May 11, 2011

Vote for CuteGirlsHairstyles on YouTube

Hi Everyone! We are so excited to announce that YouTube has selected our channel as 1 of 4 finalists for their “On The Rise” program in May!  The best part for us is that each of you as viewers have a chance to view all four channels and vote for your favorite one {hint, hint}!

YouTube logo

We have loved providing hairstyle tutorials over the past two years, and promise to continue. YouTube has been a huge partner for us, and viewer reactions are that they love to see cute and fun hairstyles that can literally be done in 5 minutes time.

You can view all the entries and cast your vote by clicking this YouTube OnTheRise link.

This morning I reviewed all four channels, and the others are really good… but I believe ours is far better! I have never been much of a campaigner, but…. please, please, PLEASE go and vote for us!

Since YouTube allows us to solicit as many votes as possible, we are offering a $100 gift card {WalMart, Target, or Sally Beauty Supply} to the winner of our contest below!

Entry Qualifications: You must be 18 years of age or older to qualify, and yur ability to win a $100 gift card is entirely up to you! Complete only one or refer even more friends for unlimited entries! Vote for our channel in the above link. {1 entry}

  1. Post this link to Facebook and recommend that your friends vote for us (our channel name is CuteGirlsHairstyles). {1 entry}
  2. Tweet about our contest and YouTube voting {1 entry}
  3. Email 5 friends our post link, recommending that they vote for us (our channel name is CuteGirlsHairstyles). {1 entry each, up to a total of 15}
All vote entries must be recorded in our new giveaway page  (not below). 
Remember, YouTube is only accepting votes until next Wednesday May 18, 2011 at 6:00pm PST, so that is when this contest ends.  Good luck on this giveaway, and thanks for your votes!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • lissa

    when will we know who won!

  • I voted for you! Still in the lead. :o)

  • Diana

    I voted and liked you on facebook!

  • lissa

    i love your website. my girls love looking on here to see what hairstyle we will do next.

  • Jessica K.

    I voted for you and liked you on facebook

  • Darci Day

    I voted for you of course!!! LOVE your site and all your super cute hairstyles!

  • Meliah

    I voted for you 3 times with different browsers! Good luck!

  • jehan

    posted a link on Facebook.

  • I voted for you!

  • AmberLee Shuler

    I voted!! You guys have to win! You are the BEST!!!

  • StaceyK

    Emailed 5 more friends!

  • Brigette

    We voted! We LOVE your blog! Good Luck!

  • Lisa

    posted on facebook

  • Lisa

    I voted, and posted a link on facebook.

  • I tweeted!

  • I voted and you are WAY in the lead!! 🙂

  • Brooke

    I voted! You are absolutely going to win! So excited for your cute little family. It was fun seeing your new addition in the video, too! 😉 She is darling!

  • Jenny

    I totally voted for you guys. You are in the lead!

  • Jessie

    facebooked and voted!! Whoot-Whoot!!

  • I totally voted for you! I also see that you are in the lead with 48% of the vote, how exciting!!!

  • Jen

    I voted and Posted a link on Facebook!

  • Kaylee

    I already voted for you, please count me in on this contest!

  • Cathy

    (75) Now that that’s done, I love your site! My daughters are slowly allowing me to do their hair more often and in more than a ponytail, so this is a great resource. Thanks!!

  • Cathy


  • Cathy


  • Cathy


  • Cathy


  • Cathy

    +5 (50)

  • Cathy

    5 more (45)

  • Cathy

    5 more (40)

  • Cathy

    5 more.

  • Cathy

    and again, 5 more

  • Cathy

    and 5 more

  • Cathy

    +5 more

  • Cathy

    and 5 more friends

  • Cathy

    and 5 more…

  • Cathy

    sent the link to 5 friends

  • Katrina

    Voted for you.

  • Shannon

    Just voted for you guys, Love ur channel and the video was so cute, hope you guys win!

  • I just voted for you! Best of luck to you and your beautiful family. Here via SITS! : )

  • Ellie Oosterhof

    voted via Youtube! You’re so good!

  • Jessica Odette

    voted for you

  • AK-Jenn


  • Alisha Gonzalez

    I voted for you!!! Love you guys keep it up! Oh and all you kiddos are gorgeous!

  • Suzanne Hall

    I voted, and posted to my facebook.

  • Rena

    Emailed to 5+ friends.

  • Rena

    Posted on FB.

  • Kim

    OK, voted for you and just emailed 5 friends with the link. P.S. You’re kicking butt with 69% of the vote.

  • Jill

    I put your link up on my facebook yesterday 🙂

  • Cathy

    I voted for you and sent the link to everyone on my address list, about 75 people! Good luck to you, although you’re so far ahead I don’t think you need it!

  • Shanley Jaffa

    and another 5 emails sent!!!

  • Terri

    You got my vote! Good luck!

  • Shanley Jaffa

    just sent to 5 more friends

  • Shanley Jaffa

    emailed 5 more

  • Shanley Jaffa

    emailed 5 friends

  • Shanley Jaffa

    sent an email to 5 friends

  • Shanley Jaffa

    here are another 5 friends

  • Shanley Jaffa

    and another 5

  • Lana :)

    I’ve post it 🙂 Hope I’ll get something! 😀

  • Star

    You guys are amazing! Voted for you!

  • Shanley Jaffa

    sent to another 5 friends

  • Shanley Jaffa

    sent to 5 friends

  • Shanley Jaffa

    posted the link!!

  • Joleen

    OK…last one…5 more friends! 😀

  • Joleen

    And 5 more friends!!

  • Joleen

    And 5 more friends!

  • Joleen

    I sent link to 5 more friends!!

  • Joleen

    I sent link to 5 friends!!

  • Joleen

    I sent link to 5 more friends!

  • Joleen

    I sent link to 5 friends!

  • Joleen

    And I shared on facebook!

  • Joleen

    I voted yesterday & today!! 😀

  • Robyn

    I voted. Love your site!

  • Amber

    I Voted for YOU!! Looks like you are on your way to WINNING!! Love your videos Very Helpful!!

  • crystal

    I voted for you and posted the link on my fb page

  • I voted, and e-mailed 20 friends the link and told them to vote for YOU! Why would I vote for a guy who teaches you math when I could vote for YOU!?

  • Cynthia

    …And I shared the link on my FB page!

  • Cynthia

    I voted for you because I have loved, loved, loved your tutorials! I have a lot more fun fixing hair with these great ideas.

  • I voted and shared the link on my FB! Yay for being in the lead!

  • Annette

    and the final 5. I know you are going to win. You are so far ahead of the others. Thanks so much for all the work you do to help me with my DD and make her hair look awesome. I have even started to do some girls hair while I am sitting and watching my son’s play baseball. They see my daughters hair and want me to do theirs too. Luv it!!!!!

  • Annette

    ……and emailed 5 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annette

    ….and emailed 5 more!!!!

  • Annette

    …and emailed 5 more!!!!!

  • Annette

    .and emailed 5 more!!

  • Annette

    …..and emailed 5 more!!!!!!!!

  • Annette

    ………and emailed 5 more!!!!!!!!!

  • Annette

    ……………and emailed 5 more!!!!!!!!!

  • Annette

    ……………and emailed 5 more!!!!!!!!

  • Annette

    I emailed a total of 50 people so will be commenting this 10 times for 10 entries, if I understand your directions correctly

  • Annette

    I voted for you and posted it to my facebook.

  • Shared with 5 friends! Looks like you’re in the lead right now! yay!!

  • Posted on FB!

  • Rachel

    When I voted your site was ahead by ALOT!!!! (of corse I voted for you!)

  • Sarah

    I voted on youtube!!

  • Sarah

    facebook! 🙂

  • Heather julka

    I voted for you! Good luck!

  • Katherine

    Ok, I just posted the link on my Facebook~

  • Katherine

    I just voted on YouTube!! Good luck!

  • Jenny K

    As soon as I saw your video I voted for you guys on youtube 🙂 Definitely think you guys will win!! I love all your videos and your family is just so adorable and amazing!! Bless you all and Good Luck ^-^*

  • Sorry…I e-mailed 5 more people the link! Good Luck on the win!

  • I emailed the link to 5 more people!

  • I emailed 5 more people!

  • I emailed 5 people!

  • I shared it on Facebook too!!

  • I voted on youtube!

  • I voted!! Good luck 😀

  • Jennifer

    I voted!! Love your website!

  • I voted for you! Hope you win, good luck!

  • Dawn B

    Thx for emailing so I could know to go vote for you, which of course I did! Good luck!

  • Devon Gaynes

    I voted for you! You are in the lead with 67%. Great job!! 🙂

  • Chelsi

    I voted! You are soooo in the lead!

  • Brooke C.

    I have voted for you twice on the youtube website!Your awsome and glad to see the lead is quite huge way to go!

  • I voted! You’re totally in the lead!!!

  • Rebekah in AK

    Hi! Voted for you. We love your website.

  • Randriel

    I woted for you, i posted on fb and to my yahoo,and msn messengers, hope you will win!

  • Connie Downs

    You’ve got my vote! Keep up the good work!!

  • of course we voted for you!
    All the way from the netherlands!

  • Deborah

    Voted again today. Wow – you have a great lead now!

  • Deborah

    Voted for you on You Tube yesterday!

  • Mandee

    I voted!!

  • Myndi

    E-mailed 5 friends! Wishing you the best of luck!!!

  • Maribel

    I just voted for you on youtube!! Looks like you’re rocking it! 🙂

  • Myndi

    Poll didn’t show up before but it did now, so consider me voted! (and you’re winning btw)

  • Myndi

    Posted link on Facebook…still trying to figure out how to vote…I “liked” it but I don’t think that’s right.

  • Voted! (And adding a request for more styles featuring the DD with the a-line).

  • Mary

    You are gonna win Mindy! I just voted for you on You Tube.

  • Congratulations! I voted on YouTube!

  • KBS

    I emailed 5 friends and asked them to vote for you! I share your you tube channel with all my friends…

  • KBS

    Voted for you!

  • Trista

    I voted for you on YouTube. Looks like you are miles ahead, and rightfully so. Love your site!

  • Meganne

    I posted the link on my FB page!! : )

  • Meganne

    I voted on YouTube!!

  • Christy S. Lube

    I posted on FaceBook and asked other people to vote, also. (I did that yesterday, actually, before I realized there was a gift card involved… LOL )

  • Christy S. Lube

    I voted for you channel! 😀

  • merima

    i also voted for u, wish u a good luck 🙂 and u are winning so far, the recent result shows that 🙂

  • I emailed 5 friends and set a link in my chat-profile 😉

  • I voted for you

  • I posted a link on myspace

  • lissa

    emailed five friends

  • lissa

    i voted for you

  • lissa

    posted to facebook

  • RiLee

    I voted for you!!!(: I’m only 14 though so I don’t think I can be entered 🙁 but you are winning so far!(: You’re sooo gonna win(;

  • wendy

    I posted the link on facebook and asked ppl to vote for you!

  • wendy

    I voted for you! and “we” are in the lead!

  • Tracy B

    Posted on facebook

  • Tracy B

    I voted for you!

  • StaceyK

    emailed 5 friends! So far your in the lead!

  • StaceyK

    Posted on Facebook!

  • StaceyK

    I voted for you! Good Luck!

  • Lizzy


  • jehan

    Voted on Youtube

  • Tavia

    I voted for you on youtube! Good luck!

  • I also posted it on FB BEFORE I even knew about the giveaway! 🙂

  • I voted.

  • Karen

    I voted for you! 🙂

  • Lindsay

    I voted.

  • Kristy

    Posted on facebook

  • Kristy

    voted 🙂

  • Janice Kasal

    Just posted on FB also just voted and you are at 52% the closest behind you is at 28% hope you win!!

  • Jennie Lindstrom

    I posted on FB! I love your blog and youtube channel… I have 4 girls and we love all your hairstyles! Thank you!

  • Steacey

    Posted the link on FB and voted for you. Hope you win!

  • just voted for ya!! so far, you were ahead! woot woot

    emailed 5 friends 🙂

  • persyda

    I posted the lonk in facebook

  • Jenni

    Emailed 5 friends…good luck!!

  • Monica Vargas

    Emailed 5 friends 😉

  • Monica Vargas

    Posted link to FB! G’luck!!

  • Posted the link on facebook!