5 Pretty Hairstyles for Easter!

On Easter Sunday we celebrate re-birth and new life.  We say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! Easter marks the time we break out florals and bring color back into our wardrobe.  You simply cannot forget a fresh spring hairstyle to celebrate Easter!  I picked out a few of my favorites that felt like Easter and Spring.

Bow Braid TieBack

Prim Bow Braid Tieback | Catching Fire | The Hunger Games

This is one of my all time favorite hairstyles.  It is soft, feminine and so beautiful! Bow Braid Tieback tutorial.

2.) Bow Bun

The Bow Bun | Updo Hairstyles

I love this Bow Bun for a quick and easy choice.  As a mom, Sunday mornings can get kind of hectic getting everyone ready to go.  This is one that can be done on wet hair and turns out so pretty!

3.)  Wand Curls

25mm Wand Curls

If you want soft effortless curls try Bailey’s tutorial for 25mm Wand Curls.

4.)  Faux Fishtail Crown Braid

Bubble Fishtail Crown Braid

This Fishtail Crown is my new favorite! It would be beautiful with fresh flowers added for Easter.

5.)  Scissor Waterfall

Scissor Waterfall Braid Combo

And finally, test your braiding skills with this braid combo!  Wear it with curls or straight hair.

I hope you have a beautiful and wonderful Easter Day!

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  1. Love these all, would love too win the MacBook because I want to be able to edit my YouTube videos better, you guys have inspired me to create a YouTube channel and I have been watching b&b since they started the channel

  2. omg I have tried all these hairstyles and my friends were in love with them and I told them that I got these ideas from ur website

  3. the fishtail head wrap is super gorgeous!! i wore it to school and got SO MANY comments. thanks for teaching me how to do it:)))

  4. ive been an subscriber since i was nine im eleven right now ive been wanting a laptop for soooooooooo long and i hope u guys make me and option by the way i couldnt do the social media stuff because i dont have any anyways luv u guys sooooo much!!!!

  5. me too im trying to get the laptop im really nervouse but i love brooklyn and bailey there my most favorite youtubers my dads is helping me please i really love the beat headphones LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. my fave is the sizzer waterfall braid. Ever since I watched this , Iv been wearing this look to school And have been getting so many comments on how great my hair looks!
    Thanks so much and I love your channel/website and please never stop making videos xx keep up the good work! 🙂

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