St. Patrick’s Day Recap: Your Hairstyles!

Our efforts to get out as many little “Shamrock” hairstyles this past St. Patrick’s Day was very well received!  Our site traffic during those few days leading up to the holiday was an all-time record for us!  I know I saw many of these styles just by dropping off my kids at school!

For those of you who emailed in your photos or posted them to our  Adopt a ‘Do Facebook Fanpage, you can find your submitted photos below! I have submissions for Amanda, Amy, Andie, Angela, Becky, Cass, Cathy, Codey, Dawn, Desarae, Heather, Janelle, Jessica, Karyn, Katie, Leia, Lesley, Lisa, Marie, Megan, Melinda, Melissa, Misty, Monique, Noel, Rachel, Shawn, and Stephanie (although the photos are not in alpabetical order).  Don’t forget to forward the link to any of your family and friends who want to see your beautiful daughters on the site!  (To view any of these photos in a larger format, simply click on it.)

~ Very, very cute… ladies!


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