February 05, 2009

A-Line Bob | Curly Hairstyles

It’s time for another short hairdo!

First I need to introduce you to one of my favorite hair tools…the 3-barrel curling iron. It looks like this…

On short hair it creates the look above. It can be purchased online, ebay, or hair supply stores like Sally’s. I’m pretty sure I haven’t ever seen them at Target or Walmart. But it has been awhile since I looked.

This tool ranks right up there (for me) with a flat iron and blow dryer. I really use this more than any curling irons. On long hair it creates this look.

Items Needed: brush, comb, hairspray, 3-barrel curling iron, and any accessories.
Time Requirement: 10 minutes


Step-By-Step Instructions:

1.  You start with DRY hair!

2.  Section off the top hair (you will have about three layers total) leaving the bottom hair out. Clip the rest of hair out of the way.

3.  Then beginning on one side gather up a small section of hair and put it into the 3 barrel.

4.  On short hair (as in this shot) you can really only get the curling iron on the hair once before you are out of hair.

***KEY TIP*** While the hair is in 3 barrel add hair spray. If your 3 barrel is good and hot–the hairspray will hiss. This does two things. 1) you know your iron is hot and ready and 2)it helps the curl stay in hair WAY better. I have done it with and without the hairspray and by then end of the day the curls look DRASTICALLY different. So don’t be afraid to use the hairspray. (obviously I do since my iron is caked with years of hairspray–gross, but true).

5.  Continue to curl hair in small sections going around the head from ear to ear.

6.  Because my daughter’s hair is A-lined and very short and stacked in the back, I just do what I can. Some hair is too short to even get into the 3 barrel.

7.  Now take down top hair and part again leaving about 1/2 down. Pin the top 1/2 up again.

8.  Begin to curl hair in small sections. Your hair will now look like this.

**TIP**I promise that when you get to point you will think it looks like your daughter stuck her finger in a light socket. EVERY time I do this short hair style I think that. DO NOT freak out! It is normal, and by the end will look much calmer. Trust me!

9.  Now take down the very top layer. Break into small sections and curl. You can see in this picture that my daughters hair (because it is cut into an A-line style) is much longer on top. On longer hair you will apply the 3 barrel near the root of hair, apply hairspray, leave till hot, then move 3 barrel down the hair strand and apply again. Get it? Basically use a 3 barrel like a crimper. You have to curl then move down the hair, curl, move down the hair etc…

10.  Continue to curl till all hair is done.

11.  Now comes the magic…add some cute accessory in hair. I love the flowers personally, but bows or clips would work too.

**ADDED BONUS** This works so well I often can keep this hair style for 2-3 days by only re-curling the top layer!

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Happy Hairdoing!

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