Your Valentine’s Day Hairstyles!

As promised, I am posting the photos you all provided of your little cuties’ hairstyles on Valentine’s Day. It was very clear which hairstyle was everyone’s favorite!

The photos provided below are from the following amazing moms: Alissa, Carie, Cathy, Karalee, Laila, Leah, Lisa, Lynelle, Marie, Misty, Rachel, Shawn, Shelley, Violet, Isabel, Jodie, Katie, Kelly, Manda, Marilin, and Melinda.  A big, wonderful “thanks” to these ladies and those little cuties! (If anyone else has a photo of their heart hairstyle, feel free to email it to me or post it to our Facebook Page.)

There was such a good response on these hearts, that I think we should do it also for St. Patrick’s Day!  Be sure to take a look at our St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles from last year and practice them up!  We received tons of comments on them from everyone!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. My 9-yo DD found your website just last weekend. Since then, she has had a different hair-do nearly EVERY DAY! We started with the hanging heart, then did a messy bun, a low pony topsy tail, waterfall braid, triple twist into pigtails (variation of yours into twisty buns because her hair wasn’t quite long enough) and top-knot into a low pony! Tomorrow, which is Valentine’s Day, we are going for two hanging hearts on top with the rest of her hair down (you have a picture of a little girl in a green shirt wearing this one). We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    I have always been hair-impaired even though I grew up with my own long locks, I never really knew how to do much more than a ponytail or braids. Thanks for the new inspirations! We both hope to get more ideas from your site and we’ve been telling our friends about you!

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