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Here is one of a few hairstyles that we filmed awhile ago, but have not yet posted here. It uses a cornrow on the top with two standard braids on each side. Then you combine the braids on the back of the head, braid them down a bit, and form a messy bun. (On the video tutorial below, I used a low messy bun… but it would look even better if you bring it higher on the head by not braiding down so far.) The best thing about a combo hairstyle, is that you can use any combination of braids to make the style your own!

Braid Combo into Bun

Items Needed: Spray bottle (to dampen hair), rat-tail comb, 2 large hairbands.

Time Requirement: 10 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I did this braid on my daughter yesterday before we went to her brother’s baseball game. We had SO many comments on how cute it was! And super simple. Thanks so much for this website. I am not creative, and it’s nice to leave that part up to you 🙂 (btw, ADORABALE family!)

  2. you can type in french braid and they’ll show you how to do the middle or you can go to the tricks page

  3. how do you the middle part becuase my daughter wants me to do the hair style but i just dont understand the middle braid can you make a video thank you.

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