Hairstyles for Girls Q & A #2: My Kids

October 30, 2008

I have received several questions about the kiddies. Here are some answers…

Q: Do you have twins or do they all just look alike?

A: Yes, the oldest two are twins. But the third daughter looks a lot like them too. They often get mistaken for triplets so we call her “Minnie Twinnie”.

Q: Why did you keep the youngest girl’s hair short when the others have long hair?

A: We started with long hair on #4 too, but it just didn’t fit her personality. We decided to try an A-line and we instantly loved it on her. It just fits her crazy, mischievous personality much better. I still try to do different do’s on her, but obviously it is a little more challenging.

Q: Why don’t you show any boy’s hair styles since you have a son?

A: My only boy is three months old… so not too much hair at this point. Besides it might ruin the name of the blog! (*LOL* Cute “girls” hairstyles!) However, since you asked I will post of picture of the little dude too so he gets some air time!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • I am a big fan my name is rihana I like bailey she’s so pretty

    My name is rihana I love u soo much guys I like sweet pea and bailey

  • Amy

    why isn’t cgh#3 in some of them, i mean she is but not a lot. she is soooooooo cute

  • Madison

    I love your sons shirt :) i just had to say that :)

    • Amy


  • Claire

    Little dude so small and cute!

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