October 13, 2008

Updo Hairstyle: Pretzel-Twist Messy Bun

Put this hairstyle in your file of “Quick & Easy” hair options.  I love how simple this hairstyle is with a “twist” of crazy-cute!

Items Needed: 2 rubber bands, comb, brush, and a few bobby pins.

Time Required: 3-5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy



Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Start by doing a zig-zag part. If you don’t know what this is, please see Tips & Tricks #6

2.  Pull hair back into a tight ponytail at nape of neck.

3.  Part hair in ponytail into two sections.

4.  Twist both sections into tight twists. Have daughter hold twists as you do them.

5.  Twist sections of hair so tight that they just naturally roll in on themselves. You sort of take the twist, make a loop, and bring them together.

6.  Put a rubber band around the whole thing until you can secure the hair.\

7.  If your daughter has longer hair and you don’t like big long stragglies out the end, you can add bobby pins to lift the hair up higher onto the head.

8.  Rat hair to add volume and fluff, or straighten it with a straightener and then rat.

9.  Add a ribbon or bow.


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Happy Hairdoing!

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