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Today I’ve put together a compilation of 3 of my favorite Valentine’s Day Hairstyles from CGH! What I love most about these unique hairstyles is how easy they are to create. Which hairstyle is your favorite? ❤️

Love is in the Hair! It’s that time of the year again to show love with carnations, Hallmark cards, flowers (Who doesn’t love flowers), and, of course, chocolates. 😋 Whether you’re looking for something that will turn heads during brunch like these heart-shaped hairstyles or searching for a look more romantic for a date night with a loved one, these 3 hairstyles will definitely get you endless compliments!

Mermaid Heart Braid

I love this time of year, because I get to play with so many different heart hairdos. You guys have to trust me when I say they look SO much more difficult to create than they actually are! In addition to being easy to create, they are also very versatile. I would create this style on any of my kids (ages 7-19), or even myself. Anyone can pull off this look!

Items Needed: Elastics, topsy tail & bobby pin (if desired)

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes

Skill level: Medium

Watch the full tutorial:

Flipped Ponytail Updo

Sometimes less is more, and this hairstyle does just that! The Flipped Ponytail Updo looks incredibly complex, but it’s actually pretty easy to create! Depending on how you accessorize it, how much hair you leave out around the face, and how slicked back/puffy you leave the top of the hair, you can definitely dress this look up or down!

Items Needed: hair elastics (texture powder, hairspray, dry shampoo if desired)

Time Requirement: 15-20 minutes

Skill Level: Easy/Medium

Watch the full tutorial:

Fluffy Heart Braid

You are going to LOVE this heart hairstyle – it’s PERFECT for Valentine’s Day! What I love about this look is that it appears super intricate and fancy…but it’s actually SO EASY to do! What do you think?? The Fluffy Mermaid Braid is sure to turn heads!

Items Needed: Elastics, comb, hairspray (if desired)

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes

Skill level: Medium

Watch the full tutorial:

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