How to Create a Lace Fishtail Tieback

This past week, my niece, age three, who also had such beautiful, long curly hair, was playing at a friends house when the little friend decided to give her a “hair cut”!

This has to be one of every parent’s nightmares! We’ve all been there, now knowing that for little girls hair, the sworn enemies are… kids scissors and gum!

My niece now has a super adorable, chin-length bob haircut. To help my sister-in-law feel a little better, we decided to upload a short hairstyle today! We are showing  you how to create a Laced Fishtail Tieback!

Laced Fishtail Tieback

This is a beautiful braided combo hairstyle that will look amazing if the hair has natural highlights in it. Fishtail braids are right on trend today, so this combo is sure to get you compliments!

Lace Fishtail Tieback

I originally tried this style with two lace-backs, but found that they winged out too much on the sides when I pancaked them. The only solution was to pin the braids down, but I didn’t like they way that looked.

Little girl sitting by the pool modeling Laced Fishtail Tieback

Little girl sitting by the pool modeling Laced Fishtail Tieback

Little girl sitting by the pool modeling Laced Fishtail Tieback

After playing around for a few minutes, we decided to start each side with a few French Braid stitches to anchor the two braidbacks. This trick worked perfectly!

If you would like to see your recreations of this hairstyle featured in our CHG App, feel free to tag your own photos with: #CGHLaceFishtailTieback

Little girl sitting by the pool modeling Laced Fishtail Tieback

Little girl sitting by the pool modeling Laced Fishtail Tieback

This hairstyle is versatile and perfect for girls with short hair, medium hair, or long hair. It can also be worn for any occasion, including sports, with straight hair or curls, too!

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 small hair elastic, hairspray and accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5-7 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions: {Optional} Begin with straightened hair, or, if short, flip the hair out with a flat iron…

  1. Begin by parting the hair slightly off to one side…
  2. Now pick up a small section of hair near the front part, on the right side of head…
  3. Divide this section into two strands, and begin a French Fishtail stitch pattern {this step is essential, as the French stitching is what will anchor the Lace Braid down}…
  4. As you braid back, add in small sections of additional hair, and then grab the outside edges of the fishtail sections before crossing over…
  5. Repeat this process on both sides of the fishtail for about 2 -3 inches…
  6. As you near the ear, stop adding hair into the bottom and only add in hair from the top side of the braid braid {this creates the Lace Fishtail}, and braid around the back of the head using this pattern…
  7. When you reach the midway part of the back of the head, secure the braid off with an elastic…
  8. Repeat Steps #3-7 on the other side of the head…
  9. Once you have both fishtails in place, combine them carefully together in the back {if you have short hair, you may need to tuck the middle down a little so that it doesn’t stick up}…
  10. Secure the braids together with an elastic…
  11. Go back and gently tug on the bottom edges {pancake} of the lace fishtail to allow the stranding to pop out…
  12. Add hairspray and accessory {as desired}.

Please feel free to leave a comment below letting us know what you think of this Laced Fishtail Tieback!

Happy Hairstyling!

Brooklyn and Bailey met up with their good friend Chelsea Crockett and filmed a fun 2-part tag series on each other’s channels.

The twins uploaded this 7-Second Challenge on their BrooklynAndBailey YouTube channel, and Chelsea uploaded the Whisper Challenge on her channel. Watching both videos reminds me so much of the slumber parties I used to have with my friends when I was their age! Have fun laughing!

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  1. I like the website and this hairstyle. I tried this on my daughter who has long hair and could not get it to look right at the back. How would you finish it out on long hair? Thanks are all your wonderful ideas!

  2. You obviously are very talented when it comes to hairstyles, but you lack something called common sense when it comes to teaching children, you need to take your chubby bunny video down. What kind of message are you sending out to children about having fun?? Have you given any thought to how easily a child or even an adult could choke by stuffing their mouth with something??? Please consider removing your dangerous stunt. It is not funny!!!!

  3. Hi CuteGirlsHairstyles!
    Love this hairstyle. I am absolutely in love with fishtails. They are just so beautiful and interesting and there are many variations.

    I have your app and I think it’s absolutely amazing. Also I love your blog and I think it’s so cool.

    Last year I had a class blog and my very own blog. This year my teacher had to deleat all our blogs. I especially was devastated because I posted so many fun things and put things up basically every week!

    Anyway, I LOVE going on your blog and I’ll start commenting more often because I LOVE going on blogs and commenting on them. My friends know because I used to go on their blogs and leave 3 comments on one post and they try there best at replying.

    I am only just 11 but I can do most of the hairstyles you post CGH. I can only practise on my friends at school because my sister is at uni. This means that I can only practise hairstyles without too many tools.

    Looking forward to tomorrow where we will get an amazing new hairstyle!
    From Laura

  4. I love your website so much! I am a blogger myself, and I actually just wrote a post on Cute Girls Hairstyles. 🙂 Your ideas are just so creative and I cannot get over how pretty they all are. I did the chain-link braid on one of my friends today and it was so great! Right now, I have two French Twists into Rope Braids in my hair. They are so cute as pigtails! Thanks for all of the great ideas!
    P.S. Please feel free to check out my post

  5. Thank you SO much for posting this! I have been trying to do this on my own hair for awhile. Also, could you please try to do some more DIY’s? My little sister won’t let anyone touch her hair, and mannequins just aren’t the same. Thanks!

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