to help the sick or donate money for sick people

  • anon

    Hi I really like all you’re videos and I watch every week and I also try some of the hairstyles that you make!:) I also watch Brooklyn and Bailey, I also love their videos and thAt are always fun to watch…I LOVE YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS ALWAYS!! :))

  • I want to win your headphones because if I won I will give that as a gift for mom because she is a very kind funny loving mother but if I not won it is very OK because there were many giveaways that can I enter thank you

  • Tariq Siddiqui

    i really love♥♥♥♥ your hairstyles!!! you are really good at it… i really try my best to make your hairstyles on my hair.. i simply adore your creativity!!!!!!

  • ash

    Cute hairstyle! I really hope music is my life and these are sooooo awesome but too expensive for me x

  • Adzra

    Hi, CuteGirlsHairstyles & BrooklynAndBailey! I very love your hairstyles, Mindy! And I very love your channel too B&B! 🙂 I wish I could win this giveaway! Because, I already do B&B giveaway but I not win. But that’s okay;) So I hope I could win this giveaway. Thanks CGH and B&B for reading my comment (I hope you’ll read this:))

  • maia

    I love all your guys’ videos you’re so talented!

  • Jennifer

    I love you guys so much, I know how to do everyone of your hairstyles, I love seeing new looks thank you for all you do, love you girls, my girls love u also

  • Like the new braid styles cute.

  • Danielle Armsworthy

    absolutely love all of your videos. I’ve been subscribed since the beginning! in hairdressing school, I taught my teacher a couple of the braids I’ve seen on your channel & she has since put them into the curriculum! hope I get those gorgeous headphones! fingers crosses!

  • Xime

    Love your videos, I always thought it was too difficult to do those cute hairstyles but actually after watching your tutorials I started practicing and voila now I am getting better! Thank you 🙂

  • marisa estrada

    I love this braid it is so pretty and easy to do. Love ya!!!! ♥♥♥♥

  • donna

    I would love the headphones to listen to music

  • Katie Allen

    So beautiful I love this braid

    • Maddy

      I really don’t need the headphones but they would be a bonus. You have helped me become a braided. I could never braid but as you made videos I would learn how. Now I even do others peoples hair.

  • Christina

    OMG I love u guys sooooooooo much!!! I have the app and have been a subscriber since your first video!!! I love u and really hope I win!!! Ur braids led me to be known as the braid ninga in my school!!!

  • Sara

    I really love you guys you have a amazing talent mindy your girls are really pretty

  • Jillian Werner

    I love yall’s channel! It’s the best (: keep being amazing people!

  • Isabella trujillo

    I love your hairstyle and I only ten I still do your style every day

  • I love your shows i watch all your shows. I will love to tell you that your family is beatiful i bless you all

  • Love your videos. I all so really love the headphones.

  • Sarah

    I am in Love with the headphones, your Videos, my Family, …

  • Krystal

    I tried one of your hairstyles..and received so many great comments! I am a huge fan of your channel and hairstyles! I really hope that I can win the rosegold headphones!As I could not find then anywhere at all and I have never won a giveaway…

    • Kaylee

      Type in “Frends Taylor Headphones” into your search thing (Google or whatever) and they will pop up. You can get them on amazon as well. But they are really expensive. They are $199.

  • genesis gonzalez

    I love cute girl hairstyles i never win any give away but i just wanted to see how lucky i am this time <3 🙂 #honesty

  • Laine

    So happy you guys are doing a give away!

  • Deborah

    Greetings from Caldwell Texas. I simply love your channel. Mermaid braid is beautiful. My 9 yr old always says ” I wish Mindy could do my hair” lol

  • phelonie

    All those are the best I seen

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