May 13, 2011

So We Had a Little Fun

As you are all likley aware by now, YouTube has selected our channel as one of their four May 2011 OnTheRise finalists!!!  {The voting period ends on Wednesday, May 18th at 6pm PST, and no registration is required.}

So Cute

In an effort to solicit as many votes as possible, my daughters and I filmed a video late Wednesday night with roughly 10-15 minutes preparation!  We uploaded the video to YouTube that night and it has bolstered our vote count tremendously!

If anyone is wondering where my son is, he fell asleep  in his bed because my four girls do not arrive home from dancing lessons until really late on Wednesday nights.  We had a blast filming this!   If you would like to see the video, you can see it here…

Also, don’t forget to *vote here* and enter our $100 Gift Card Giveaway in conjunction with this YouTube contest!  Thanks again to all of you wonderful friends who have taken the time to vote for CuteGirlsHairstyles!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Iza

    I love your hairstyles all my household wear them! Loads of my friends wonder who does my hair. I say either me or anyone else who wants to, after saying where I get my ideas (from cgh) then i tell them where to find the website and YAY we all have lush hair! 🙂 And of course your kids are mega cute!!! Bye from the UK!!!

  • chloe

    omg i love you guys!! and i wish my mum was like you you are my insparation i am 12 years old and i love doing hair becaause of you!!!

  • i like all your hairstyles

  • Maisie

    really cool hairstyles,use them all the time,if you want volume in ur hair then u should use umberto gianne back comb in a bottle… its really good!

  • Liz

    That made me smile ;D

  • Thats great cangrats!!!!

  • Emiline

    Could you do a hairstyle that is two french braids into pigtails? It looks like Dorthy from th Wizard of Oz except with french braids going into it.
    P.S. love ur vids!!!

  • jojo

    hiya i love your vidos
    goodlunck ♡^_^♡

  • lolo

    طيب انا بيان وانا ….حمارة وكلبه

  • can you do winter hairstyels

  • Ella Guy

    do you have any soccer hairstyles?

  • bella

    can u say what hairstyles ur girls are wearing in this video!!!!!thankz

  • natalie

    cute hairstyle so cute

  • Lucia

    voted – you’re super cute!!
    hugs from Italy 😉

  • RiLee

    Oh my gosh that’s so cute I love this!!! I love how she does the splits at the end so easily lol! I’ve been voting for you in every way possible and asking all my friends to vote! I am DETERMINED for you to win!!!! 🙂 GO CUTE GIRLS!!! 😀

  • Emily

    My hand stayed on the vote button I hope you guys win!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fingers crossed)
    p.s. You have a very beautiful family and I tyruly mean that

  • Jenny K

    I voted for you with all of the browsers I have!! Yay~~ I’m 200% sure that your channel will win 🙂 Good luck~ and hope you and your beautiful family will have a great week and can’t wait to see more of your awesome videos!!! ^-^*

  • Tina

    I just voted for you 🙂

  • Randriel

    I voted again from 5 different browsers, firefox, coogle chrome, internet explorer, opera and safari, I think you will win!

  • Cute! I went to You Tube and voted!

    Thank you for celebrating my SITS day with me!

  • Cute blog! And, the little girls are adorable! One day, if I have a girl, I will use some of these ideas and have tons of fun with it! Good luck!

  • Yay! How exciting and congratulations!!! The girls are so cute in this video!

  • Found you via SITS – good luck with the vote!

  • My daughter doesn’t have enough hair yet for any real styles, but I cannot wait until she’s older and I can start doing things. I don’t know anything yet, so I’m going to be all about the tutorials then!

  • what are their names?

  • daugher #3 is the cutest!!!! awwwwwww! no soz or offence 2 the others but she really is the prettyest and o sweetyyyy, they go ggymnastics?

  • ok first, I totally voted for you. That fishtail ponytail thing you did was SO AMAZING that I had to. Second, your daughters are ADORABLE!! LOVED the video and you’ve inherited another stalker. I have four kids – two boys, two girls – and only one girl left that will let me do her hair (she’s 4). I will be here often and sending my friends round! Perhaps we can get some of your styles popular here in the UK!

    FAB site…but you knew that right? 😉

  • OMW how cute are all of you! I just found you and am so EXCITED b/c I’m hair-do challenged and have 2 little girls! YAY! I voted for you..hope you win! Looks like you are kicking some bootie! Good luck!

  • Congratulations and happy, happy SITS day!!! 🙂


  • First of all, beautiful family! Congrats on your YouTube fame, that is awesome! Great blog, and I’m glad to see that you are fellow Cougar fans!

  • Adorable girls! You are one busy mama!!!

  • Stopping by from SITS. Congrats on your SITS day and on being in the lead in the YouTube contest! I voted for you…good luck!

  • Congrats on your nomination! I just voted for you. I see you are in the lead with 45% of the votes. Great job!

  • bridget


  • Now all I need is for my kids to not scream when I try and brush their hair.

  • Happy SITS day! Perfect timing! This is awesome. I have one little girl who will soon have long thick hair (hopefully!) as she is 1/2 Samoan. I will certainly be looking for things to do with her hair, as it will not be cut (according to my husband!). Thank you for writing about your passion and sharing it with others.

  • Stopping over from SITS today! Congrats on being voted on YouTube! Looks like you’re ahead!!

  • Awe.. the video was cute..!
    And i voted for you..! 🙂 <3

  • Melanie Gehron

    you have no idea how much you have helped me with my daughters hair! Every night my daughter & I watch your videos to see which one we want to do for school the next day:) I just wanted to say thank you for maken your videos & I voted for you, hope you win! I also love seeing your large family:) I myself have 5 children, 2 girls & 3 boys. thanks again:)

  • Jenny

    How Cute!!! All of ya’ll are precious!!

  • I’ve placed my vote! I have 5 daughters and before you, I couldn’t do any hairdos besides regular ponytails, messy buns or regular buns. You inspire me and my girls love your hairstyles and so do I. 🙂 I think you got this, your votes are way ahead of the race. Good luck! 🙂

  • Melanie

    Thankyou for all the time to take to post! I love all the hairstyles and so do my girls1 Did you adopt another baby? She’s a cutie!

  • Jill

    You all are so stinkin’ cute! I voted already, and I really hope you win!!!

  • Rebecca

    That was so cute!!! I love your site. I found it a little over a year ago and I love all the ideas and tips. I love that you tell us what products you use too. I have noticed in a few of the videos lately you are wearing adorable rings and I was just wondering where you find them? 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

  • This video is awesome 🙂 I already voted! I wish you win 🙂
    A huge fan of you and your family from Hungary :))

  • Jill

    Love this site….I voted for YOU!!

  • Oh my heavens HOW CUTE!!! I love it! I have already voted! GOOD LUCK!