My Twins’ Halloween Candy Haul & Giveaway

October 09, 2013

My girls went shopping with me to Target a few weeks ago and were absolutely loving their “unique” Halloween treats they are selling this year!

Some of them I have seen before, there were quite a few that were new to me!  The girls were having a blast at how funny some of them were, and were laughing all the way home…

Halloween Candy Haul & Giveaway

Then, at home, the twins browsed our Halloween Oriental Trading catalog, and were freaking out over the creepy candy in there as well! As you can probably see, I gave in and placed a small order.  You can see a few of the treat photos below…

Bloody Bones Hard Candy Oreos {Candy Corn flavored} 1 lb Zombie Meat {strawberry licorice} Gummy Eyeballs Gummy Organs Box of Gummy Boogers Candy Blood Packets Gummy Flesh Fries Jones Halloween Sodas Gummy Ear Wax

So, Brooklyn and Bailey decided to film a Halloween Candy Haul video on their YouTube channel this week, doing a review of these treats.  They also decided to  offer their fans a chance to win a hand-picked Halloween Candy Giftbag so they can have just as much fun!

I have to admit, the girls made a hilarious haul video and ate about 1lb of sugar each in the process! Watch the video below and learn about the contest…

For anyone wanting to enter this giveaway, you can do so via this handy dandy CGH widget below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Halloween!

942 thoughts on “My Twins’ Halloween Candy Haul & Giveaway

  1. You guys have good videos on your moms website
    You guys are the cutest things ever

  2. omg i miss america so much. me and my family moved to china last summer, and since then, we havnt been celebrating any american holidays that well, like christmas or halloween. i miss the us so much!!!!!! we’re going back in summer 2014. :( u guys are so lucky!!

  3. I love box of boogers and zombie meat because it looks digusting and fun to eat! I love the video and you guys because you are funny in this video. i hope i win this giveaway!!


  4. I live in Ireland (Dublin) and unfortuneally there is so such thing as any of the sweets u showed ;( and I’ve never been to America it’s sad ;( the only Oreos we have here in Ireland is normal ones chocolate ones and white chocolate and normal chocolate ones ;( we don’t have any nice ‘soda’ as u call it its called a fizzy drink and really only have coke ,7-upand fanta u guys are really lucky I’m gonna live in America when I’m older I’m now 14 going 15 and I absolutely love your vidoes and your mams I have my own fan page on instragam and you guys followed me I was so happy taylor xx ;) :)) CAN’T WAIT

  5. :))I live in Ireland (Dublin) and unfortuneally there is so such thing as any of the sweets u showed ;( and I’ve never been to America it’s sad ;( the only Oreos we have here in Ireland is normal ones chocolate ones and white chocolate and normal chocolate ones ;( we don’t have any nice ‘soda’ as u call it its called a fizzy drink and really only have coke ,7-upand fanta u guys are really lucky I’m gonna live in America when I’m older I’m now 14 going 15 and I absolutely love your vidoes and your mams I have my own fan page on instragam and you guys followed me I was so happy taylor xx :)) yay

  6. Omg I love you two and I love Halloween and I would love to win this giveaway and I love candy so this is a dream it’s also my wish byeee I love y

  7. I commented on your youtube video! I love watching your videos Brooklyn and Bailey and I usually wear hairstyles I learn from your mom’s channel! Thanks for being a bright spot on youtube! God bless

  8. I want to win this prize because I am always trying to make halloween fun and I always get the same boring candy. Last year my halloween was a bust. My dad was on a business trip and my mom had to work. I spent the holiday with my babysitter I got about 15 pieces of candy. So please consider me for the candy. Thank You!

  9. I love both cute girls hairstyles and Brooklyn and Bailey all of the children are so pretty . I try to do all of the hairstyles on myself and I just love them !! I really want to try these candies they are so unique ! Even though they are weird I would love to try them!!

  10. Omg i love all your hairstyles Monday there so nice and pretty and the twins are awesome I’m trying to read there books they sound cool and my favorite candy is candy corns yummmmmy

  11. I had to make a twitter and a instagram to particpate for 5 entires love your videos and cgh in very inspiring to all ages that you and have a blessed day

  12. My favorite candy is candy corn or anything like that I have been subscribed to both of the channels and I love the tutorials on cute girls hairstlyes I always do them on my little sister!!!

  13. I really want to try all this candies they all look good I also Love Cotton Candy!! Tastes so good I just love candy!! (: HOPE I WIN!!

  14. Snickers an Recess are my favorite treat!! Cant wait to try all these new candies if I win!! EXCITED!! (: I think you guys are so awesome I love your youtube channel!! (:

  15. I love all cand bars and I would love to try the sodas they look good and cute!! :) You guys are awesome I love watching Brooklyn and Bailey!! :) <B

  16. I love Caramel Apples and I would love to try the sodas they look they look really good and cute!! :) You guys are awesome I love watching Brooklyn and Bailey!! :) <B

  17. I would love the gummy eyeballs and the liqourish brain i would love to win cause I’m a big fan and Halloween is my birthday

  18. i love everything but the one that stood out the most was the brains lol! you guys are the one thing i love you enspire me and keep up the amazing work i always dedicate my time to watch you and your moms videos they rock!! ok i hope i win!

    -your biggest fan <3

  19. You girls go to my school I had fun hanging out with you at the fitness gram y’all were so nice to me and y’all are very funny I hope I get to know u girls more by the end of the year and btw the cans looks VERY good

  20. I can’t wait to see the contest results! my favourite halloween candy that i get is twizzlers and nibs. my friend hates them so i also get all of theirs too.

  21. Love you guys . You inspire my with creative ideas . I just hope I win because where I live you can’t buy anything but the movie witch I can’t afford . Love you guys again hope I win

  22. Omg I would love to win because I’m learning about the human body with my classmates in science class and I would like to impress my teacher with the organs so she can be creeped out then we would all get a gross delicious class at the end

  23. I hope i win because i just want to lay down watching the movie and eating the candy with my family because where i live i don’t have oriental trading only target

  24. I would lije to Windows this becasue You guys choosed it with love and I love you guys so much .!!!



    To Brooklyn and Bailey

  25. CGH & B&B are my favorite youtube channels, I am not trying to kiss up or anything honestly all I do is watch their videos and their berry interesting

  26. I like all of the candy especially the Oreos. And your mom has inspired me to be a hair stylist. I love practicing on my four other sisters hair and a couple people had me do their hair for homecoming!!! I am even going to school next year for it!!!

  27. I really want to win, I love y’all to the moon and back, y’all are my favorite you tubers, I would die if I won, I love spooky Halloween candy and I have been dying to see tower of terror

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  29. Please pick me I’m sooo nervous right now I can fell my tummy twisting and turning please pick me I have a huge craving for those oreos!!:-) anyways OK lease pick me see !! :-D

  30. I hope I win! I love you guys! My favorite treat is a pumpkin spice frappe from Starbucks and a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie! Yummerzz

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  32. I’m a really big fan of you guys and the fact that I can’t get any of those treats in England is upsetting :( I would have to agree with B&B and say that Oreos are the best. No matter what flavour!!!

  33. Yall remind me so much of my little sisters :) I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters and they would be absolutely amazed and will have such a blast with all these treats.

  34. Hi Mindy Brooklyn Bailey and rest of family i really love both shows i love Peanut butter M&Ms and just jellies!! i would really like to win because i just love sweets and in Ireland you cant get this weird but delicous looking sweets!! please pick me i would love to win thx this means alot enev if u just read this but please pick me i really want to win!! i keep my fingers crossed please pick meee!!! :D (im soo nervous!! :P)

  35. My fave treat is candy corn! Especially now that Halloween is coming up! I can’t forget twix though! They’re yummy as well!:-)

  36. i wish i could get the box of gummy boogers because we don’t have any of these candy in Egypt,,i really would like to try ^_^

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  38. I live for chocolate anything!!!
    Everything with the word chocolate infront is nice!!!!

  39. My kids would love all of the candy but I would love the candy body parts and the pops. Also living in Canada we don’t get all the cool candy that you showed. Thank you

  40. I love the look of the blood and bones they look creepy yet still yummy! I can’t buy any of these items where I live, in Australia, but they look delicious! xx

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    I watch your moms videos all the time! Tell her shes amazing!♡♥

  42. Your daughters are soo gorgeous. And it would be the absolute coolest thing ever if I won! I say it would be The coolest thing ever because I watch your daughters YouTube videos all the time and it would be so awesome if I won the prize that you guys are offering! ☺ I look up to you guys.

  43. I watch you guys every Wednesday! Thank you for posting videos! I would love to win that prize! My favorite Halloween candy is the classic Halloween candy corn!!!

  44. Hey Guys! My favorite Halloween treat is probably this candy bar cupcake my Mom makes in November when we have leftover candy bars! They are really yummy! (Especially the Peanut Butter Cups!!) Love you guys!! :)

  45. I have been watching your videos for a long time. I watch ur moms too! I hope a win this giveaway and if I could I would LOVE to have a signature from u all! <3

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    Love, Morgan

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  52. The soda flavored for halloween amazing!!!!! I don’t have a titter or a instagram I will make on just to follow Brooklyn and Bailey

  53. I love the syringe pen they are so hard to find the Oreos and booogers ewwww but ummmmmm and the movie sooooooo great this will be permit for my little get together

  54. i really love the soda because it so small yet so cute :)))) like brooklyn and bailey :) the design of soda is so cool and the theme of of it, and i like it because when brooklyn and bailey start to taste them they look like yummy :)

  55. Hey guys i love yalls channel mindy keep doing hairstyles i love them i do them on myself and my brothers and sisters and brooklyn and bailey you guys are really nice nobody would’ve done this before so thanks so much for the giveaway! ps: i <3 nerds twix and hershey bars even though i might lose

  56. I would really like to try the Oreos! I hope I win!!! I am helping out at a Halloween birthday party for a 7 year old and this candy would be perfect!!

  57. I want to Good luck to everyone. Im actually entering because Im not able to go out and get candy this year or Trick or treating. You girls picked out some wonderful things. :)

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  62. I love this video, it’s funny what can be made into candy, ear wax was the funniest! I hope I win!;) love you guys! Yours amazing!!! ~gabby!!;)

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  74. Dear B&B

    Well i’ve never tried any of these halloween candy but i would love too, i’ve always tried to enter you and your mom’s giveaways but i will always keep trying and im sure i will once be a lucky winner so yeah i hope i win, i <3 you both!!!

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    I love you guys so freaking mutch,,
    And it will help out for my halloween party, at my friends house.. ,
    My favorites where the brains and the oreos !!
    I hope every one gets the same chance, good luck everyone!!

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    U two are so beautiful,gorgeous,and lastly you two are so great…I wanted to be friends with you but live far from texas

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    Just entering and you are
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  116. Hii would love to win the prize because i am in mad love with oreos and candy corn and every sweet in the world!! :P so please may i win lots of love Isabel Lehane!! :P <3

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    I love u guys!!!! hopefully u will pic me i am crossing my finger. :)

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  123. My favorite treat Truthfully would be all the Treats you guys showed it the video, cause who doesn’t love candy, You know? but what really caught my eye were those Candy-Corn Oreo’s.

  124. I really hope you pick me! I’m your number one fan and I absolutely love you and your videos! I have entered your contests before but sadly I haven’t won anything:( So I hope to win this giveaway!

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    i really enjoyed watching it!!! i never knew it would be that fun to watch someone else eating candy rather than myself!!!!!! my favourite treat is the original cola haribo!!!! and if you ask….. yes i sure love exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats quite a bit of yummy and awesomely crazy candies you bought!!! i hope i win the giveaway but i most probably won’t i mean like whoever wins this stuff is going to be very lucky because against a million people!!! i mean literally a million people!!! so many people love you guys!! including my sister!! and me!!

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  132. I am soooo exited! Thank you,brooklyn and baily for a fun,awesome,halloween video!! Cant wait to see who wins!!:P♥♥♥♥

  133. Hey guys i am in love with candy corn and all candy but i cant buy nothing cuz i have no money or my family but i hope i win thank love u guys

  134. I think that a giveaway is perfect to get in the holloween spiret. I love the gross looking yet good tasting cand and I reealy hope I get to win

  135. I definatly have to try the earwax, boogers, and brains. But of course I would love… The candy corn Oreos!! Those pens are also super cute <3

  136. I really enjoyed the video. I thought the candy was so interesting and different. I really hope to win the giveaway because I live in Australia and we don’t have candy like that at all over here.

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