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April 17, 2012

UPDATE:  Linda Flowers just informed me that she is so overwhelmed by your response to the Authentic Katniss Braid that she is willing to give away “TWO” TopStylers, instead of one!  Therefore, at the end of the contest we will announce two winners on YouTube!

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We are so excited to thank all of you wonderful fans for your support of CuteGirlsHairstyles! It is because of you that our hairstyles are so popular!

As you may know, the other day we uploaded our 100% authentic version of the Katniss Braid hairstyle, exactly as how it was done in the movie!

If you watched that tutorial, you can see that Linda Flowers {the lead hairstylist from The Hunger Games movie set} has graciously provided us with a TopStyler® to give away to one of our lucky fans!!! This prize is worth over $100, and can create any number of different curls or wave patterns for many hairstyles!

Topstyler Box Front {by InStyler}

To read more about this product, please feel free to visit the TopStyler® website.

By entering our contest, you promise to abide by the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.  All data provided in the comments section will be used to determine the winner only and will not be used for any other purpose.

Before Entering:

  • You must be Subscriber of the CuteGirlsHairstyles channel to enter. {If you are not, simply click the link. I will check to be sure that our winner appears in our subscriber list.}
  • You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are not 18 years of age, a parent must provide permission and enter for you.


  • Share your favorite CuteGirlsHairstyles video on your own Facebook profile {1 entry per video, up to 10 entries}. If you decide to share 10 videos, you can leave 10 entries. Please leave a comment here for “each” entry stating which video you shared.


  • If you don’t have Facebook, simply refer our CuteGirlsHairstyles channel to a friend {1 entry per friend, up to 10 entries}. If you decide to share us with 10 friends, you can enter 10 entries. Please leave a comment here for “each” friend to whom you referred our channel.

This contest will end at midnight {Mountain Standard Time} on Sunday, April 22, 2012. We will use to select the winner, and will announce it on YouTube.  The contest is also open to our fans internationally!

Thanks for being such amazing fans… and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Happy Hairdoing!

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FTC Disclosure: I was provided this TopStyler® tool free of charge by InStyler® for review purposes only. No other forms of compensation were provided to CuteGirlsHairstyles. All opinions of the product are strictly mine, and results may vary.

57 thoughts on “TopStyler® Giveaway | Cute Girls Hairstyles

  1. Well said, thank you for your time and dedication. Your love for your family and politeness shows, you are a ray of sunshine for many and a blessing for those in need of some hair inspiration.
    again thank you,

  2. how long have you done hairstyles for

    could you introduce your video differently

    could you do any new hairstyles for 14 year old girls

  3. Hi,
    I am a 13 year old girl who loves doing all your cute and fun hairstyles on my little sister, and I check your blog almost every day because I can’t wait until your next hairstyle post! Anyway, this morning, when I was doing my sister’s (5-years-old, VERY short and layered hair, growing out bangs) hair, and trying to do something like a french-braided-headband style into two piggy-tails-sort of thing, but it turned into a SUPER cute off-center high ponytail, and I would have posted some pictures, but I can’t figure out how to post pictures on this thing lol…
    Anyways, the reason I’m telling you about this is that I was wondering, if you had any spare time (which I know is a blessing around this time of year, with school ending!), if you could try to re-create it, because I wanted to see your take on this style!
    And now, because this post is getting really long, I’ll just describe the hairstyle to you:

    1. I started with dry hair, and just sprayed down the parts that I was going to be braiding lightly.
    2. She had a side part to the left, so I kept that there.
    3. Then I parted off about an inch to two inches of hair all the way around, and pulled the remaining hair into a pony just to keep it out of the way.
    4. Next, I dutch-french-braided the left-out hair, starting on top from the side with more hair, and ended just behind her right ear, and put an elastic around it.
    5. Then I dutch-french-braided starting on top with the side with less hair, all the way around until it meets the other french braid.
    6. Lastly, I pulled all of the hair (including the braids) into a smooth, high, side ponytail.

    Thank you for all your great ideas and sharing them with all of us, and taking your time to do this :) P.S All of your girls are just so unbelievably beautiful, especially the littlest one!

  4. I have my mum’s permission, and I referred you to 8 of my friends! they are; Isobelle, Sophie, Isobel, Serena, Erika, Alanah, Ivana,and Emma :)

    I am subscribed As Janina, or my email.

    >^..^< Have a nice night

  5. I am subscribed and I posted the same side dutch braid. I am under 18 but I have my mum’s permission.

    I have now posted ten videos. i have made previous comments for all of them. my screen name on youtube is ROARforAnimalRights

  6. I shared 6-7 hairstyles but i dont know if you saw them but i shared the primrose braids and the braid with micro braid the knotted braid and a lot of others. Just want to say that i love your vidioes

  7. Hi Mindy, I’ve been your subscriber for awhile now. I’ve been following your blog and I’ve even used some of your hairstyles on myself when I had longer hair.

    Anyway, I’ve shared the Katniss braid, wraparound french braid, valentine’s day heart braid, braided headband into a rose, braided bun with ribbon, rosette buns, twistbacks into side ponytail, triple twistback side ponytail and the simple braid with micro braid hairstyles on my facebook account.

    Most of the styles I shared are those that I’ve done them myself and hoping to do them when my hair is at a suitable length once again.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  8. I just subscribed and have shared the Katniss braid, waterfall braid and the wrap-around Dutch pancake braid with a group of moms (online group of over 400 members:-)

    thank you SO much for helping us be creative!

  9. question mindy I am under 18 and i got my parents permission and i don’t have a Facebook so how do i refer your site to my friends??

  10. I posted on the youtube video but forgot to say that I am under the age of 18 but yes I have my parents permission (my screen name is sassylime66)

  11. sorry i shared the dutch braid head band. the katniss one the head band curls and the wrap in ponytail. and the pancake braid.on my face book

  12. i love your stuff me and my daughters hair is not quit long enough to some of the stuff i want to do so i refuse to cut our hair anymore… i love the braiding stuff and the no heat curls i share the 5 of my favorte on my facebook ive also had four or five of my friends ask me about your site since i put you in my stauts a couple of times thank you so much for all the cute styles keep them coming…

  13. Hi Mindy! Thank you for all the great hairstyles! I sent an email to a handful of my girlfriends sending them to your website; does that count as an entry? Anyways, I just wanted to encourage you to keep going and let you know how much of an inspiration you are. Thank you, again. : )

  14. I shared Same side lace braid video. So pretty! I am a subscriber under amanda2396, and I’m a fan on FB. Thanks!

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